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Re: Disease carried by ticks

2010/5/28 0:25
Posts: 390
The little b-tards are like heat-seeking missiles.

Posted on: 2/13 18:21
I love the smell of caddis in the morning. Smells like.........victory.

Re: Disease carried by ticks

2007/10/7 0:44
From philadelphia
Posts: 196

Letort wrote:
My wife is being treated currently for Babesia, with about 7 different drugs. Very, very serious.

Oh no!
Are they treating her out there? Or did they fly her in to philly? HUP is pretty good for infectious diseases.

Let me know if you need anything!

Posted on: 2/14 11:14

Re: Disease carried by ticks

2008/12/14 11:31
From South Central PA
Posts: 43

Seeing a Lyme specialist in Palmyra (Dr. Noonan). Seems to be on top of things and a very good integrate health dr.

Would like to have some refs, if you are willing to offer any up. Only because Dr. Noonan is in his later 60’’s. PM if you prefer.

Posted on: 2/15 9:29

Re: Disease carried by ticks

2007/10/7 0:44
From philadelphia
Posts: 196
I didn’t have any single specialist when I was hospitalized.
Everything was under my cardiologist and my GP,who are the best women in the world.
The infectious disease department at Penn worked as a team to cure me. They really know their stuff ,but,there isn’t one particular doctor I could recommend.

The important thing is,babesiosis is NOT a bacterial infection.
So,treating with an antibiotic only does so much.
You also need an anti-parasitic medication. Once you take a few rounds of the anti-parasite medicine,you start to feel better.
The anti-parasite med I had tasted great!

Posted on: 2/15 11:46

Re: Disease carried by ticks

2009/6/5 8:38
From Schuylkill County
Posts: 1
Several years ago I developed pain in my eye. Went to the eye doc and he was suspicious of Lyme. Tested positive. Treated with Doxy. Cured.
A few years later, I had the classic bulls eye rash. Treated with Doxy again and apparently cured with no adverse effects.
In June of 2016, I had some flu like symptoms. Doc treated as a normal virus. A week later I noticed my right nipple was enflamed. I suspected Lyme but Doc said it was cellulitis (sp?) and treated with antibiotic. Went away in a few days. Meanwhile I was developing serious pain in my back and shoulder. Since I had a history of shoulder problems, I went to the orthopedic doc and he prescribed the usual PT and pain meds. Around the same time I suddenly developed drooping and paralysis on the left side of my face. Doc at ER diagnosed as Bell's Palsy. Since we had heard of connection between LYme and Bell's, we asked if a Lyme blood test should be done. Doc felt it was not needed and just treated the Bell's with anti-viral and steroids. I followed up with my GP and he did not suspect Lyme either. About 2 weeks later my wife insisted on a Lyme test and sure enough it was positive. Then he treated with Doxy. Almost 8 months later and the Bells is a lot better than it was last year but, it will likely never completely resolve itself. I wonder what would have happened if the Lyme treatment had been started earlier?
So, a couple of things. There are many different ways that Lyme can express itself. Many different kinds of symptoms. Second, you need to be your own advocate and insist of tests when you think they are needed.

Posted on: 2/16 16:55

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