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Re: Reel Question

2010/6/19 16:43
From Clinton County, Pa.
Posts: 230

pcray1231 wrote:
It's just an educated guess, but I'm thinking that fish in his avatar was from a mountain stream and probably landed in 10 seconds or something. If it is exhausted, it's from examining closely and taking many pictures, which I will exuse him from, since it's a freakin tiger!!!!! If I caught a wild tiger, yeah, I think I'd go all out on the gawking and picture side of things. Don't worry, it wasn't going to reproduce anyway!
Actually, that wild tiger was caught during the summer in an unstocked limestoner. I landed it with my Sage SLT 8'6" 4 weight with 5X tippet on a size 12 Harry Steeves crystal butt cricket I tied myself. Landed it pretty quickly, snapped several photos and put him back in the water, no worse for the wear. BTW the fish is not exhausted it's smiling because he is about to become a star!

Posted on: 2013/6/10 22:25
"Even the thousandth trip to the same familiar stream begins with renewed hope and unfailing faith." ZANE GREY

Re: Reel Question

2009/4/1 21:52
From Johnstown, PA
Posts: 5
You can get away with a handline for starfish. There is not much more pleasant to me than gettin them on the reel quickly and then hear that drag sing , even if it's just a few notes.

Posted on: 2013/6/11 6:48

Re: Reel Question

2008/1/21 13:28
From South Central PA
Posts: 102
The main thing I like about new and expensive tech is that it creates CURRENT jobs, both on the shop floor and in the marketing department. The runner-up reason is it reduces competition in the snipe hunting forest.

Men have long had a love affair with the newest offerings in tech from audio electronics to fly rods and reels. I see no reason to try to argue against that. It's recreation, so it's all about want not need, and by definition discretionary spending money.

Similarly, I understand people buy cable TV subscriptions for upwards of $100 per month for reasons completely foreign to me. Now there's a real head scratcher unless you need an electronic babysitter.

Posted on: 2013/6/12 8:56

Re: Reel Question

2006/9/11 11:34
From Lehigh Valley
Posts: 53

krayfish wrote:
Hey Phil,

I thought you used a Maryyat fly reel up on the D. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Sadly I don't think the drag on the Marryat even got any was on the nymph rod and all the fish rode out the riff with that rod/reel are in the bottom of that pool

Posted on: 2013/6/12 13:30

Re: Reel Question

2009/10/15 13:45
From Eastern PA
Posts: 37

foxfire wrote:
Why invest in an expensive fly reel? I fish mostly small to mid sized streams and find that the reel is merely a repository for the fly line. Feathering the line with my fingers functions as the drag. Now I can see how big waters/big fish would require or benefit from a functional drag, but I just don't get the difference between a $300.00+ versus a $50.00 reel when using smaller weighted lines - other than maybe size and reel weight? Please educate me!!

Form with function?
Pride of ownership?
Love of the gear associate with the sport?
Disposable income?

Posted on: 2013/6/14 17:37

Re: Reel Question

2012/2/7 12:42
From Ligonier
Posts: 133
All valid points jdaddy! I mainly was referring too why - mechanically.

Posted on: 2013/6/19 13:44

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