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go to rod

2013/6/30 16:11
From biglerville,pa.
Posts: 57
whats your goto rod & reel,mine is a winston bIIx 8ft.4wt.,with a galvan reel

Posted on: 2014/3/31 13:23

Re: go to rod

2006/9/9 13:12
From Berks County & Benton PA
Posts: 190
I have to say a Winston B3x 8'6" 4 weight rod with a Hatch reel.


Posted on: 2014/3/31 13:30

Re: go to rod

2010/5/1 9:10
From NE OH
Posts: 1333
Helios 7'6" 3wt with vintage CFO I

Posted on: 2014/3/31 13:40
"You don't need 7x. All right, you're just being stupid. That's ridiculous. You know what else...throw away the 6x, because that's garbage too." -Hank Patterson

Re: go to rod

2006/12/13 9:28
From Other side of the tracks
Posts: 20150
My go to rod was a 50s vintage bamboo rod that I rebuilt. I broke last fall. Still haven't gotten around to fixing it. Before that, it was another bamboo rod. That one started live in 1934 ad an 8 or 8.5 foot H-I. Can't remember exact length. I completely rebuilt it as well and 4 or 5 weight line worked well on it. Broke that one a few years ago and haven't fixed it yet, either. Thanks for reminding me.

How about I state my all purpose plastic rod. St. Croix Imperial, 8 ft, 5/6 weight. Now watch me break that one, too. Also have a few lighter (and more expensive) rods which I haven't used yet. Need to get reels for them.

Posted on: 2014/3/31 13:56
"I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused."

Elvis Costello.

Re: go to rod

2011/7/6 13:48
From Philadelphia PA
Posts: 2021
Orvis Access 904/4 With Access reel II

Orvis Clearwater II 7.53 with Access reel II

Depends on river width and tree obstructions.

Posted on: 2014/3/31 15:10
"I am respected when I walk into any fly shop. Salespeople wait on me hand and waders. I once tried underwater casting just to see if I could. I am the most admired Fly Fisherman in the world. And when I fly-fish, I use the Orvis Access. Stay Fishing MF

Re: go to rod

2011/7/6 12:30
From Ephrata, PA
Posts: 6683
The all-purpose utility rod is my Fenwick FF75 with a Medalst 1494AK. If I'm goin' on a family trip or something and have to be aware of how much gear I take, that's the rod and reel. I know I can get by on most waters with it.

Posted on: 2014/3/31 15:16

Re: go to rod

2012/2/15 16:35
From Butler, Pa
Posts: 549
9' 4wt Sage Approach with a Ross 1.5 evolution.

So much nicer than cabelas stick paired with my konic.

Posted on: 2014/3/31 15:25

Re: go to rod

2010/6/23 12:43
From Hershey
Posts: 453
Custom 8' 4wt St Croix SCIV SCII with a Battenkill mid-arbor( before they were relabeled access ).

Posted on: 2014/3/31 15:36

Re: go to rod

2013/1/25 20:34
Posts: 93
10' 2 weight Sage ESN with a Lamson Lightspeed

Posted on: 2014/3/31 17:11

Re: go to rod

2007/5/21 20:17
From reading/susq. co. native
Posts: 38
590 z-axis w/konic- Caught everything from bluegills to a steelhead on it.

Posted on: 2014/3/31 17:41

Re: go to rod
2006/9/9 19:16
From Dallastown, PA
Posts: 7533
Diamondback carbonite 7'6" 4/5 wt with an Orvis Battenkill BBS II reel. Unless the water is heavy and i want to fish alot of weight or its windy or I am on a bigger river then I use a Scott SAS 9' 5 wt and the same reel.

Posted on: 2014/3/31 18:04
Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think the bridge will be there and it will be there. It's a mother, beautiful bridge, and it's gonna be there. Ok?

Re: go to rod

2010/6/26 11:19
From Along the Lehigh Above the Gap
Posts: 7420
Black on black
9ft 5wt Sage One paired with a Lamson Guru

Posted on: 2014/3/31 19:23
“My mom is being eaten by a dog and there’s nothing I can do!”

Re: go to rod

2006/9/11 13:05
From Lewistown
Posts: 3695
Custom St. Croix Avid 9' 5 wt.

Posted on: 2014/3/31 20:16
><(Mkern{( ‘ >

Re: go to rod

2012/1/13 15:28
From Ferguson Twp.
Posts: 2845
Dan already knows what I'm gonna say but, for everyone else.
10'- 4wt 4 piece custom made Allen myth. Reel is an Allen trout 5/7

Posted on: 2014/3/31 20:17
There is a need to fish, to be in the water. It soothes the soul...

Re: go to rod

2006/9/9 17:18
From lancaster county
Posts: 6582
Depends on the stream and species:

9'3" 5wt spring creek w/ battenkill mid arbor lll
9'6" 8wt rivermaster or presentation w/ same reel
7'6 4wt brook trout w/ battenkill 3/4 disc
My fav new toy is a 6' 6 wt Fenwick 1pc custom w/ 5/6 battenkill disc drag or fullflex midge 7' 5wt w/ the same reel.

For smallies:
8'6 lamiglas 6/7wt with battenkill mid arbor lll

It's hard to pick one but my favorite all time rod is the spring creek

Posted on: 2014/3/31 20:26

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