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Fishpond Wasatch

2006/9/9 15:10
From Bucks County or Bridgeville
Posts: 122
Today I bought the Wasatch pack/vest. I am moving everything from my old vest into the new one, and I noticed that something is missing. On the bottom right of the vest is the loop for the butt of my rod, but I don't know what holds it to my chest. All of my other vest have had a piece of velcro. I use this feature a lot. Am I missing something or does this $160 vest not have a feature that my 3 year old son's $5.00 special does?

Posted on: 2007/5/3 17:25

Re: Fishpond Wasatch

2006/9/9 15:10
From Bucks County or Bridgeville
Posts: 122
I got this reply today from Fishpond:

Hello Wayne,

You are correct – we messed up and this was accidentally overlooked.

There is no easy way to fix this. May I send you a cap or thermometer as a peace offering?

In the interim, I have sent you a complimentary fishpond decal.


Michael Smith

Posted on: 2007/5/4 13:42

Re: Fishpond Wasatch
2006/9/9 9:29
From Monessen, PA
Posts: 23395
Take the thermometer.

Posted on: 2007/5/4 14:00
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Re: Fishpond Wasatch

2007/1/31 20:39
Posts: 194
Out of curiosity can you explain the loop that holds your rod to your chest thing? When and why is this used? I've noticed these two velcro guys that are a little below my collar bone on my vest, but I never knew what they were for, are these the same things your talking about?

Posted on: 2007/5/4 14:40

Re: Fishpond Wasatch

2007/1/2 11:55
From Bozeman
Posts: 19884

In alot of vests, there is a loop on the right side at the bottom, and a strip of velcro at the collar bone on the right. When you need both hands to work with a fly, or a knot or something, you can slip the butt of the rod into the loop and velcro it fast to your chest. This way both hands are free.

Posted on: 2007/5/4 17:27

Re: Fishpond Wasatch

2006/10/2 10:08
From Westmoreland County (near fairgrounds)
Posts: 3791

I have a Guide Series (Gander Mtn) chest pack and the velcro connection is a little awkward to use. I put a carabiner on one of the D-rings and use that instead. Its easy to pop the rod in the carabiner with one hand.

Posted on: 2007/5/4 19:00
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Re: Fishpond Wasatch

2006/9/9 15:10
From Bucks County or Bridgeville
Posts: 122
I didn't even think of a 'biner. I might have to play around with that. My first thought was to use one of those spiral gear retractors.

Posted on: 2007/5/4 20:57

Re: Fishpond Wasatch

2006/12/7 18:13
Posts: 267
If the Velcro piece was SUPPOSED to be there and is just missing from YOUR vest; I'd send it back to Fish Pond for a replacement.

If the entire product line is screwed up and you really like that feature and vest; I'm sure someone with a sewing machine and a little creativity could add one for you. I do it all the time with my stuff when it's not the way I want it.

While I'm sure there are other solutions; I'd be leery of anything that MAY scratch your rod finish....IF you care.

The reason Fish Pond says it isn't easy to fix is because they don't make anything in their facility; it is all made in Asia. I once asked if I could buy some extra pouches for their wading belt and they couldn't do it because the factory in Asia just makes the product as ordered; no special orders are possible.

I guess that's why I never bought the wading belt in the first place.

Posted on: 2007/5/5 8:39

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