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Re: Adult Stoneflies

2015/4/5 17:45
From Delaware Water Gap
Posts: 148
That's the dude!

I did some googling earlier and realized that Dave_W was on the money. I was confused by the name, since the adult appeared pretty much black. I'm catching on now.

Thanks for all the replies. I've never thought much about stoneflies, and this thread has put me on some good info.

Posted on: 2017/2/25 20:14

Re: Adult Stoneflies

2009/10/11 21:04
From Southeastern Pa
Posts: 215
I thought the hatch has been pretty good this year. I have caught a few trout on a skated or skittered presentation lately.

It's interesting to see how the trout respond to this hatch on a low water year. My friend Eric believes this hatch becomes more important to the fish during low water years.

I think the key here is that when conditions are prime for the fish to take these flies of the top it also means the water is low and clear which means the fish are prone to predators.

we had a good day on Thursday finding fish and finding flies but finding the nexus of the two was the trick. We did locate two spots that had fish feeding on EBS but the conditions (low, clear water & blue bird sky day) dictated that we only had a few shots at these fish. I rose several but had a tough time setting the hook from the distance I was fishing. I had a lot of slack in my line which is almost always a bad thing.

Hopefully we keep getting rain and the creeks come up a bit more. It was interesting to find the best clusters of EBS in the the sun. When the wind was calm we could see them heading out over the water. We did not see any mating flights but Eric has told me the fishing can be amazing when they happen.

Keep getting out there and looking, conditions are prime this year for early season dry fly fishing. It may be technical but that is what makes us superior to our western counterparts, it's not just cast and blast out here on the east coast. Remember the O4P's of fly fishing, Observation - Position - Presentation - Presentation - Presentation!

Posted on: 2017/2/26 11:51
Invictus Maneo

Re: Adult Stoneflies

2006/9/11 11:30
Posts: 195
I'm with Kray. In the streams I fish the early stoneflies don't hatch in the stream, but crawl to shore where they hatch and climb into the low streamside bushes. You see the shucks on the shore. Therefore, the major action is with nymphs in the shallows or tail outs of the pools. Fish just out from where you find shucks: trout will be waiting for the migrating nymphs.

However, when gusty winds pick up (a common occurrence this time of year) the adults get blown into the stream and "motor boat" back to shore. In the right conditions (bugs on the water. moderate flows, OK temperatures), the trout will be on them and the action can be steady. My one caveat is that the trout that slam the dries will be the smaller ones - the better fish will be intercepting the nymphs in my experience. However, I still carry a size 14 black EHC or a specialized stonefly pattern that can be skittered just in case. It is usually the first dry fly action of the year for me. Later in the season some egg layers start, but once again I find the fishing is spotty for generally smaller fish, but I still carry a dry or two just in case. Nymphing/wet flies are still the bread and butter approaches for me until the Hendricksons provide steadier rises from better fish.

Posted on: 2017/2/26 12:00

Re: Adult Stoneflies

2013/12/8 21:26
From Granville
Posts: 612
Each February and March stoneflies hatch like crazy out of the Juniata. They come off thick. But I've never seem a good hatch on a trout stream and I've personally never seen fish rise to them really. I wish I did though as it would be one more great time to throw early season dry flies.

Posted on: 2017/2/26 12:37

Re: Adult Stoneflies

2014/8/2 20:20
From Mechanicsburg
Posts: 459
I had a similar experience to Tim when I was out the other day. The fish were out in the bright sun, in shallow water near the banks, and there were a variety sporadic riseforms. There were a ton of EBS either clumsily hitting the water, or laying eggs... I think the crawling out emergence of this and some caddis species is why they get so ignored by anglers.

I must admit, with being my first time out post neck injury, I was so focused on trying to take one on top, that I completely disregarded the idea of trying to quarter a wet fly downstream along the edges. I kicked up a fish that was an easy 19" which was holding in about 7" of water haha

Posted on: 2017/2/27 8:50

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