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Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2007/4/8 20:43
Posts: 11571
Sweet God, I don't think there's enough storage to catalogue Heritage Angler's collection, I can't wait for that post...

Resized Image

Top down:
TFO Jim Teeney, 10' 5wt.

Little Lehigh Fly Shop house brand, built on a Versitex blank by the people at Versitex. 8' 4wt. Weapon of choice.

Eagle Claw Featherlight, 7'6" 5/6 glass. Beater rod, lives in the trucklet. $20!

Highland Mills bamboo, 6'9" 3wt.

St. Croix Reign, 9' 6wt. I don't think I like it very much.

Cabela's XST, 9'6" 10wt.

But wait, there's more!
Resized Image

Clockwise from the top:
Abel Big Game #2.

Cabela's XSS #2.

Pflueger 1595 1/2.

Pflueger 1494: American made! Nary a scratch! Auction bought at a price barely more than a new Asian made one costs. I was gonna use this for lots of stuff before I bought it, then I realized it was an American classic and deserved to not be battered into submission, and now it lives in a drawer.

Orvis CFO123 click/pawl.

Redington CD 5/6.

Orvis CFO123 click/pawl.

Cabela's LSR #2. Perfectly servicable, but I don't care. Lives in a drawer.

Posted on: 2010/4/9 18:56

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2010/1/31 16:53
From St.Clair
Posts: 337
Scientific Anglers 9' 5 wt.
Orvis Superfine 7'6 3 wt.

Orivs BBS II

I pack light.. haha

Posted on: 2010/4/9 19:13

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2006/9/20 21:44
From E-Town and Germania
Posts: 509

Lamiglas 7' 3wt. S-glass (custom)
Winston LT 6'9" 3 wt.
Winston LT 8'3" 4 wt.
Winston LT 8'9" 5 wt.
Winston XDLT 9' 6 wt.
Redington DFR 9' 7wt.


Galvan OB-1
Galvan OB-3
Teton 6

Posted on: 2010/4/9 21:34

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2009/9/9 20:38
From canonsburg pa
Posts: 125
Echo Ion 10' 7wt (steelie rod) w/Lamson Litespeed

St. Croix 9' 5wt Legend Ultra w/ Lamson Velocity

St. Croix 8' 4wt Avid w/ Galvan Spoke

Scott A3 7'-3 3wt (looking for reel currently)

Posted on: 2010/4/9 22:41
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Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 9593

sight_nymph_17109 wrote:

Well, the idea of the TCX & sharkskin line was to be able to throw it a long way giving me a chance to reach more fish. I'll use #12-#20 flies with it. I gets baptism by fire on the D in 3 weeks.

I'll give a report. I got the Z Axis in Sept after reading reviews that it's "super fast". I don't see it. It feels quite soft but still has the backbone to move the line. I lifted a 20 ft cast off the water, took it back once and shot it out to 40+ feet. Performs well but feels soft. I'm very interested in casting those new rods. I played with a TCR once but unless you're casting 60-80 ft, it doesn't feel like it even bends the rod. Probably a good rod for bones or schoolie stripers but too much for trout around here.

Z-Axis is a great rod for in close as well as longer casts, but I agree, it's not real fast. The XP is also great in-close and has more guts in the butt for longer casts. Many Sage guys would agree with this lineup. Sage fast rods, from fastest to less fast (certainly not slow or even mid):

TCR - Wow! I agree, a long range weapon only. Too much for me.

TCX - A tamed down version of the TCR. You can load the rod okay on mid to long casts.

XP - Casts well (very well) long and short. (my favorite)

Z-Axis - Casts well short and mid, not quite the guts for long range casting as the rods above, but an excellent rod for overall fishing.

I'm awaiting your report on your new TCX and the hogs you hook and land on the D. Good luck Sight.

Posted on: 2010/4/10 7:15

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2007/9/19 8:05
From Malvern USA
Posts: 448
This is what I have to date:

Orvis Zero G 905-4
Orvis T3 864-2
Sage FLi 764-4
Orvis T3 763-2
J.P. Ross Beaver Meadow 702-2

Next puchase is going to be a Lamiglas fiberglass blank and I shall "attempt" my first rod build.

Posted on: 2010/4/10 11:38

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2009/3/3 19:40
From girard pa
Posts: 222
well my collection is small some of you guys have a ton of rods.

5wt redington crosswater 8'6 w/crosswater reel
8wt redington crosswater 9' w/crosswater reel
hope to buy either a 3 or 4wt this year.

