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flourocarbon tippet

2006/11/17 6:44
From Davidsville
Posts: 0
I ran into a gentleman on Elk Creek last year steelhead flyfishing and he mentioned that he uses Vanish flourocarbon line they use on a spinning reel instead of buying the small spool we use for flyfishing. Has anyone else ever done this because the cost savings would be significant? Meaning is a 5lb flourocarbon line used on a spinner the same as a 5lb flourocarbon used for flyfishing? Thanks.

Posted on: 2009/2/18 18:49

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2008/3/20 22:15
Posts: 12
I've used spin casting flo for tippet before in a pinch. I still caught fish. Despite the savings I'd say it depends on too many details that will follow my post. If it was cheaper and better you would have had at least a dozen reponses right now on why it's great and I'd like some more on why I have tons of little spools of expensive thread. I think it basically comes down to flies are not lures, even though some guys can flip some heavy lead with their fly rods. For steelhead, depending on what your using and how great the steelhead are running it could save you some dollars. I don't doubt it would work for more applications than we could give credit for. I also used lighter weights for trout. (Still caught fish) I can't give you the loss ratio, but if you're tight with finances like everyone else try it out.

That at least should hook some experts from the depths.

I am most sick of expensive fly line, tippet, reels, rods and all that are apart of it at this point. I now believe that competitive fly fishing of any sort sucks. Lake fishing... Lake Perez, New Mexico.. with the basics. One rod you pray you won't break. 3 reels 2 extra spools, fly line a different type for each reel 5 in all. Priceless..... NOT!!! Even with the best of friends in the business. Sorry different topic.

You can by my standards save some money and use your flouro for steelhead and buy a good breakfast! That will serve you just as good if you're a diehard and it's cold. For trout buy some fly fishing tippet and you don't have to go full bore expense wise. The more you get into it the more refined you'll get but you don't need to do it all at once to catch fish. It will be the same later with steelhead.

Good Question. Sorry I don't have a more refined answer.

Posted on: 2009/2/18 21:41

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2007/1/2 11:55
From Bozeman
Posts: 53
Fluoro is fluoro. Provided the vanish is the real deal, it's the same stuff. I haven't used it, but I only buy one spool of the stuff per year, when the steelhead and salmon runs get low and clear. With salmon, you're getting aggression strikes as opposed to feeding strikes, so it probably doesn't help at all. I just like the abrasion resistance. If I go spanish mackerel fishing down south, I might get a few yards of it then, too. They are toothy and have good eyesight.

Fish it confidently, and you won't be able to tell the difference. I'd be willing to wager that you could put a "fluoro" sticker on your regular mono and do just as well, but we fly fishermen like to buy our specialized gear.

As usual, presentation trumps all. Keep that in mind.

Posted on: 2009/2/18 22:03

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2006/10/2 10:08
From Greensburg, Westmoreland Co.
Posts: 284
I think you will find the Vanish has a larger diameter for the same breaking strength. Its still fluoro, but there is no free lunch.

Posted on: 2009/2/18 23:15
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Re: flourocarbon tippet

2008/2/18 10:20
Posts: 26
Don't need it and the knot strength is 50% of what it is rated for!! GO MONO!!

Posted on: 2009/2/19 0:36
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Re: flourocarbon tippet

2007/7/2 19:40
Posts: 1343
As a[now] salt water fisherman who has to deal with serious things like sharp teeth and oyster beds and 30pd tippets[fish ain't that big but their fangs are]I can tell you that flour0 is flouro and mono is mono isn't quite accurate.Responsible companies formulate their tippet material differently than their lines.
They may use the same name for brand identification[example-vanish] but its not the same.Vanish by the way is considered one of the least reliable.

Posted on: 2009/2/19 7:30
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Re: flourocarbon tippet

2007/4/12 8:01
From Pittsburgh
Posts: 14

JustFish wrote:
Don't need it and the knot strength is 50% of what it is rated for!! GO MONO!!

I agree - in tests that I did, albeit not thoroughly scientific, I tied much stronger knots with mono. I think flourocarbon is vastly overrated.

