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Re: 2nd wild or stocked post of the new year?

2015/6/27 21:05
Posts: 448

kevininpa wrote:
Its wild i caught a couple at that one creek that empties into below the bridge, and after the 29 bridge. Dont be afraid to go to the train bridge!

Nailed it, Kevin. That is the only place I have caught them before. This one was just above the 29 bridge at the first bend, feeding on the stoneflies coming down that long , straight, shallow riffle stretch.

Posted on: 3/8 9:32

Re: 2nd wild or stocked post of the new year?

2007/5/11 21:03
From Media, PA
Posts: 137
As someone that learned to fish on the Pick I'll throw my two cents in. I grew up fishing there in the fifties and lived less than a mi. away for about 30 years. That said I caught only a hand full of trout that appeared to be stream bred and always suspected they were from the local feeders. BTW, in the fifties that stream was a couple feet deeper in most spots with much less sediment so if there was natural reproduction it likely would have been more prevalent then imo. My brother worked on a farm on Pine Creek and did catch stream bred Browns there. I remember (many years ago) an angler telling me he caught them in Pigeon Run as well. Quite likely the trout shown is wild.

Posted on: 3/8 10:19

Re: 2nd wild or stocked post of the new year?

2013/2/16 0:51
From Northern VA
Posts: 550
An interesting twist in all this is that Pine's trout/fish population was wiped out by a chemical spill on the turnpike in the mid 2000's. But you wouldn't know it if you went there now. So they either rebounded via young fish that had been in very tiny tributaries at the time of the spill or repopulated from downstream (which would be Pickering).

Posted on: 3/8 10:26
Let's get more people fly fishing.

Re: 2nd wild or stocked post of the new year?

2011/5/3 12:22
From Morgantown, PA
Posts: 1266
I'm not 100% sure of its name, and I've never fished it because it's almost entirely posted, but just from the look of the stream and knowing where its water comes from, I'd be willing to place a strong wager they're in that stream that parallels Rt. 29 down from Devault until the road hits Pickering. Want to say it might be called Hartman Run, or something like that? (This may be the same one you guys are talking about.)

Posted on: 3/8 10:36

Re: 2nd wild or stocked post of the new year?
2016/1/24 14:30
From Gettysburg
Posts: 2415

Posted on: 3/8 10:48

Re: 2nd wild or stocked post of the new year?

2006/9/11 19:52
Posts: 40
Wild, IMO. You can’t just go by the color. Look at the intensity of the markings and how clean and sharp the fins are. Trout are typically pretty light in color early in the year and/or when they are living in an open area with a light bottom. And at that size it probably is not yet sexually mature, which would also account for its lighter color.

Posted on: 3/8 14:51

Re: 2nd wild or stocked post of the new year?

2006/11/2 8:50
Posts: 1735
Looks wild to me. The fins look perfect, and the gill cover looks good.

The coloration is not at all unusual for wild browns. The coloration of wild browns varies a great deal. Many wild browns in the limestone streams in central PA look similar to that.

Posted on: 3/9 17:27

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