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Re: Rod Building
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 439

azjackstraw wrote:
I am starting to wonder if I am putting more thought into this than is needed,

Yep, just tie 'em on. It won't make much difference.
Generally, guides tend to get closer to each other further out toward the end of the rod at the tip. For most of the trout rods I've built the strip guide(s) and lower snake guides are usually about a foot apart and gradually diminishing to about 3-5" apart at the tip end. There's no magic formula for this arrangement. With respect to guides being at the ferrules: this is more critical at the male end of the section than the female. If you put a guide too close to the end of the male section, the next female section may not have enough room to settle on to the male and this could cause your sections to separate while casting. I'd recommend you not have any guide wrapping closer than about 4" from the tip of the male end. Down the section at the female end, you can put the guide wrappings right down to the edge of the blank. To get a feel for these guide spacings relative to the section ends - assemble the blank and use some white tape to mark the spots where you want to put the guides. The light tape will allow you to see how well they're spaced out.

Posted on: 2013/3/10 10:02

Re: Rod Building
2006/9/9 9:29
From Monessen, PA
Posts: 2882
Guide spacing:

Use a chart to approximate. Tape down with a thin piece of masking tape on each leg (two legged guides). Then string line and pull tension to flex rod. Observe the way the line passes through the guides. Adjust so the line curves smoothly without sharp angles.

This won't help with instructions, but may provide inspiration:

My thread about helping GoodFortune start his self-built rod

Posted on: 2013/3/10 10:17
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Re: Rod Building

2010/12/6 18:21
Posts: 13
Thank you very much, Fish & Jack! I'm glad I waited to read this and didn't cut off the guides I already had wrapped! I'll post a pic when the rod is finished.

Posted on: 2013/3/10 12:32

Re: Rod Building

2011/7/18 15:53
From Pittsburgh, PA
Posts: 19
Finishing my first build tonight. 7'6" white Kabuto fiberglass 4wt. I'll try to post some pics when I'm all done, but it's been crazy fun and I plan to build a bunch more from here on out.

Posted on: 2013/3/12 9:02

Re: Rod Building

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 631

azjackstraw wrote:
after looking into this in more detail, it has done nothing but make me more confused. I have looked at several charts for rod guide spacings, and they all vary, some by 2-3 inches. I laid out the few rods I have and they are all different. 2 of the rods, both Cabellas, same length, 8 1/2, 5 & 6 wt, the guides are different. I am starting to wonder if I am putting more thought into this than is needed, or am I missing an engineering/science thing that is over my head? Are the discrepancies with the rods I own, an issue with mass production, or is there a rod weight to line to rod length to action ratio/formula I am missing? And if spacing is not spot on critical, why are the charts in 1/4 inch increments?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Forget charts, go to a shop that caries your rod and take your rod with you, match your rod to what the manufactured rod has for guide spacing, and mark the spacing on your rod.

Posted on: 2013/3/12 17:29

Re: Rod Building

2010/1/7 0:41
Posts: 36
Guide spacing.....,most blanks companies have a suggested spacing for each model and wt of there blanks. Rod blanks with the same length but different flexes (speeds) have a different guide spacing.

Posted on: 2013/3/14 20:50
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