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Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 439
The act is named after two different lawmakers.

Posted on: 2011/9/28 13:26

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2009/10/15 12:02
From Dispositionally, one mile south of Lake LeBoeuf
Posts: 307
That's really enlightening, Mike...

I had no idea that so much of the AFM's ability to conduct stream/lake surveys was contingent on Federal excise tax dollars returned to the States under Dingell/Johnson (or Wallop/Breaux, I guess).

I mean, it makes sense. It just never occurred to me.

Everybody go out and buy 4 or 5 new outfits and a spare pair of high end waders so there can be even more money in the Dingel/Johnson pool potentially available for the good work done by Mike and his colleagues...:)

I'm smiling, but I'm also serious.

I'm not sure how I feel about this multi-year license thing. If a portion of the intent is to turbo charge incoming revenues (and hence perhaps qualify for more Federal matching bucks), I can see it if it needs done in the view of the Commission.

On the other hand, I have my doubts that such a program would do much to slow or halt the long, slow erosion in license sales and participation in the outdoor sports. I fear the trend has demographic roots a lot deeper than a program like this can get to.

But to be fair, I am a known sourpuss/doomsayer on this issue.

So, there's that....:)

Posted on: 2011/9/28 14:15

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2010/6/23 21:57
From Butler County
Posts: 24
Also the rationale behind the youth fishing license push a couple years ago. More licenses sold = more federal dollars.

I know my students at school were all for the junior licenses - they thought is was a great idea. They actually liked the idea of having the responsibility, along with the notion that those funds would go back into youth fishing programs.

Posted on: 2011/9/28 20:19

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2006/9/17 9:47
From WNY
Posts: 82
NY sells lifetime hunting and fishing licenses.
A newborn can recieve a lifetime small game hunting/fishing licenses for $380.

Posted on: 2011/9/29 8:05

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2006/11/2 8:50
Posts: 1729

Mike wrote:
Type Dingle Johnson Act into your favorite search engine and you will find many brief explanations that will certainly then make you aware of a major source of fisheries agency funding if you were not aware already. As an example of how this applies in Pa., when fisheries managers and their staffs, usually comprised of a single biologist and a summer seasonal worker, conduct lake, stream (documenting wild trout streams for example), and river fish population surveys, 75% of the $ spent in personnel time are Dingle Johnson monies; 25% are fishing license $. It takes license sales, state land mass, and state water acreage data entered into a formula to capture those fed dollars.

It's interesting that PFBC fisheries research is funded that way.

What are the comparable budget percentages for fish propagation?

Posted on: 2011/9/29 10:43

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2013/6/6 19:14
From SW PA (Pittsburgh Area)
Posts: 3
Bringing this thread back from the dead as it came up when I was doing a random search for something else.

What do you all think now a few years later, and did you end up buying a multi-year license once this took effect?

It worked out well for me last year because my parents can never think of something to buy me (typically $100 or less for Christmas), so I just had them buy me a 3-year license since they knew I would use it.

Posted on: 2013/9/19 15:05

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2011/9/27 20:41
From Central PA
Posts: 1
what is going to happen when the commish runs out of money?
no more stocking, then our wild streams will be all that is left...
looks like there will be more people fishing for carp on the fly.

btw..i bought the 5 year license.

Posted on: 2013/9/19 21:41

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2007/10/7 0:44
From philadelphia
Posts: 226
i bought a multi year license

Posted on: 2013/9/19 21:44

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2006/9/9 20:09
From Harrisburg
Posts: 60
Multi-year license for me too

Posted on: 2013/9/19 21:58
"Then the coal company came with the world's largest shovel, and they tortured the timber and stripped all the land. Well they dug for their coal till the land was forsaken, then they wrote it all down as the progress of man."

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2006/12/3 21:01
From Mechanicsburg, Pa
Posts: 193
One mistake was raising the out of state license fee. For an agency crying about license sales this move seems short sighted. The commission's own research shows a significant decrease in sales every time license costs increase. Another result has been increased license fees for Pennsylvania residents in neighboring states. I like to travel and until recently maintained fishing licenses in multiple states. The current costs make it prohibitive.

