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2006/10/2 10:08
From Greensburg, Westmoreland Co.
Posts: 284
I'm thinking of picking up a pair of hip waders to use instead of wet wading on small streams. I'm pretty sure I want stocking foot since I already have wading boots for my chest waders. The question is how important is breathabliity in a hip wader? Anyone have experience with a breathable stocking foot hip wader? The Hodgman Wadelight seems to be where I'm leaning.

Posted on: 2006/10/16 18:13

Re: Hippers

2006/9/13 22:36
From Tioga co. formerly of bucks co.
Posts: 356
I have a pair of Orvis stocking foot hippers (silver label), and as soon as they wear out I'm switching over to bootfoot hippers. just because they are easier to put on and off....I'm not getting any younger......My fishing buddy's have bootfoot and spend half as much time as i do getting ready...Its all up to you ....besides bootfoot are a little warmer on cold streams...just get a pair with felt...

Posted on: 2006/10/16 19:20

So many Fish, So little time !!!
from the outer edge of nowhere
fly tying and fishing ghillie..

Re: Hippers

2006/9/11 13:21
From West Chester PA
Posts: 9
I just wore out a pair of Red Ball (I think) bootfoot hippers late this year after about 10 years of use. I used to wet wade all the time in summer, but then I decided to decrease my chances of picking up a tick or whatever else by just slipping on the hippers when I am fishing smaller streams and bushwacking or even just walking through the woods to a stream. I have an Orvis coupon but found that they don't make a bootfoot. I'm on the lookout for a fairly inexpensive bootfoot hipper. Red Ball was worth the money. Anyone have a suggestion?

Posted on: 2006/10/18 8:38

Re: Hippers
2006/9/9 19:16
From Dallastown, PA
Posts: 1305
I never quite got the whole "breathable hip boot" thing. Other than being able to wear your wading shoe, for perhaps better hikability in rough terrain, I don't know.

I use a pair of hogeman felt bottom boot foot with canvas upper for work around our trout nursery and they are a dream to wear. very comfortable.

From a small stream wading perspective, If you do a lot of climbing on rugger terrain and hiking, I be more concerned about the boot than the upper. Get a good pair of hiking shoes, (you are not in the water that much anyway) and something cheap that goes over the knee. Lets face it, how often are you in the water up to your thighs? Maybe like a neoprene knee high sock. Then you can wear loose knee length bermuda shorts and stay cool and dry on the foot.

I am strong believer with wearing waders ALL the time. Like wearing gloves or safety glasses when working with tools. THey are your only means of safety between you and the workplace. I broke that rule this summer on a canoe trip at the potomac. I wore sandals, it was comfortable and my feet got sunburnt, but I kinda liked it overall. Anyway, the next week I got overzealous and tried my new "wading sandal: on the susky. What a mistake, After slipping and sliding near the bank for ten minutes I finally kicked a rock and chipped a piece of my toenail off. That is painful in the following days. I'll NEVER not wear wading boots on the river again and always wear waders. It is creepy being waste deep in the water with those slurping catfish all around you.


Posted on: 2006/10/18 9:08
Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think the bridge will be there and it will be there. It's a mother, beautiful bridge, and it's gonna be there. Ok?

Re: Hippers

2006/9/21 0:02
From Pittsburgh
Posts: 836
I don't think breathable hip boots are worth it also.
I have a cheap pair of rubber boot foots - proline i think - that are about 5 years old and still in great shape.
I've been out on the hottest days, and never been uncomfortable.
Most of the small streams that I use them on are well shaded anyway. Also, I'm usually in rugged terrain - walking thru thick brush. And many times I'm sneaking up to pools on my knees.
I would probably ruin breathables very quickly

Posted on: 2006/10/20 8:54

Re: Hippers

2006/9/28 14:40
From Philadelphia
Posts: 11
I used to have bootfoot hippers but recently went to stocking for both chest and hippers. I agree that they are a pain to put on, but the trade off is much better ankle stability when wading. Also, I'm now in the wear waders at all times camp. Wet wading can be comfortable and I used to have a pair of felt soled sneakers specifically for wet wading, but I like the protection against ticks (as noted above), brush whip, and the occasional sticker patch I blunder into that the hippers give. Much of this is a matter of aging and some concessions that need to be made.

Posted on: 2006/10/22 10:41

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