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Steelhead Rod

2006/9/12 13:21
Posts: 2
I plan to add a steelhead rod to my collection which will also double as a still water rod for bass. I read some positive reviews about the Sage XP 7wt in either 9' or 9'6". Would appreciate comments/suggestions.

Posted on: 2006/11/29 12:45

Re: Steelhead Rod
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 2752
I have a 8wt 9’ Sage XP that I use for Steelhead and Bass (LM in lakes and SM in rivers). The XP is my one of my favorites. It is a fast rod by anyone's standards. A 7wt will work just fine for steelhead, but, if you plan on throwing some big bass bugs and streamers, an 8wt might work better. Either 9 or 9.5’ will do the job.

You may be aware that Sage has recently discontinued the XP line. They are a hot property right now. Some fly shops still have them, and there are a ton listed on E-bay. They are selling for around 20%-30% off their original retail right now. I’m not sure what part of the State you’re from but TCO in Reading has a Sage XP 890 – 2 piece listed for sale at $432. If you plan to buy from a shop, I would do it sooner than later. Good luck.

Posted on: 2006/11/29 14:56

Re: Steelhead Rod

2006/9/10 21:53
From Greensburg, PA
Posts: 868
Do you have a price range? What part of the state are you from. With that info, I bet you'll get pointed in all sorts of helpful directions.
BTW I got a 4pc 8wt complete outfit from cabela's and am not sorry one bit. I couldn't see dropping 400 bucks on just a rod I might use 3 or 4 times a year.

This is what I bought...for less than 100 bucks on sale. I use it at the beach, for pike (and on really windy days at the local lake) and if I ever get around to it, steelhead.

Posted on: 2006/11/29 18:02

Re: Steelhead Rod

2006/12/18 16:11
From SE PA
Posts: 0
I use a St. Croix Avid 9.5 foot 7 wt for steelies.........softer action than the Ultra Legend (which I love).........but it really throws some line.......and is soft enough to swing streamers that you don't bust fish off when you set the this rod.......I have owned 3 of them..........I lost 2 out of the back of my trucks..........lost one..........somebody picked it up and walked away........bought a new one........same deal.........I learned my lesson.........that after long trips and being tired........just make sure your gear is stored properly................

I have also used this rod to catch river smallies...........not throwing huge topwaters at them..........but it throws poppers pretty good.........price range is about 200 and some can find the older version of the rod (which I own) on ebay for a fairly decent price.......

I also love to use this rod to catch salmon.........I usually put away the 10.5 foot 9 wt after a day or two on the water and opt for the much lighter 7 wt.........I have landed real pigs on a 7wt while fishing the Salmon River in New York.........

Very good rod for the price............if you want a better quality rod, step up to the Ultra Legend..........the St. Croix Ultra Legend series rods are awesome!!!!

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Posted on: 2006/12/22 3:10

Re: Steelhead Rod

2006/12/13 9:28
From Other side of the tracks
Posts: 3975
Isn't the XP a fairly fast action rod? My response is based on that.

In my opinion this would be a good combination steelhead/bass rod, especially if you are talking mostly lake erie tribs for the steelhead. Now, if you were just after a steelhead rod, I prefer moderate action, or even slow... and longer is better. Slower action helps protect the tippet. Consider even going to a 10 footer, but 9 or 9.5 will do the job espicially if most of your steelhead is in the PA waters (smaller waters than Ohio has). No need to go heavier for lake erie steelhead either. If you plan to fish the Ontario tribs, you might want to go with an 8 wt. I currently use a 9 foot split cane rod that is a fairly slow 7 wt for steelheaed. For bass, I use a fairly fast split cane 9 ft, 8 wt. It punches out the bass bugs a little better. However, it is out of comission for now, and the steelhead rod has been doing double duty the last couple years.

Posted on: 2006/12/22 7:51
Hank Patterson for President.

Re: Steelhead Rod

2006/9/9 20:09
From Harrisburg
Posts: 54
Dear spike,

If you really want a double duty rod stick with a 9 footer. A 9' 6" rod will be an advantage for steelhead because you have that little bit of extra length for mending and line control. However, I have never cast a 9' 6" rod that handled wind resistant flies like bass bugs as well as a 9 footer of the same model rod. That extra 6" makes the tip alot softer making it harder to turn over bulky flies. The best bass rods are always 9 foot or less, try a couple and see for yourself.

Tim Murphy

Posted on: 2006/12/22 11:57

Re: Steelhead Rod

2006/9/9 20:09
From Harrisburg
Posts: 54
Hey Farmer Dave,

I have to go bass fishing with you some day. I don't have an 8 weight bamboo but I have a 9 foot 7 weight bamboo. I just want to see what kind of looks we get when us two big gorillas are fishing 9 foot bamboos.

Everybody knows you can't use a bamboo rod longer than 7 1/2 feet for more than a couple of minutes without making your arm fall off.

Tim Murphy

Posted on: 2006/12/22 12:01

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