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Re: Dumb move of the day

2009/6/3 22:34
From Columbia, SC
Posts: 21
I forgot my vest once when I went to fish yellow breeches. I live north of Pittsburgh. I didn't get much fishing in that day.

Posted on: 2013/5/5 21:16

Re: Dumb move of the day

2006/9/10 21:53
From Greensburg, PA
Posts: 796
Drove three hours to the base camp with a friend who was gonna hike me up to some "secret" lakes. Slept on frosty up at down and then a 2 hour hike with backpacks and tents and two days food. straight up from 6800 to about 8500 feet. got there, strung up, HE FORGOT HIS REEL! Luckily I had packed an ultralight spinning reel in my backpack. He fished dries with a casting bubble for 2 days. I can only imaging the immediate reaction when he realized he had no reel after a trek like that.

Posted on: 2013/5/5 21:22

Re: Dumb move of the day

2008/6/14 23:22
From Penns Creek Canyon
Posts: 470
Ive been there in all cases. It sucks

Posted on: 2013/5/6 15:15
"That's why they call It fishing and not catching."

Re: Dumb move of the day

2013/5/6 17:15
From Kentucky
Posts: 0
Once drove a couple of hours to my home waters and put on my waders which suddenly seemed small enough to be my wife's. Oh yeah, they were my 5'4" wife's waders. I'm 6'1", but no good fisherman would let a little (or a lot) discomfort stop him from trout hunting. I wore them for several hours and it became pretty clear that I could have saved the money for my earlier vasectomy.

Posted on: 2013/5/6 18:54

Re: Dumb move of the day

2012/10/24 19:22
From Landenberg, PA
Posts: 397
Tom, for a trip like that I'd definitely definitely take two full set ups.

I have a friend who drove for 5hrs from VT down to Chatham on Cape Cod, took the 8am Monomoy Ferry down to the rips, jumped off the boat, hiked down to where rip makes landfall. First cast, breaks his rod. The return ferry was 4pm. No one had a spare rod.

Now we make sure that least two buddies in the group bring a spare outfit.

Posted on: 2013/5/6 21:08
nowhere is so sweet, as the bosom of the vale where the bright waters meet.

Re: Dumb move of the day

2013/5/9 10:08
From Gibraltar PA
Posts: 24
Rookie fly fisherman here, only been doin it on and off a year or so.

Fished well past dusk the other night and while casting with a cheapo new martin rod and reel combo my tip fell off. Guess I didn't push it on tight enough. I go to reel it in and the leader separates from the line dropping the tip in the water. Dunno why but I was under the impression they sank. I walked back to my truck and retrieved a flashlight and proceeded to search the hole I was fishing for an hour while I can only assume my tip was riding the current on its way to the art museum.

This is after snapping a cheapo redington crosswater about two weeks ago. Right above the cork while casting, thing just broke in two.

I got a bamboo rod to refurbish but I think I'll pick up another cheapo for now so I can at least still fish.

Wanna know the best frickin part, I went looking for the tip yesterday around all the bends and tangles and shallows downstream from where i lost it.........I found another rod tip from a bait rod. I think god is just laughing at me.

Nice forum guys.

Posted on: 2013/5/9 10:39

Re: Dumb move of the day

2011/7/6 13:48
From Philadelphia PA
Posts: 828
Forgot my girlfriend once - had to go for lunch myself.!!!! JUST JOKING.

Used my girlfriends fishing license a couple of times cause I left mine at home.

Posted on: 2013/5/9 11:24
When life looks like it's pulling you down, Rear back and make sure you set the hook:)

Remember: Never replace "I Don't Know How" with "I Can't"

Re: Dumb move of the day

2006/9/17 23:07
Posts: 23
I have done alot of stupid things after spending long nights at work. I usually do most of my fishing after working a night shift, but its great because its usually on weekdays and I beat the crowds. I got to Valley one day and just as I was getting my stuff together I shut my car door, not realizing my rod had slipped down into it. I snapped the first fly rod I ever owned and my favorite into about four pieces. I forgot my gear countless times.

One of the more dangerous things was fishing a boulder strewn little stream in Lancaster. This place has huge boulders and you have to climb them to get to the good water. Again tired from working all night, I wasn't paying much attention to my footing and slipped off one of these boulders and landed about 5 feet below with a 2-piece fly rod in 3 pieces.

One of my other hobbies is surfing and I have forgotten my boards at the beach and/or run them over with my car more than once. Again, all of these occurred after a late night at work. I think maybe I should stop working.

Posted on: 2013/5/9 14:58

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