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Another Article on survey
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 2879
Survey article

How would no opening day / year round trout fishing be? I assume the FBC would pick a date when harvest was allowed, but C&R fishing would be allowed on stocked ATW waters before that date. Or maybe harvest will be allowed year round on ATWs?

Posted on: 2008/7/28 7:22

Re: Another Article on survey

2008/2/18 7:45
Posts: 1
No matter what the PFBC does, to keep the masses happy it is and always will be all about when they stock and the size of the fish they stock.

I was out with a friend yesterday fishing an AT stream section with an extraordinary wild fish population. Between the two of us we caught over 60 trout, all wild or beautiful holdover fish from 2" to 15" with possibly one or two confused stockers from this year's fish dump.

We saw NO one else fishing, probably because it hasn't been stocked since April. When we recounted our fish stories with a local resident and I commented that the stream doesn't need stocking because there was enough fish in it already; his reply was: "enough fish for you maybe".

The reality is, if they ain't super plentiful, big, dumb, and stubby finned; some folks just won't be happy. You don't need a survey to figure that out.

Regardless of harvest regs or season dates; if the PFBC reduces stockings, stream sections or fish size with any regulation changes they are contemplating, I can’t help but think they will see a dramatic reduction in the sales of trout stamps and possibly even licenses.

And that’s what matters the most in the long run.

Posted on: 2008/7/30 8:18

Re: Another Article on survey
2006/9/9 9:29
From Monessen, PA
Posts: 2881
Larry, I think your observations are correct; however, I think verifying the extent of the attitudes among license buyers is valuable. For one thing, if such a survey were conducted again in 5 or 10 years and the attitudes toward wild fish have not improved among the license-buying public, then the rest of us will know for sure that we didn't do enough to educate others about the value of self-sustaining populations.

On the other hand, we can look down our noses at the "meat chuckers," "freezer fillers," and "truck chasers," keep secret the good wild trout streams, fight the winner-take-all, doomed-to-fail fight to eliminate stocking on certain waters (as opposed to the more reasonable approach of compromising to allow limited, supplemental stockings on some streams with minimal reproduction) and other activities that build a wall between "them" and "us" and create an environment of distrust that lessens the chance of influencing the anglers whose recreational enjoyment from fishing includes such things as-- to take just one example-- the ability to harvest.

Posted on: 2008/7/30 9:22
"If you see the Buddha in the road, please slow down and see if she is OK." OK?

-- Me

Re: Another Article on survey

2008/2/18 7:45
Posts: 1

I concur on the value of the survey and your thoughts.

Based on what’s available to me in my geography in regards to wild fish opportunities, many that offer bigger fish than the usual stockies; it seems to me that any change that involves decreased stocking and stocked sections is not going to keep the masses queued up waiting to buy trout stamps which I assume has to be at least one desired result of any policy change.

Here I am fishing a well known local AT stream with a well known and established wild trout population and catching fish like crazy…with no one else in sight! My exploits didn’t impress one local fisherman who inquired on my success or lack there of and I have to ask myself why.

A - Is it because the PFBC has introduced larger stocked fish and an earlier start date to the mix so guys that chase the truck expect a trophy every time out?

B - Is it because quite a few of the fish I caught weren’t exactly trophies even though quite a few were in excess of 12” and the perception is the wild fish are always small?

C - Is it because stocking implies “stocked” as in L-O-O-O-A-D-E-D with fish and those disciples of the white truck just don’t feel that what’s left over after 3 months without stocking on a Class A or B biomass stream is anything worth getting excited about?

D - Is it because wild or holdover trout are thought of as being smarter than stocked fish and therefore harder to catch?

I have my own thoughts about this perception of smarter wild fish and the effect it has on fishing pressure. While I deserved to be flogged for this next comment, I have a feeling that a bait or lure fisherman would hardly have done as well as my friend & I who caught most of our fish yesterday on dry flies. Assuming we are talking about a stream with cold water & wild or holdover trout in summer; I often wonder if the assumed or real ineffectiveness of spinning techniques during this time of year is one reason it seems that the streams are particular devoid of non-fly fishermen and wild trout are perceived as being harder to catch which could not be further from the truth in most cases.

While there is nothing to prevent someone from spinning in the spring and fly fishing later in the season; we all know many folks are just not interested in fly fishing and when looking at the numbers of total fly fishermen in the state, it only reinforces my belief that another policy change with emphasis on less stocking will be ultimately unpopular with the masses; if not in the entire state, certainly with the crowd that fishes where I was yesterday since I have a feeling this is one stream section that would come off the stocking list.

I’m not a biologist or fisheries expert so with no expert knowledge I really don’t get crazy about stocking issues like when or where, harvest, or other stuff best left to the experts or those that think they know it all. I hardly ever fish stocked streams so stocking issues don’t directly effect me. While my experience was only an isolated incident with little value in the overall big picture it makes me wonder what the best plan is for the resource while keeping the majority of the license buying public happy. I don’t envy the juggling act the PFBC has to perform each year.

Has the PFBC created a monster it now has to slay? I just hope that in the process they don’t take out too many of the participants which ultimately will affect the fishing for all of us regardless of tackle, harvest, species or water type preferences.

Posted on: 2008/7/30 13:12

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