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Waders - Recommended Brands and Winterizing

2006/9/9 10:36
From Philadelphia, PA
Posts: 15
Lost my waders from last year in a fire and did most of my fishing this year wet wading.

Now that autumn is here I need to get a pair of waders. However, I really dislike neoprene. I'd prefer to get a pair of regular breathable waders and wear winterizing layers underneath for when the temps get cold enough that neoprene would normally be used.

Is this a normal thing to do or do most people have one pair of breathable waders and one pair of neoprene? If so - what type of base layers serve as a suitable replacement for neoprene?

Also - for breathable waders I really seem to like the styling and features of the Orvis pro guide waders. Can anyone recommend something similar or better than these for the money?

Posted on: 2006/10/13 22:12

Re: Waders - Recommended Brands and Winterizing

2006/9/10 21:53
From Greensburg, PA
Posts: 920
If you dont mind spending that money, they are really nice waders. They were my second choice to my going cheap with Cabelas. Unfortunately they ruined the kind bought. They put a stupid chest pack on the front and took away the nice pocket. Then they doubled the price. But mine are the Dry-plus waders and I like them just fine. Paid less than 100 bucks.

Anyway, nothing beats a pair of fleece pants for under waders. I got the pair I use now off season at a ski shop. But I had a pair made back in Idaho and had the lady who made them, put an elastic "stirrup" that goes under my heel so when I pull the waders on, the fleece doesn't bunch up. But they are light, as breathable as the waders and really warm. I used mine under my very lightweight nylon waders when I flew back to idaho last june. Water was freezing. My feet were cold but my legs were nice and warm. Now that i have breathbles I won't be packing those nylon ones in my suitcase any more.

I do still have my old neoprenes but the breathables are like wearing a comfortable pair of jeans. I probably won't be using those neoprenes again unless the water if frozen in places.

Posted on: 2006/10/13 22:29

Re: Waders - Recommended Brands and Winterizing
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 2879

I have long since retired my neoprene waders. I use Orvis Pro Guide waders in the cold weather and they work just fine. One thing to remember is to size them based on wearing heavy clothes. Measure your chest and waist size based on wearing winter clothes. Also allow extra room for heavy socks in your boots. I’m a size 10 boot but use a size 11 wading boot for that reason.

One other thing, subscribe to Orvis on-line. They constantly have sales and send coupons via e-mail for dollars off on purchases. I have an Orvis owned outlet store a few miles from where I live (located in Downingtown). I bought my waders at 50% off on sale at the Orvis outlet. If your item isn’t in stock, have them ship it to the store and pick it up there with no shipping costs.

Posted on: 2006/10/14 11:06

Re: Waders - Recommended Brands and Winterizing

2006/9/11 15:34
From Blair County
Posts: 0
basically i have never used any neo waders . I go through waders like crazy though !! i can say that patagonia watermasters are great . as far as cold water temps . i wear polar fleece thermal underwear . neoprene makes you sweat and makes you feel cold and clamy .. Also the patagonia are onsale at j,, and many other places . patagonia and LL beanm have the best customer service . Simms has terrible customer swervice . ll and patagonia ask no questions and give no grief .. Give them a try !!

Posted on: 2006/10/14 12:01

Re: Waders - Recommended Brands and Winterizing

2006/9/11 13:05
From Reedsville
Posts: 382
I don't own a pair of Neo's because a lot of my winter fishing is on small local native-brookie streams that I can fish from land and jump across. However, when I do use my breathables, I wear jeans with poly-propelean thermal pants underneath.
My next pair of waders will be Dan Bailey's: they are lifetime warrenty, fold down to become waist waders, and are more talored than cheaper waders. Plus, they start at around $100, and the boots are about $50.

Posted on: 2006/10/14 14:46

Re: Waders - Recommended Brands and Winterizing

2006/9/21 0:02
From Pittsburgh
Posts: 836
I bought a pair of orvis pro-guide breathables in april. I have had problems with all of the other breathables I've tried - they always start leaking in the heels. But these seen OK so far, and i do like the design

I still prefer neoprenes for cold water wading in early spring and late fall. They're definitely more durable, and I like the stretchiness of them. I bought a pair of Stearns this spring also - they were only $60, and I'll probably get at least 3 years out of them. They also serve as backups to the breathables

Posted on: 2006/10/22 11:25

Re: Waders - Recommended Brands and Winterizing

2006/9/10 11:16
From Harrisburg PA
Posts: 23
I use only braethables and fish all winter. They are from Sir Francis and have a STORM wetsuit zipper up front. They are tailored nicely, not baggy for longer walks and the zipper makes them easy to put on and take off. Also great for relieving yourself. As for layering, I wear poalrfleece pants and, if very cold I will add UnderArmor coldgear leggings. For my feet, a pair of merino wool liner socks under a pair of rag roll hiking socks.

Posted on: 2006/11/8 17:07
if babies were measured by fisherman they would all be 39" and 45 pounds

Re: Waders - Recommended Brands and Winterizing

2006/11/9 16:07
Posts: 0
I fish the Simms G3's and love them to death. I use them at the beach for stripers and blues, in NY on the Salmon River and all over PA climbing through the woods. Layering is definatly the key. A capilene base with a polartec fleece and you will be almost too warm on those cold windy days. Wool socks will keep your feet warm and dry as well.

Posted on: 2006/11/9 16:35

Re: Waders - Recommended Brands and Winterizing

2006/11/11 17:05
From south central PA
Posts: 0
Def go with the #2 mention the cabelas dry plus 2 waders i got the boot foot felt sole ones they rule!!! they are loose enough to wear all the under gear you gotta! i use them all year long and do alot of hardcore cold fishing 3 pairs of socks 2 layers of lower thermals plus pants then 3 to 5 layers up top they are also extremely bearable in the summer or warmer early springtime they last around 2 years "severe" use without any leak defects and are easily worth the 100 bucks just treat them regularly with a coat of armour all !!!

Posted on: 2006/11/14 20:08

Re: Waders - Recommended Brands and Winterizing

2006/9/23 0:52
From Williamsport, PA
Posts: 468
I own the Cabelas River Guide waders and absolutely love them. I love the pocket in the front and inside. I always get the stocking foot ones because I always have the boots go before I get a hole in the waders. If you go neoprene I'd get the Hodgman Lake neos I've ever found and I've tried a ton of different styles and brands. If you are buying boots for your waders definitely go with Orvis because Orvis will allow you to return your boots when the felts tear off or most other problems with the boots. Yeah you can glue them back on but seldom do they hold for a long time. You can't go wrong with the Cabelas and Hodgman waders and the Orvis boots.

Posted on: 2006/11/14 21:02

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