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Re: Headwaters Bamboo rods

2009/12/3 14:56
From Cato, NY
Posts: 108
A friend of mine recently got an offer for a discount for a headwaters bamboo rod and really liked it, so I also purchased a deluxe model rod with two tips (7' 4wt). I have to say the rod looked great came with an aluminum tube and fished and played fish beautifully for the money. The rods are normally $550.00 for just the rod. I called Headwaters and they gave me the same discount as my friend so I got the rod, two tips, sleeve and aluminum tube for $379.99.

I was very pleased with the action and they way it layed my midges down delicately. I caught 5 nice trout on lycoming creek my first time using bamboo. I recommend this rod to anyone starting out. If anyone wants to check them out their web address is...

Posted on: 2010/6/23 8:03

Re: Headwaters Bamboo rods

2010/5/3 14:18
From Potter County
Posts: 0
Go here:

If you can't get your questions about bamboo rods answered here, there isn't an answer.

Also, fow what it's worth, many bamboo rod fishers and collectors do not like Zhus rods. I have one I got for $125 and for that price I like it (6'6" 2/2 3 weight). With all of the options out there in "blue collar cane" you should be able to find some really great rods in the $500 and down range, including Orvis, Heddon, Southbend and Montague.

Posted on: 2010/6/24 9:56

Re: Headwaters Bamboo rods

2007/4/8 20:43
Posts: 19
My personal thought on the matter of "many bamboo rod fishers and collectors" and Zhus are simple: These guys don't want to let go, and are angry that something cheap is on the market which removes some of the cachet of their antique, or newly made, rods.

Certainly from the collectability standpoint, there's no worries. Guys who've spent big bucks assembling a collection of prestige rods have nothing to worry about, but given the choice between a 70yo old mass-made (as best that label applies) by someone with an American mailing address and fished hard versus a brandy new mass-made by someone with a Chinese address for same, or less. Well? No wonder modern makers are sweating these things.

I'm sure the same thoughts were heard when things like fiberglass first came on the market, or people first started to offshore production. I can easily remember when I started reading about Chinese vs Korean vs American made, and that was only 3-4 years ago!

I also wonder how many of the modern, low cost, makers are just using Zhus blanks for their rods, anyways. I'm not clued into this field at all, but how many pre-made bamboo blanks can one find out there?

Sometimes, an extra $100-200 is more than a person can swallow. If you can afford a $380 rod, but you can't afford a $580 rod, then so be it. You buy what you can, and you enjoy it. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Posted on: 2010/6/24 11:45
April 8, 2007 - December 4, 2011.
And why not?

Re: Headwaters Bamboo rods

2008/9/12 12:41
Posts: 1
I would only recommend that if getting a brand new mass produced bargain cane rod you do not buy it sight unseen.

Remember, cane is wood and is not very consistent from one cane to another and in order to make a mass produced cane rod inexpensively you can't be rejecting a lot of raw cane because it's not perfect. Quality control over raw materials is probably the number one difference between mass produced bargain cane rods and low end boutique rods - the boutique makers are much more selective in the raw cane they use so each rod of the same model feels and perfoms almost exactly as the other.

So it is very possible to get an excellent bargain rod that will perform as good as any high end boutique rod (if that rod happened to be made from very good raw cane) BUT is is just as possible that you will get a crappy rod because it was made from a poor piece of cane. So I would strongly recommend either buying it in person or buyingit from a reputable shop and I don't mean a mass outlet like Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops, etc.

Posted on: 2010/6/24 13:13

Re: Headwaters Bamboo rods

2006/12/13 9:28
From Other side of the tracks
Posts: 2630

GreenWeenie wrote:
I would only recommend that if getting a brand new mass produced bargain cane rod you do not buy it sight unseen.

Remember, cane is wood ...

Actually it's not. It's grass, but close enough.

Good advice though (IMO).

Posted on: 2010/6/24 13:43
Hank Patterson for President.

Re: Headwaters Bamboo rods

2008/9/12 12:41
Posts: 1
Excellent catch and correction! Touche!!!

Posted on: 2010/6/24 14:16

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