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Re: Selecting a rod to build

2006/10/26 23:01
From Ohio
Posts: 0
Well heres a rundown of the ones i have built:

If you are looking for something with a more moderate action for roll casting yet having some backbone for weighted rigs and streamers I'd say the g loomis gl3 and the pac bay rainforest IM7 both fit that bill. There was an article in the last issue of rodmaker that made an argument that more full flexing rods are more senistive....which would be important for nymphing/streamer work.

The RX6 is fast and heavy IMO.....I hate it.
The G. Loomis IMX is fast and light.....I like it but it wouldn't roll cast the best.

I have a cabelas traditional also.....they have a more moderate action but I find them a bit noodly in the higher weights.

I have no personal experience with the fenwicks, cabelas IM7 (very intrigued by this one), cabelas Sli, or american tackle rods.

Also, they sell TFO blanks and component kits which you could check out. The TFO Pro might fit the bill too.

My comment about "going cheap" was more alluding to the fact that most "name brand" rod manufacturers inflate the price of their blanks to protect their rod prices. I feel you can get a lot more rod for the money if you go with OEM manufacturers like Batson and Pac-Bay.

Your first rod will definitely be fishable and if you are detail oriented and take your time and don't mind redoing some wraps will likely end up as good as a foctory rod.

Personally it took me about 5 rods before I felt I had my technique down to where I was happy.

Best of luck,


Posted on: 2007/3/9 7:53

Re: Selecting a rod to build

2006/9/28 14:40
From Philadelphia
Posts: 11
Big John,
I agree with JoeE that for roll casting you'd want something slow to medium. I've built all my rods (4) on the St. Croix SClll. It's a real sweet blank. I also like the SClll because I can use snakes, which I like for the classic look) and the extra wraps get the blank to just the action I like. Anyway, I see you have the tools, but if you don't have a thread tensioner, I'd say it's the one tool I bought that really helped. The first two I built I used the old teacup nad heavy books method, which worked ok but not always. With the tensioner I could keep an even strain much more easily.

Anyway, lots of good advice above. By the way, if you're looking for a terrific book, get Art Scheck's on rod building. If you prefer video, check out Bill Marts.

Also, be prepared that rod building is addictive

Good luck.


Posted on: 2007/3/9 18:37

Re: Selecting a rod to build
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 439
I have built a bunch of fly rods on the Cabelas "Stowaway" blanks. They're really inexpensive and are five piece. They also offer a seven piece too but I haven't tried it yet. To be sure, I am not a stickler for light weight or fast action. If you have a very keen feel for fly rods a higher end blank might work better for you. Some of the Stowaways I have shortened by tossing the butt section or cutting it off with a saw. Hey, works for me. I tend to like very short fly rods. Consider this another vote for single foot guides. Even the 10 and 12 WTs I have built use them. Just make sure that when you tie them on you put some turns in front of the guide to lock it down and keep it from pulling out.

Posted on: 2007/3/9 21:03

Re: Selecting a rod to build

2006/9/23 0:52
From Williamsport, PA
Posts: 455
Thanks for all the advice. I think I'm going to try the GL3 kit. As mentioned before if this gets addictive then I won't have to worry about it and I'll just keep building rods until I get the perfect one!

Posted on: 2007/3/10 16:42

Re: Selecting a rod to build

2007/1/2 11:55
From Bozeman
Posts: 53
I just fished my new GL3 for the first time.

I build a 9' 5 wt for globugs, bigger nymphs, high water, etc.

It fished really well.... ok.. i should say it casted, mended, picked up line, and controlled drift well. It was also light and responsive.

I hesitate to say I was fishing because there was no sign of anything remotely fishy in that high muddy water

Posted on: 2007/3/10 18:44

Re: Selecting a rod to build

2006/10/26 23:01
From Ohio
Posts: 0
Good choice, you will be happy with the GL3. Let us know how you like it when you get done.

That was my first build.....from the cabelas kit actually. My only regret was putting on too much finish and not being all set up before I started gluing. Have some paper towels with alcohol ready.

That brown thread they give you produces a spot on match for the blank.

Best of luck!

Posted on: 2007/3/10 20:56

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