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Sage FLi...

2006/10/2 12:29
Posts: 27
Thinking about getting a Sage SFi rod...8'6'' 5wt...any one have any reviews on the FLi?

Posted on: 2008/3/10 9:55

Re: Sage FLi...

2007/3/28 9:54
Posts: 33
Bought a 9ft 5wt FLi last spring. Its a nice rod. I use it for big water, windy days, streamers, and heavy nymph rigs. Its really fast, and compared to the other rods in the same price range that I casted at the time (TFO TiCr, St. Croix Legend Ultra, a cheap Cabela's rod, and some tarted up Loomis rod for a little bit more $) I thought it was the best -- I would've liked to have tried the Winston Vapor though. In any case, I dont think theres any question that the FLi is among the better $300 rods so long as you like a fast taper.

But I still prefer my Echo Classic 9ft 5wt.

Posted on: 2008/3/10 15:30

Re: Sage FLi...

2007/5/25 23:37
From Downingtown
Posts: 236
I too picked up the 9 Ft 5 Wt last year. I find it pleasant to cast although I would not consider it a good small dry fly rod. I use it for essentially the same applications that limestone mentioned above in addition to Dry/Dropper with Size 14 and down dry flies.

Good rod for the price point. Not crazy about the color but it looks good with my bronze CLA.

Posted on: 2008/3/11 14:35

Re: Sage FLi...

2006/9/11 12:00
Posts: 324
Don't get an FLi until you cast a Scott A2. It is a different flavor of rod. It might fit you better than the FLi does.


Posted on: 2008/3/11 16:53

Re: Sage FLi...

2007/4/19 21:22
From Chester County, PA
Posts: 120
I have a FLi (9' 5wt) and I am continually amazed by it. It is a very subtle, very smooth casting rod. I would agree that it is an excellent dry fly rod. It handles dry fly presentation miraculously for a fast-action rod.

It has a bit less oomph when it comes to streamers. Hopper-dropper rigs also require even an experienced angler to push the rod quite forcefully. However, your average nymph or double-nymph rig should not present any problem.

I'd like to cast the 6wt to see how it handles heavier terminal tackle.


Posted on: 2008/5/6 22:24

Re: Sage FLi...

2009/3/23 10:17
From Plowville , Mohnton, area
Posts: 133
I just bought a Sage Fli 7' 3wt should be here any day. I have a Sage DS2 8'6" 5wt. Does anyone know how these 2 compare? Is the DS2 a fast action or a mid action? Iv had it for a while and can remember and it dosent say on the rod itself. I was reading somewhere that the Fli series are hard to feel the loading and that you should upline by one can anyone vouch for this? Im hoping i didnt make a mistake and should have gotten the vps light, can anyone give me some feed back. thanks

Posted on: 2009/4/12 16:56
Tight Lines

Re: Sage FLi...

2009/4/12 12:54
From Naples, Florida
Posts: 15
Really a nice rod for the money. My sister has the 8 weight that she uses for Snook sometimes. Around that price point, also check out the Redington RS4 and Cabelas LST. Both fast rods and very, very good casters.

Paul W

Posted on: 2009/4/12 23:54

Re: Sage FLi...

2006/12/12 21:49
From Oberlin Ohio, but my heart is in McKean County
Posts: 11

jfetkin wrote:
I just bought a Sage Fli 7' 3wt should be here any day.

This is a great rod! I've had one for about 3 years now. Super fast with plenty of backbone. Fastest rod I've ever fished. My other trout rod is a SuperFine 711 and I bought this one for tighter loops in tighter conditions. Don't expect to throw it to the moon but to get under low hanging trees and for hitting the thinest blue lines on the map, you just have a hard time beating this rod. Especially for the price. In my opinion, Sage has the short, fast and light market pretty much tied up.

Good buy!
Good by,


Posted on: 2009/4/13 0:19

Re: Sage FLi...

2007/6/5 7:18
From York County
Posts: 180
If you a set on the Fli - make sure you keep an eye on e-bay - I have seen some of these go fairly cheap since this model is being replaced by the Flight model from Sage.

Posted on: 2009/4/13 7:52

Re: Sage FLi...

2007/5/29 14:32
From SE PA - Montgomery County
Posts: 662
I bought the 9' 5wt a couple of years ago. I am satisfied with on larger streams/rivers where I need to cast long distances, but I guess I am not that used to using a fast action rod as much. It will deliver the line great distances, but I think you sacrifice the feel and line control in my opinion. I prefer a more medium action rod myself, but it is a nice rod in general. I thought the reel seat and locking hardware were a bit on the cheap side. I got used to the color after a while and I do like it now.

Posted on: 2009/4/13 12:35

Re: Sage FLi...

2008/1/31 17:19
From Pretty much everywhere at some point, Thorndale today.
Posts: 14686
I have one, a 9 ft 7 wt. It's my steelhead rod. No complaints.

Posted on: 2009/4/16 12:53

Re: Sage FLi...

2009/2/10 16:30
From SE PA
Posts: 6010
I bought the 8'6" 5 weight at FFP last year and like it for nymphing and streamer fishing. It's the first rod I grab on streams like Penn's when I'm not sure I'll fish drys. I also have the 9' 5 weight Vapor which is a much faster action than the Fli. I use the Vapor for dry fly fishing.

Posted on: 2009/4/16 13:01

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