Every angler likes to keep his prime fishing spots to himself, but fishing tourism may be the very thing that saves our streams for future generations. The oil and gas industry has deep pockets and from my observations, anglers are losing the battle against these interests.

By promoting and developing blue ribbon rivers and streams greater protection may be afforded them because of public awareness and use. Instead of trying to create new anglers, why not attract those who already fish and have a love for the sport?

I think its criminal that Pennsylvania has more coldwater and wild trout resources than many western states yet we continue to neglect and mismanage them.

How bout some catch and release areas for Erie steelhead streams? Less than 1 percent of the total miles of trout waters are delayed harvest or catch and release. Can't these programs be expanded?

Protect native brook trout streams.
Why is harvest allowed? I have no problems with anglers keeping hatchery fish. but this is no longer the good old days. The eastern brook trout is extremely threatened. Its time to protect it. I realize while the results of the brook trout enhancement program were mixed, factors such as hooking mortality due to bait, and increased angler pressure because of program advertisement were not considered. Many streams included in the program had habitat limitations which naturally hindered populations and growth of the natives.

Implementation of this program for all wild brook trout streams might have yielded better results. Shenandoah National Park and the state of Maryland have adopted artificial lure catch and release programs for native brook trout populations. Larger brook trout are common as a result.

Fee fishing areas.
Pay to play. This may sound somewhat elitest, but it has been successful in Virginia and an option for those intent on harvesting fish. This may be the future.

I have purchased my multiyear license with trout and Erie tributary stamp. I have done my part, now PFBC do yours.

Posted on: 2013/9/20 1:26

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2006/12/29 10:00
From Harrisburg
Posts: 18
The commission's own research shows a significant decrease in sales every time license costs increase.

True, but they also show an increase in license dollars which is what they're after. They have few ways around this.

Posted on: 2013/9/20 7:31

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2006/10/2 10:08
From Greensburg, Westmoreland Co.
Posts: 284
I got the five year. I did it as a hedge against rising license fees in the future.

Posted on: 2013/9/20 10:36
Resized Image
Only one constant in the universe, all men are equal in the eyes of the fish.
-GulfGreyhound paraphrasing Herbert Hoover

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2013/6/16 15:27
From Monroeville
Posts: 4
I have and will continue to purchase single year licenses. I fail to believe that any organization can really get a large splash of money and then properly budget it for years to come. I will continue to purchase annual licenses to ensure an annual stocking in my local streams. I have already noticed a decrease in state stocking, and an increase in privately funded stocking programs.

I understand the general feel is to decry farm raised trout in favor of native trout, but I'm just not that good of a fisherman yet. Give me my sacrificial trout and I'll give you one less fisherman on your native brook stream.

Posted on: 2013/9/22 22:52

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses

2008/1/31 17:19
From Pretty much everywhere at some point, Thorndale today.
Posts: 2370
I got a 3 year. The only reason I didn't get the 5 year is because you never know, I could live in a different state or something in a few years.

I think it's handy for the angler. I question, though, what's gonna happen when income decreases for a short time. It'll eventually even out. But for the first year or so, I'm sure their revenue is increased substantially, because of all of us who bought multi-year licenses instead of singles. Hope they save it and don't use it all, because next year, we won't be buying licenses. So they'll get a big jump in revenue, to be followed by a big drop. After 5 years or so it'll even out.

I suppose, in the long run, it'll probably gain them money. As some of those people who buy multi-years may not have bought one every year. Some move away while the license is valid. Some maybe are 1 weekend a year types who get a license in some years, and not in others, but by getting the multi-year licenses they lock themselves in. Just hope they are planning for a year or two of deficit coming up.

Posted on: 2013/9/23 9:18

Re: Commission hopes for multiyear fishing licenses
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 2878
The PFBC is being starved for revenues due to declining license sales with no increase in license fees for many years, and is trying to cut back services just to stay afloat.

Declining revenues coupled with increased costs and expenses equals tough times for FBC and the anglers that depend on them to enforce the laws and regulations, protect and enhance our streams, rivers, lakes, and enhance fishing.

While everyone wants to save some cash, but trying to spend less on licenses fees paid to the FBC may not be the best thing for our sport.

Posted on: 2013/9/23 9:36

Edited by afishinado on 2013/9/23 10:04:06

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