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Re: What do you use for a tape measure?

2006/9/11 13:05
From Lewistown
Posts: 359
Go to the sewing section of walmart and they will have retractable tpaes that usually go to 3'.

You can also buy tape measurers that stick to your rod.

I make small 1/8" wraps on my rods at 14, 16, 18, and 20"es.
This is something you can even do with factory rods.

Posted on: 2012/10/10 11:48
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Re: What do you use for a tape measure?

2012/1/13 15:28
From Ferguson Twp.
Posts: 21
I do this as well... ^^ Nothing extra to carry.

Posted on: 2012/10/10 17:04
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Re: What do you use for a tape measure?

2007/6/19 21:49
From Lancaster County
Posts: 852
I ended up going the sewing tape route, which had definitely escaped my initial trains of thought. I appreciate all the suggestions; however, if I didn't want to measure fish, I wouldn't be asking for what people use for a tape measure

Using a net or a measure net - I don't always fish with a net, so that possibility wouldn't satisfy my requirements all the time.

Marking up a rod - I only fish factory rods at this point, and I while I don't have a ton of rods that I fish consistently (maybe two or three) a part of me doesn't want to mark them up. I could identify key lengths of certain features of each of the rods (grips, distance to first ferrule or segment on the six piece rods) but then I'd have to remember all the measurements.

I can sight guesstimate lengths, but the reason I want a measure is so I can confirm when I finally catch my first 22" wild brown, or my first 13" wild brookie. I don't measure a lot of fish, but when I do, I want to know the exact length.

I looked at Bass Pro the other night and I could find was this gaudy thing, which looks like something a wife would buy for her fly-fishing husband, because its cute. I also looked at Walmart but could only find a combo tape measure kit and I already have enough 25' tapes for work. I couldn't find a sewing tape with a fastener on it in the store.

But, I eventually honed in on the Hoechstmass picco model, which appears to be quite a bit more quality made than the advertising promo trinkets that the logo marketing people are trying to hawk. It meets all my requirements - relatively small, lightweight, retractable, not a metal tape, and has a ring for fastening.

Posted on: 2012/10/18 16:53

Re: What do you use for a tape measure?

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 631
I use my hand, then my rod. I know the width of my hand, tip of the thumb to the tip of my pinky, it's 9 inches. After that the grip and reel seat are 10 inches the hook keeper is 13 inches, the first guide is 15 inches and so on. My are is 22 inches from the crook of the elbow to the tip of my middle finger.

Posted on: 2012/10/18 17:27
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Re: What do you use for a tape measure?

2011/7/6 13:48
From Philadelphia PA
Posts: 856
If you hold the fish away from your body and closer to the camera the fish will always look bigger than it is. No tape measure necessary. Just decide on what size fish you believe you have caught and stick with it.

Posted on: 2012/10/19 12:11

Edited by PennypackFlyer on 2012/10/19 12:39:31
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Re: What do you use for a tape measure?

2011/3/6 0:34
From Dauphin
Posts: 60
I got this small tape measure from a mid penn bank I think they had em just laying there free to take

Posted on: 2012/10/21 11:18
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Re: What do you use for a tape measure?

2011/5/26 10:12
From Dauphin PA
Posts: 24
Wrap of athletic tape at 20" and 24". If it's under 15", shake them off the hook. Haven't cracked the 24" mark in a while though. Might just remove it and if one measures over 20", it's length is just "big".

Is anyone measuring 3" - 9" range? You should be able to eyeball 12-15" and that's close enough unless it's something for a record book.

Posted on: 2012/10/24 10:10
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