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Re: Would I be happy with a switch rod???
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 10130
I'm intrigued with the idea of a switch rod too and am thinking about trying to build one. I do a lot of bassin on large rivers, mostly wading, and sometimes wear myself out double hauling. I think a switch rod would offer some good capabilities for this sort of game. Other than making a couple casts at the beach with Frederick's switch, I've never fished two handed rods. I normally use a 9" 7WT or 8WT for river smallies. Jcspey has some good ideas. What would you recommend as the best switch rod substitute - and what line would best match such a rod?
Thanks in advance....

Posted on: 2010/1/26 10:14

Re: Would I be happy with a switch rod???

2009/3/3 19:41
Posts: 24

As for building a switch rod, I have not built one just converted a 10'6" Gander Mountain Steelhead Light Action rod to run switch/fly lines on by changing out the guides.

If I was going to build one from a kit, I would go with a Rainshadow Forecast Switch Rod kit in either a 5/6 or 6/7 wt, hands down, IMHO.

They are med fast actions, which makes them best for switch rod work and overhead or spey presentations.

I have a 11'6" Rainshadow Forecast spey rod that i used for bass and general fishing and love the rod, I use the same lines as recomend below for switch rod on it, its just not a switch rod.

As for lines it is determined by the grain window or the rod they are to be used with.
I don't know if you intend to spey or only overhead cast, but
matching the rod to a correct Rio AFS or Rio AFS Outbound spey line for spey or switch presentations is recomended. As for overhead casting a Rio Outbound line is my choice.

I have used two hand rods and switch for bass bot overhead casting and speycasting. Hope all this help. let me know if i can help any more.

PS your location is not to far from my mine, if you are interested in try out a line or rod once let me know.


Posted on: 2010/1/26 18:52

Re: Would I be happy with a switch rod???

2009/3/4 20:17
From Spring City, Gaines
Posts: 156
I built my switch rod with a Rainshadow RX7 10' 8" 5wt blank. I wasn't aware that they made a Forecast switch rod blank but everything that I've seen from Batson has been a really good value.

Posted on: 2010/1/26 21:32

Re: Would I be happy with a switch rod???

2006/9/9 11:22
From New Castle, PA
Posts: 1905
In my experience the effortless casting that is valuable during long days of repeated casting is only achieved when using a spey style line or something similar. Essentially an overweight, short head, WF line. A switch rod with a standard line is just a long single hand rod. The line is an essential factor in the technique. You can fudge it with a standard line and may do OK, but if you want the effortless casting you need a specialty line, IMO. The difference is like night and day. For what it's worth, it is easier to cast overhead with a spey line then it is to execute a spey cast with a regular fly line.

BTW, Many switch rods are rated for the line needed for standard overhead casting and generally work best with a heavier line when spey casting.


Posted on: 2010/1/27 6:49

Re: Would I be happy with a switch rod???

2009/3/3 19:41
Posts: 24
totally agree.

On my switch and two handed rods I use Rio AFS lines. They are spey style lines that are intended to be spey cast, but because they are short and heavy they can be cast overhead too.

I have found in my experience with spey and switch rods that a line for overhead casting tends to be lighter than the line used for speycasting. For example my 5/6 rod I use a 340 grain AFS line for spey or crossover ( switch from overhead to speycast) casting. And a 7 wt 275 grain Rio Outbound for mainly overhead work.

If you look at the head profile you see that the mass of the weight on the Outbound is in the front and in the back of the head on the AFS line.

The different in line weight is because in overhead casting the whole head beyond the rod tip loads the rod and with a spey cast only the arialized portion of line between the rod tip and anchor loads the rod. Check out Rio's link below it is a good explaination of different lines and casting style. ... 20Spey%20lines%202010.pdf


Posted on: 2010/1/27 16:30

Re: Would I be happy with a switch rod???

2009/3/4 20:17
From Spring City, Gaines
Posts: 156
Thanks for the link, that's some great information.

Posted on: 2010/1/27 17:21

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