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Re: Smith Optics Lenses (Chromapop)

2010/11/9 17:36
From Garnet Valley, PA
Posts: 29
I just ordered the chromapop polarchromic ignitor. Looking forward to giving them a try.

Posted on: 4/13 21:50

Re: Smith Optics Lenses (Chromapop)

2010/11/9 17:36
From Garnet Valley, PA
Posts: 29

I ended up with the chromapop polarchromic ignitor lenses with Frontman frames. I really like these glasses. I was worried about two things with the pinkish lenses: color distortion and looking funny in with pink sunglasses (lame but true).

There is actually very little color distortion, much less than traditional amber or my previous pair of smith's brown lenses. The most obvious effect is that the sky appears to be a deeper shade of blue. These lenses also do a great job increasing contrast.

The ability for the lenses to adjust to light levels has been my favorite feature. Very good in lower light.

My only complaint is that there is little ventilation behind the lenses and I am experience a build up condensation when I am sweating.

As far as looking funny with pink sunglasses goes, the lenses have a silver mirror finish, you really can't see the pink lenses.

Posted on: 6/1 19:21

Re: Smith Optics Lenses (Chromapop)

6/2 17:18
Posts: 1
As a certified optician, I thought I would weigh in. So, the Chromapop lens and the Costa 580 lens both try to reduce 'light confusion' by selectively reducing blue and yellow light transmission. I believe the technology used is different though. I like that the Chromapop does not use traditional polarized sandwich construction, avoiding adhesives. In the 580, Costa uses either polycarbonate or glass. The glass lenses are spectacular. The poly....well, it's poly. Polycarbonate is popular because it is tough and light, but it has the worst optical clarity of any material. For the Chromapop, Smith uses trivex. Trivex has very good optical clarity, about like CR-39, definitely much better than polycarbonate. It is also a bit stronger and lighter. I really do like the Costa 580G lens a LOT, and Smith's polarchromic copper glass is also spectacular, but where Chromapop truly differs is having very high optical clarity in an IMPACT-RESISTANT and LIGHTWEIGHT lens material.

I agree with previous posters who prefer a brown lens color to a copper lens color for fishing versatility, although the copper is nice in brighter conditions. Chromapop is now available in mirror! The bronze mirror is on a polarized brown base, kicking transmission a bit more toward blue, which feels a lot more 'true color' than either the Smith polarchromic copper or the Costa amber or green mirror. The Chromapop Ignitor, like Smith's regular Ignitor, is a specialty lens for low light.

Posted on: 6/2 17:26

Edited by hiplainsdrifter on 2014/6/2 17:51:14

Re: Smith Optics Lenses (Chromapop)

2006/9/9 10:36
From Philadelphia, PA
Posts: 743

hiplainsdrifter wrote:
The Chromapop Ignitor, like Smith's regular Ignitor, is a specialty lens for low light.

The Ignitor lens that is available in the ChromaPop lineup is the Polarchromic Ignitor (and the one Davmul was referring to). This actually has a VLT profile of 12-20%. So, as it adjusts to changing light conditions, it can be as dark as the blue mirror lenses intended for bright, sunny saltwater destinations or considerably brighter than their standard brown polarized lens.

It has a very similar profile to the Techlite glass polarchromic copper lens (13-20%).

The low light Techlite Ignitor lens, on the other hand has a VLT of 40%.

Posted on: 6/4 17:07
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