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Zippered Waders

2009/6/17 20:11
From central pa
Posts: 0
Does anyone on here use waders that zip up in the front? If so how do you like them and does the zipper leak?

I have always had a hankering for a pair, especially when wading into a cold stream after my fourth cup of morning coffee but could never bring myself to shell out $700 for the Simms zip ups. I saw Hodgman Guidelite Breathable Stockingfoot Waders with Storm Waterproof Zipper on sale at Cabela's for $99.99 (under Father's day gifts) and ordered a pair.

Couldn't find any reviews on them but have used and liked Hodgman waders in the past. At least for me, they last just as long as more expensive brands.

Posted on: 2011/5/31 17:02

Re: Zippered Waders

2009/2/11 13:14
From Lehigh Valley
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Just got a pair of Redington Sonic Pro Zipfronts, i have been out twice since i got them and i am very happy and i was willing to shell out for the Simms G4Z zippered,but now i have 350+ more clams in my pocket to spend on a Greys 11' 4 wt.

If I may concur,my last pair of breathable waders were Redington Barrierflex stockingfoot,and they lasted approximately 14 years before I bought these and i could still wear these as well .
they did not ever have a leak untill three years ago.The material looked wrinkeled and was compromised so i did the alcohol thing and fixed the pinholes and wore them untill they leaked where the booties attach to the legs.I also wore these waders at least 150-200 days a year for the first four years and i was extremely careful around wild rose/wild blackberry/and devil's club.the only mistake i probably ever did to shorten their life was by putting my waders away folded and wet.They smelled terrible and got mildewed so i had to scrub them lightly, i also washed them with prewash{revivex} and then retreated them with revivex just like my wading jackets. I have never had any water penetration by doing this.
I have a buddy that was a confirmed Hodgeman breathable guy...he wears Simms G3's now.
The only two hodgeman waders i can swear by are my Lakestream 5 mm thinsulate bootfoot neoprene and they don't make that model any longer, and i would not hesitate to buy their hip boots with felt soles till the felt is banned in Pa.
Hope this Helps
Tight Wraps & Tight Lines
Rick Wallace

Posted on: 2011/5/31 18:46

Re: Zippered Waders

2007/1/2 11:55
From Bozeman
Posts: 53
Had a pair of the simms freestone zip fronts. They leaked almost right away, so I only really had them for a cup of coffee. I did like the zipper feature, but feel that my g3 convertibles provide just as much/more freedom, comfort, and easy on-off.

Posted on: 2011/6/1 9:42

Re: Zippered Waders

2009/3/31 23:30
Posts: 0
I had 3 bad pair of redingtons last year. All 3 had zippers that became unattached. They never leaked until the seams malfunctioned. I am using old g3's now and I may reorder the sonic pros.

A few years ago more than 5, I ran into a Asian guy selling wafer seconds at the hometown auction. They were proline breathables and I scored em for 30 bucks. While they don't zipper the things still don't leak!!!! If I had to pay full price for waders I think I may use him again..... just food for.thought.

Posted on: 2011/6/2 0:52

Re: Zippered Waders

2011/4/4 10:21
From Portage, PA
Posts: 0
I have the zip up Hodgmans and have no problems at all. The zipper works great and does not leak at all. They are comfortable and I can piss without having to remove all my gear. I bought them from the hodgman website when they had a sale. Purchashed for $80.

Posted on: 2011/6/2 9:08

Re: Zippered Waders

2009/6/17 10:29
From Pittsburgh
Posts: 4
I had the Dan Baily Zip Front's..... leaked within a month... I recently heard a bunch of Dan Bailey's were recalled for bad zippers. As much as it is convenient for a great many things, I think it is one more thing to go wrong.

I wouldn't buy them.

Posted on: 2011/6/3 19:46
Urban Fly Fishing Addict

Re: Zippered Waders

2009/6/17 20:11
From central pa
Posts: 0
I have received and used my Hodgman Streamlite waders three times and love them, mainly for the reason SteelheadWhisperer menitoned, can drink all the coffee I want now before fishing. The zipper works well and doesn't leak so far and I often leave it unzipped when fishing in shallow water. They are reinforced with an extra layer on the knees and across the butt. I now find myself leaving the Silver Labels at home and wearing the Hodgmans. A nice, comfortable back support wading belt come with them.

I suppose it's like anything else - some guys love them and others don't. I wasn't aware of the Redington Sonic Pro's or would have checked them out, they sound like a good middle of the road option for zip up waders.

Thanks to all for your input.

Posted on: 2011/6/15 17:31

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