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Re: Damn them Geese are bothersome at times....

2013/1/27 10:24
From Sweet Valley
Posts: 165
The goose population is ridiculous. In my area they tried opening goose season early in some public lakes/areas because they have become such a problem, that didn't work. Now a team of professionals are going to be coming in at night to take care of the problem. The goose swat team.

Of course it is all hush hush because if the hardcore birders found out which lakes this was happening on they would probably go nuts. All the meat is going to be donated once the deed is complete.

The only good goose is a dead goose!

Posted on: 2013/4/9 6:40

Re: Damn them Geese are bothersome at times....

2009/4/11 18:51
From State College
Posts: 7
Allan, I have too noticed an absurd amount of geese in Bellefonte, can I volunteer for the Goose swat team?

Posted on: 2013/4/9 6:48

Re: Damn them Geese are bothersome at times....

2006/12/13 9:28
From Other side of the tracks
Posts: 4136
I read recently that they live 25 years on average.

They lay at least 6 eggs each year (that is a guess).

It is fact that if you remove or smash the eggs, they will just make more.

You can destroy the viability of the eggs without destroying the egg. Where I used to live, they supposedly had a permit to do that. It made for a fun Saturday that involved boots boats and beer.

The only effective way is to control the population is to shoot them, or trap and relocate them at a certain time of the year and make them someone else's problem for awhile.

The early nuisance goose season does help, but probably not so much in more populated areas where they are a more significant problem.

Posted on: 2013/4/9 7:16
Hank Patterson for President.

Re: Damn them Geese are bothersome at times....

2008/3/11 9:40
From Bucks County
Posts: 715
I know they have been a problem with air craft but I haven't heard anything recently on the subject. Remember when they brought down that US Air flight in 2009, causing it to land in the Hudson River.

Posted on: 2013/4/9 11:25

Re: Damn them Geese are bothersome at times....

2011/3/7 13:04
From Christiana, Delaware
Posts: 98
Down here we have a season just for resident geese in September before the migration starts. I think PA has this also. You can take 15 per day in Delaware. You can take 2 per day during the migratory season which starts in late November. Snow geese you can take 25 per day. But that's a different issue than what you are seeing.

You can take a lot of geese if you want but the problem is the geese are living in populated areas, parks and golf courses and you can't be that close to structures to take them.
So they just keep multiplying.

Yes it is expensive compared to fly fishing but like anything it's all in how far you go to gear up for it, if you hunt in a field or the marsh. Do you lease land to hunt, Do you have a boat and a truck to get out in the marsh. Guns, ammo, decoys, warm clothing. IMO fly fishing is a lot cheaper than goose hunting.

What you are seeing now is the local geese pairing up. I think that was stated by someone above. If you want to do something without killing the geese you could try shaking the eggs and placing them back on the nest. This way the hen goose won't realize the egg is damaged and not try and reproduce any more this season.

Yes the canada and snow geese are still a constant problem for planes. In areas where large flocks are known to circulate they have a special low level radar. Dover AFB is one of these places that I believe still uses a special radar system. NY City would not normally have this but maybe they have added it since the 2009 incident.

When dealing with local geese in my area I'm reminded of the line in the movie Apocalypse Now: "terminate with extreme prejudice"

Posted on: 2013/4/9 13:37

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