Posted on: 2009/2/19 9:53

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2007/4/25 10:02
Posts: 842
Fluorocarbon Tippet Comparison done by a dude I know recently.

I recently made a comparison study of Fluorocarbon Tippet products.
This is by no means an extensive study but I hope it helps you to make an informed decision.

My criteria is based on 0.008 diameter and pound test.
There are other things you may want to consider such as, suppleness, spool size, and cost.

Here are my results, listed in order of strength.

Fluorocarbon Tippet:
Seaguar Grand Max 0.008″ 9.2lb
Orvis Mirage 0.008″ 9.2lb
Gamma Tech. Frog Hair .008″ 8.8lb
Cabela’s Prestige Plus 0.008″ 8.8lb
Rio Flouro Flex Plus 0.008″ 8.5lb
Umpqua Superfluoro 0.008″ 8.5lb
Cortland Climax 0.008″ 7.8lb
Rio Flouro Flex 0.008″ 6.6lb
Maximo Fluorocarbon 0.008″ 5lb

Missing Data:
Airflo Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon 3X diameter???? 7lb

Fishing line (a few examples) not advertised as tippet:
Seaguar Carbon Pro 0.008″ 6lb
Berkley Trilene 0.007″ 4lb
Berkley Trilene 0.009″ 6lb


* Websites

Please wait while we find a Fishing & Hunting Specialist to assist you…
You have been connected to Patrick K..
Patrick K.: Hello and welcome to Orvis!
Patrick K.: Leo, how may I help you?
Leo: Looking for specification on mirage tippet.
Leo: .008 diameter lb. test?
Patrick K.: Leo, .008 is 9.2 Lb test.
Patrick K.: In the Mirage Tippet.
Leo: thank you
Patrick K.: Thank you for using Orvis Chat. It was my pleasure to assist you.
Leo: Also, diameter in mm?
Patrick K.: Leo. I am sorry I will have to research this may I e-mail you back this information?
Leo: Don’t worry about it that’s okay.
Leo: Thanks
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

Kirsten T.: Hi, my name is Kirsten T.. How may I help you?
Leo : Hi looking for specifications on Cortland Climax Flourocarbon tippet material.
Kirsten T.: Do you have the item number?
Leo : IJ-311595
Leo : diameter and pound test?
Kirsten T.: which size?
Leo : 3x
Kirsten T.: It is a 7 lb test
Kirsten T.: Let me get you to a product associate for the other spec.
Craig C. has joined the chat.
Kirsten T. has left the chat.
Craig C.: Tippet size Pound test
0X 12
1X 10
2X 9.0
3X 7.0
4X 5.5
5X 4.5
6X 3.0
7X 2.0
8X 1.3
Craig C.: Let me go to Cortland’s website to see if they list diameter.
Leo : got it thank you
Leo: they don’t
Leo : thought you guys might have the spec’ sheet
Craig C.: Still looking, one moment please.
Leo : can you ask someone in retail to look at the actual product label?
Craig C.: .021″, 42 lb.; .019″, 35 lb.; .017″, 28 lb.; .015″, 20 lb.; .013″, 17 lb.; 0X .011″, 15 lb.; 1X .010″, 12 lb.; 2X .009″, 9 lb.; 3X .008″, 7.8 lb.; 4X .007″, 6 lb.; 5X .006″, 5.2 lb.; 6X .005″, 3.8 lb.; 7X .004″, 2.2 lb.; 8X .003″, 1.4 lb.
Craig C.:
Craig C.: I do not work at one of the retail stores but the above information answers your question.
Leo : You are the man!!! Thank you!!!
Craig C.: My pleasure. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Leo : Nope tight lines
Craig C.: Thank you for visiting Have a great day!

