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Re: Wet Wading

2009/6/21 20:48
From West Chester, PA
Posts: 4
Just got this email from Blue Ribbon Flies:

"Korkers Grey If you're looking for a lightweight wading boot with the versatility of rubber, felt or studded soles, Korkers will cover all the bases.

Over fifty years ago the first Korkers product was created in the basement of Korkers' founder. Made by hand using scrap rubber, nylon cord, and carbide spikes, Korkers "River Cleats" were born. The functional, yet versatile design of the cleat system quickly grew as a favorite among fishermen, and spread to provide traction safety to a number of industrial applications.

Today, under new ownership, Korkers has taken the fundamental values of Korkers original design of functional and versatile footwear to another level. By incorporating OmniTrax V2 Interchangeable Sole Technology, Korkers has developed a full line of versatile footwear systems that gives you the unique ability to maximize performance, despite conditions. No matter where your next adventure takes you or what surprise mother nature might throw at you, with Korkers you'll always be ready.

Blue Ribbon has just started carrying Korkers, and we already have a discontinued color (grey) in the Torrent Trail Shoe, and have marked it down to $54.99 in men's sizes 9 - 13. The brown version is $99.99, and the interchangeable soles are $24.99 per pair.

If you want the choice of felt some days and rubber other days, or if you want to trade out the studs for the skid-proof boat-safe soles, Korkers will give you all the options."

I would jump on these. These are the best wet-wading shoes I have found. They're great for hiking too. And at that price....

Posted on: 2009/7/4 11:21

Re: Wet Wading
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 439
For most of my summer wet wading in bass creeks I like my plain ole Cabelas wading boots with a beat up old pair of atheletic socks. Just roll the sock up and ball it at the top of the boot and this will keep out all but the most determined gravel. I don't care to wade without felt or cleats so these work fine for me. Perhaps more important, make sure you have long pants - I like the nylon types that shed water and have a zipper converting them into shorts. Fishing summer vegetation with shorts is asking for a painful experience. I like to treat my nylon wading pants with permethrin to ward off ticks. Bring a pair of sandals and when you're done fishing you can unzip the muddy, wet lower legs, shed the boots/socks and air dry your feet in the sandals.

Posted on: 2009/7/4 20:23

Re: Wet Wading

2007/9/19 8:05
From Malvern USA
Posts: 0
Don't fret Spectorfly. Lots of rain htis weekend and cooler air temps should cool the river.

Posted on: 2009/7/5 9:30

Re: Wet Wading

2007/7/3 21:22
Posts: 10
Up until about 5 years ago I used an old pair of sneakers and my wading pants were an old pair of jeans.

Now that I've gotten back into it, every Chrsitmas, birthday, father's day, anniversary, Arbor Day etc brings fly fishing stuff. My latest wet wading is a pair of Cabela's wet wading boots and Simms wading socks. Depending on the water I may add a pair of Velcro gaiters to keep to pebbels oou. I will on occasion use my regular wading boots. For the legs it's either shorts or quick dry fishing pants.

Posted on: 2009/7/5 18:28

Re: Wet Wading

2008/1/31 17:19
From Pretty much everywhere at some point, Thorndale today.
Posts: 2364
I rarely do it, but on occasion I do. I just wear swimming trunks with the neoprene wading socks, my regular wading boots overtop. Works just fine. I believe my socks are Orvis brand from FFP, but certainly no need to go expensive brands here. If you spend more than $15 on the socks, you spent too much. I just don't see any advantage over breathable waders if you're going to wear pants anyway, its only an advantage if you're in swimming trunks. But then I can only do it if I'm not expecting to bust any brush or be in poison ivy situations, etc.

I was in Lake Placid last weekend and the WB Ausable temps were approaching 70 already.

(hangs head and sighs........) I leave tomorrow.

Early mornings, fast water (which that stream has plenty of pocket water areas).

Posted on: 2009/7/5 18:59

Re: Wet Wading

2006/9/12 21:16
From Suburban Pittsburgh
Posts: 9
The advantage I see with wet wading as opposed to wearing wading boots is that its much cooler when hiking and moving around outside of the water to get to your spot. This is ideal for small streams. If I'm going to be standing in water for any length of time, I'll be wearing my waders. Like fishidiot said, it's nice to be able to zip off the legs of your pants, put sandals on and drive home. If I am spending any appreciable time in the woods its longsleeve shirt and pants for me. Lessens the chances for ticks along with avoiding skin contact with the summer plant growth.

Posted on: 2009/7/5 20:01
~ Leave only your footprints ~

Re: Wet Wading

2009/6/27 23:49
From Pittsburgh
Posts: 17
i just wear shorts and tiva sandals...
simple and inexpensive =D
I do get a little cold after awhile

Posted on: 2009/7/19 11:03
Im a Cane Head

Re: Wet Wading

2007/1/2 11:55
From Bozeman
Posts: 53

pcray1231 wrote:
I just don't see any advantage over breathable waders if you're going to wear pants anyway,

I didn't either until last week. The lightweight wading pants are way cooler, and also allow you to actually get wet to cool off. I tried breathable waders for about an hour in the high deserts in and around the bighorn, and sweated every ounce of water in my body out within a few minutes.

I'll be wearing them for all warm weather fishing from now on.

Posted on: 2009/7/19 21:43

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