Posted on: 2010/4/10 13:25
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Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2008/10/25 14:19
From York County
Posts: 2142
Right now I only have three rods and three reels. I have broken one in the past and given another away.

TfO finesse 7'9" 4 weight with a Redington CD 3/4 reel.

White River 7' 5 weight with a White river UL 3/4 reel.

Guide Series Plateau 9' 7 weight with an Okuma Integrity 5/6 reel.

I use mt TfO the most, my 7 weight the least but I really would like to use my 7 weight more, got the rod on clearance last winter for $42 which was a small fraction of the original price. And the Okuma has a nice drag for the price.

The Plateau was the premium model of the Guide Series fly rods Gander Mtn. put out, it is a four piece and has a great gray finish ,nice wood seat, excellent cork and and a fighting butt and good hardware. I take it out and look at if I haven't fished it in a while, just because I like the way it looks even if it is a lower end rod from Gander Mtn., who are not known for producing fly rods.

My Tfo however is my workhorse and it has some scratches and I've repaired two of the guides myself, which I rewrapped in brown instead of the factory green color, so it has character. I got away with using head cement to repair the guides and I've had no trouble with them in the year that has gone by since repairing them.

Posted on: 2010/4/10 17:36
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Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2010/1/7 0:41
Posts: 1154
I have a 2wt. 6'6 rainshadow I built.
Resized Image

A 3wt. 6ft. Tiger Eye blank 1/2 built.
Resized Image

A Redington cps 4wt. 7'6
Resized Image

A Dan Bailey 9ft. 5wt.
A 5wt. 8ft. Tiger Eye
Resized Image

A 5wt 7ft Eagle claw featherlight (fiberglass)
A 6wt 5pc. Cabelas stowaway I built .(steelhead)
A 8wt. 9'6 ft. Tradition II (steelhead)

Posted on: 2010/4/10 18:08
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Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2007/5/25 23:37
From Downingtown
Posts: 238
Winston Ibis 7'6" 3 WT
Winston DL4 9' 4 WT
Winston BIIX 8'6" 5 WT
Winston BIIMX 9' 5 WT
Sage FLI 9' 5 WT
Sage VT2 9' 6 WT
TFO TiCR 9' 8 WT
Albright A5 9' 9 WT

Elkhorn 1 (2-3 WT)
Elkhorn 2 (5-6 WT)
Ross Evo 1.5
Ross CLA 2
Lamson Guru
Redington CD 5/6
Lamson Radius 3.5

Posted on: 2010/4/10 21:37

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2010/2/4 23:02
Posts: 64
3wt - Winston LT - Abel TR1

5wt - Winston LT - Abel TR2
5wt - Sage VT2 - Nautilus #3

9wt - Winston BIIX - Tibor Everglades
9wt - Sage TCR - Nautilus #8

Posted on: 2010/4/11 23:10

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2006/9/11 11:47
From Hollidaysburg (originally Lititz)
Posts: 320
3wt 8'6" Thomas & Thomas Horizon-Abel Creek LA 2 reel

4wt 7'0" Cortland GRF 1000
4wt 7'0" White River Hobbs Creek (trying to sell)
4wt 7'6" Cortland GRF 1000-Cortland Crown Reel
4wt 8'0" Winston Vapor-Orvis Battenkill Large arbor

5wt 8'6" Sage Launch-Lamson Konic
5wt 9'0" Scierra IC3 (Cabela's)-Ross Flystart

Orvis BBS II spool with WF4F and WF5F superfine

(I hope to add a 10' nymphing rod to mix sometime over the next year or two.)

Posted on: 2010/4/11 23:23
Will not return until Dark:30.

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2006/9/9 17:18
From lancaster county
Posts: 6621
7'6'' 3wt superfine paired with a BBS II

Posted on: 2010/4/12 10:30

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2010/1/31 16:53
From St.Clair
Posts: 337

by salvelinusfontinalis on 2010/4/12 10:30:24

7'6'' 3wt superfine paired with a BBS II

Do you have the superfine line as well?

Posted on: 2010/4/12 11:29

Re: Rod/Reel Show-And-Tell Thread

2006/9/9 17:18
From lancaster county
Posts: 6621
ATM yes i do. However i hate the new superfine line. It has the built in loop and it breaks apart. Also the line tends to crack after some heavy use.

I do like cortland line.....think ill be buying some in the near future.

Posted on: 2010/4/12 14:16

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