Craig C.: Hi, my name is Craig C.. How may I help you?
Craig C.: Hello again Leo.
Leo : Hi Craig, another question for you.
Leo : Item # IJ-318214 Maxima Flourocarbon
Leo : Need the lb test for .008″ diameter
Craig C.: 5
Craig C.: Line Diameters: 1 lb. .003
2 lb. .005
3 lb. .006
4 lb. .007
5 lb. .008
6 lb. .009
8 lb. .010
10 lb. .012
12 lb. .013
15 lb. .015
Craig C.: 20 lb. .017
25 lb. .020
30 lb. .022
40 lb. .024
Leo : Excellent thanks again!
Craig C.: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Leo: over and out… for now
Craig C.: Thank you for using Cabela’s Live Help. We look forward to serving you in the future.

Matt G.: Hi, my name is Matt G.. How may I help you?
Leo : Hi Matt, need info on Airflo Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon
Leo: What is the pound test for 0.008′ diameter?
Matt G.: What x rating is that diameter?
Leo : Probably 3X
Matt G.: One moment and I will see what I can come up with. I do not have the test rating or diameters listed.
Leo : OK
Matt G.: I am still researching that for you, sorry for the delay.
Leo : No Problem
Matt G.: 7x is 3lb, 2X is 8 lb
Matt G.: That is all I can come up with at this time.
Leo : Okay Thanks for the effort.
Leo : Over and out

Posted on: 2009/2/19 10:38
I flyfish because I enjoy it.

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2006/9/23 0:52
From Williamsport, PA
Posts: 477
I only will use Berkley Vanish for my tippet. It works perfect for me and I've never had a problem with it. Anything labled tippet in my opinion is way over priced. I love the stuff!

Posted on: 2009/2/19 10:39

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2006/9/10 11:16
From Harrisburg PA
Posts: 23
I have tried several different fluoros and stiffness tends to be the biggest issue for me. I like the Orvis Mirage as it is fairly supple and sold in 40 meter spools, not 30 yd spools like many others, and the same price.

Posted on: 2009/2/19 11:13

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2008/1/20 22:58
Posts: 2
I use both flouro and mono depending on the situation. I figure why waste the money on flouro unless you think it will help in a particular situation.

I had problems with knot strength when I first started using flouro. Tying strong knots seemed to require more skill than I could manage on a consistent basis. On top of that I typically only used flouro when things were tough and often that means small tippets. That exaggerated the problem of weak knots. Plus flouro was too stiff for me in the early product releases. I stopped using flouro until Gmax came out. With Gmax down to 7x I use the same knots as mono. The product is very strong and resistant to abrasion. I no longer have any of breakage problems. When I break a tippet I don’t get that tell tale pig tail that says I messed up the knot. It does cost a fortune for what is a consumable item.

I’ve thrown out most of my other flouro tippet material. I use Gmax flouro and Orvis SS mono for almost everything. Of course I’ll still try whatever strikes my fancy next. I just purchased some Gmax FX to see how that compares to regular Gmax. As for using flouro designed for spinning reels I think if it works well for your application then use it. It’s certainly way cheaper and I would think it should be fine for underwater or heavier (4x or thicker) applications. For applications that require high strength to thickness ratios I'll stick with Gmax for now.

Posted on: 2009/2/19 12:09

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2006/9/10 11:16
From Harrisburg PA
Posts: 23

Where do you get the GMax? Not that the Mirage isn't good, I've been using it for a number of years, but I have heard some very good things, especially regarding knot strength, about the GMax. As you, I also use the Super Strong for my mono, which is most of the time.


Posted on: 2009/2/19 14:50

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2006/9/11 13:05
From Reedsville
Posts: 382
I use tippit material because that's what I'm supposed to use.

Posted on: 2009/2/19 15:26
><(Mkern{( ‘ >

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2007/7/2 19:40
Posts: 1343
Seaguar is great stuff

Posted on: 2009/2/19 15:32
lurking like a barracuda or a toad fish

Re: flourocarbon tippet

2008/1/20 22:58
Posts: 2

GrandMax is made by Seaguar.

You can get it many places I just bought the FX version from I know sells it also. Cabelas also sells it but I don't believe they carry the FX version.

Don't forget to check your local shop. It's about $15/spool.

Posted on: 2009/2/19 16:07

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