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Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2009/7/29 10:25
Posts: 1922
I fish dry flies on small streams for these guys:

rods, for tiny streams: 5' 6", 5 weight dorber lil streamer with ten oversize guides, fitted with a 2.2 oz forbes magensium reel

for slightly bigger streams, 7', 4 weight orvis 1 oz superfines, same reel with a little weight to balance

Posted on: 2010/4/13 9:50

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2006/9/15 19:12
From Chicago, IL
Posts: 140
Man, I can't hang with you guys. Don't you have mortgages to pay!?

St. Croix Premier - 8 ft. 4 wt - 2 piece. I don't fish this rod any more - but it's for my nephew when he starts taking care of his fishing equipment.
St. Croix Avid - 8 ft. 4 wt. - 2 piece. Love this rod. Use it on small streams to fish small dry flies and nymphs.
St. Croix Imperial - 9 ft. 5 wt. - 2 piece. No longer fish with it. Too soft.
St. Croix Avid - 9 1/2 ft. 7 wt. - Steelhead Rod.

Sage Launch - 9 ft. 4 wt 4 piece. Use for dry flies and nymphs and small streamers. Good value rod that has solid performance.
Sage Launch - 9 ft. 5 wt. 4 piece. Use it on larger streams and with larger streamers and nymphs or when the wind is up and I need to punch through it on smaller streams.

Loop Opti Creek - 8ft. 8 in 3 wt. 4 piece. Brand new. Haven't fished it yet but cast it and fell in love with it. I was looking for a 3 wt. for small nymphs and dries for Wisconsin Spring Creeks.

Old Courtland Fly Reel - no idea of the lineage. Have had it for 15 years. Don't fish it any longer except on a rare occassion when I feel nostaligic.
Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock II - Use on 4 and 5 wts.
Lamson Velocity Hard Alox 3.5 - Steelhead Reel
Loop Opti Creek - New - bought it to fish on the 3wt. and a spare spool for the 4 wt.

Now for this list of rods and reels I want.... that's just too darn long

Posted on: 2010/4/14 13:39
Lost Time is Never Found Again....

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2007/4/20 19:31
Posts: 69
These are all custom.

9' 7wt 2pc - American Tackle Blank - This rod is sweet!
11' 7wt 4pc Switch Rod - Winstom BIIx blank. The ultimate large river steelhead rod.
9' 3wt 4pc - Sage Z-Axis Blank. Built w/ single foot titanium recoild guides. Great trout rod.
9' 8wt. 4pc - Sage Z-Axis - This one is a NY Brown killer! Also good for light saltwater use. Titanium reel seat and sf titanium frame SIC guides. Cool trout weave in the butt wrap too.
8' wt. 4 pc. - This one is built on a Private Label Blank. Nice trout rod. Built with a cool retro look. Chevron cross wraps in brown, gold and copper thread. Down locking seat and cigar handle.
9' 4wt 4pc. - Winston BIIx blank- The ultimate all around trout rod. Fast action with incredible lightness. This one has sf recoil guides to keep it light.
7' 3wt 2pc. This one is mt favorite! Glass blank in an awesome retro honey color. Down locking seat, zebra wood insert, cigar handle and recoil snakes. Slow action and awesome for wild trout.
9'9" 6wt 4pc - - Built on a Sage 99 blank. There is no better nymph rod out there! Great for Erie steelhead. Just enough length and just enough power to keep it fun and get the job done. Also good for NY browns.
5' 4wt 2 pc - This is a novelty rod. Very short 5' blank that is great for wild trout stream that are extremely tight. This thing weighs almost nothing. cork seat with tiny slip rings. Awesome closed croswrap on the butt section too.
10' 7wt 4pc. - This one has great color on the blank! It is actually built on a cabelas blank. Nice custom handle and steelhead weave on the butt wrap. This is a good all around steel head rod too.
9' 8wt. TCR - Sage TCR blank for permit. You gotta be a great caster to fish this one. In the right hands it can cut through the stiffest of winds on the flats.
9' 12wt. Sage Xi-2 blank. Awesome tarpon rod. Nice blue color.

Attach file:

jpg  rod_01.jpg (32.85 KB)
749_4bcd8f48a58e4.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_02.jpg (38.50 KB)
749_4bcd94e8c3384.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_03.jpg (33.94 KB)
749_4bcd94f481d0c.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_04.jpg (34.11 KB)
749_4bcd94fc3406f.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_06.jpg (32.08 KB)
749_4bcd95063c210.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_07.jpg (31.64 KB)
749_4bcd95131b611.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_08.jpg (32.04 KB)
749_4bcd951e60064.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_09.jpg (32.16 KB)
749_4bcd95294e744.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_10.jpg (29.16 KB)
749_4bcd95391b9fc.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_11.jpg (35.15 KB)
749_4bcd954391956.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_12.jpg (33.32 KB)
749_4bcd954ef3bb8.jpg 800X535 px

jpg  rod_13.jpg (34.24 KB)
749_4bcd955ba07d0.jpg 800X535 px

Posted on: 2010/4/20 7:45

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2007/5/21 20:17
From reading/susq. co. native
Posts: 39
Wow, I didn't realize how many rods I have.
3 wt -cabelas pt 7'
-sage launch 9'
4 wt -tfo lefty signture series 9' (my first fly rod)
-g loomis whisper creek 7'9" (my go to for dries & natives)
5 wt sage z-axis 8'6" (my general always in the truck rod)
6 wt fenwick ?hmg/hmx? 9' (cabelas bargain cave-use it for bass)
7 wt st croix 9' fiberglass (old inherited from my dad-limited use)
8 wt sage fli 10' (used for steelhead)

Posted on: 2010/4/20 23:29

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2007/7/6 16:10
Posts: 698
1 wt Sage SPL 8'1" orvis battenkill LA I
2 wt loomis trilogy 8' CFO 1
3wt Sage TXL 7' orvis BBS 1
3 wt loomis GL4 8.5' Loomis Synchrotech 345
4wt Sage VPS 7.5' lamson 1.5
4wt loomis IMX 9' Loomis adventure 3
5wt Sage LL 8.5' Loomis Synchrotech 345 spare spool
5wt loomis GLX 9' Loomis Synchrotech 345
6wt loomis adventure 9' Loomis adventure 7
7wt loomis GL3 9' orvis battenkill LA V

above is my line-up, been through a lot of rods to get to this point (had 30 rods at one point), and I think I'm done more or less....except I still NEED an 8 & 9 wt rods and reels and lines and another 2 wt and 6 & 7 wt, and another 4 & 5wt, and still kind-of considering an 0 wt....

Posted on: 2010/5/5 22:00

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