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Central Pennsylvania October Trout

2010/7/31 14:41
Posts: 58
Had a chance to get out for a long weekend with my Dad and a long-time friend over this past weekend (Oct. 13-15). The weather really cooperated all three days – 40s in the mornings, rising to the 60s or low 70s in the afternoons. Overcast all three days, except for some sun and more warmth Sunday afternoon. Stayed at a local state park to State College – close enough to frequent the Waffle Shop for our morning meals, and removed enough to enjoy the owls and fading crickets in the evenings.

Fall is my favorite time to fish, especially in Central PA. Nothing like the drive to Penn’s through the changing leaves. We had the streams mostly to ourselves on each section we fished. The exception was the Little J, which was PACKED on Saturday. So much so that we only fished one small stretch for about 15 mins. Driving across the bridge at Pemberton, we spotted four dudes upstream, and 5 downstream. Yikes.

Made our way around to some well-known waters (Penns, Bald Eagle, Frankstown, etc.), and some more out of the way spots. Ran into some nice hatches that brought a lot of fish up, and they weren’t that picky. Fished a Letort Hopper with a size 14 pheasant tail/hares ear combo off the bend for most of the more flat/riffle water, and nymphed with a green caddis pupa with the hares/pheasant as the trailer in the pockets.

I enjoy terrestrial fishing in the summer, but the sight of a colorful brown nosing a hopper drifting through a bright leaf hatch never gets old. We’ve done a very similar trip for the past three years in the fall, and I won’t complain if we continue it until my last autumn to fish.

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jpg  Aggressive.JPG (53.38 KB)
4059_59e93e34c8a23.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Blurry Penns.JPG (46.37 KB)
4059_59e93e3c8da94.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Brown.JPG (50.50 KB)
4059_59e93e4437038.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Closeup.JPG (57.25 KB)
4059_59e93e4c76b85.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Dark Brown.JPG (52.92 KB)
4059_59e93e540afd6.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Fall Color.JPG (85.00 KB)
4059_59e93e5bc338f.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  First Fish.JPG (53.64 KB)
4059_59e93e65a1a77.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Fun.JPG (58.31 KB)
4059_59e93e6f5037f.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Halo.JPG (52.66 KB)
4059_59e93e763d85a.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Maybe Wild.JPG (50.91 KB)
4059_59e93e7de5fc7.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Nice Run.JPG (92.43 KB)
4059_59e93e883538e.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Penns Hillside.JPG (82.29 KB)
4059_59e93e90663dd.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Perfect Conditions.JPG (74.03 KB)
4059_59e93e983aa51.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Red and Blue.JPG (63.50 KB)
4059_59e93e9f01560.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Tag in a Big Stocker Bow.JPG (37.95 KB)
4059_59e93ea731b87.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  Yellow.JPG (52.39 KB)
4059_59e93eaeed36b.jpg 640X480 px

Posted on: 2017/10/19 20:09

Re: Central Pennsylvania October Trout

2007/6/19 21:49
From Lancaster County
Posts: 894
Very nice looking fish. I too love fall fishing but this post reminds me that I haven't wet a line since 9/14. Passed on an opportunity earlier in the week because I don't think there's much water in the SE portion of the state. Four days scheduled on the water in mid-November, though.

Nice to see a fishing post, too

Posted on: 2017/10/19 21:00

Re: Central Pennsylvania October Trout

2014/8/2 20:20
From Mechanicsburg
Posts: 459
Wow, glad you did well in that area this past weekend. A buddy and I did an overnight trip Sunday/Monday, and despite the awesome conditions and bug activity, we did horribly. Heck, we expected Spring to be the redeemer on Monday, but we did barely any better there. I kind of regretted leaving, since it's been great where I live.

Posted on: 2017/10/19 21:36

Re: Central Pennsylvania October Trout

2007/5/29 14:32
From SE PA - Montgomery County
Posts: 225
I love October fishing as well. I seem to catch some of my largest browns this time of year and usually on a well presented caddis emerger. Fattening up for the spawn.

Posted on: 2017/10/20 8:22

Re: Central Pennsylvania October Trout

2013/12/8 21:26
From Granville
Posts: 685
Great post and pictures as usual Klingy. Man I really need to find some time to get out on a trout stream.

Posted on: 2017/10/20 9:55

Re: Central Pennsylvania October Trout

2015/6/27 21:05
Posts: 448
Great colors on those fish!

Posted on: 2017/10/20 20:20

Re: Central Pennsylvania October Trout

2011/3/6 0:34
From Dauphin
Posts: 62
Nice Klingy, gimme a ring if your ever local

Posted on: 2017/10/22 8:42
Kick in the door wave-in the 44!!

Re: Central Pennsylvania October Trout

2015/6/1 16:22
From Burke VA
Posts: 1526
Nice pics, that bow looks pretty wild, thanks for sharing.

Posted on: 2017/10/22 21:19

Re: Central Pennsylvania October Trout

2009/4/7 12:26
From Just left of center on the Mason Dixon
Posts: 28

salmonoid wrote:
Nice to see a fishing post, too

Nice TR

Posted on: 2017/10/23 9:17

Re: Central Pennsylvania October Trout

2008/6/14 23:22
From Penns Creek Canyon
Posts: 538

Nice catches.

Posted on: 2017/10/23 12:32
"That's why they call It fishing and not catching."

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