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Field test, Loon UV Knot Sense

2006/9/11 11:41
From bucks cty
Posts: 0
Tried out the Loon UV Knot Sense and the UV power light used for quick curing the adhesive. I was getting a few tangles from my line to leader nail knots. The consistency of the adhesive is thick enough to be formed around knots and stay while curing. It cures in seconds with the power light. Once cured it is a lot like a clear epoxy, not brittle. From now on I'm going to use this instead of pliobond.

Posted on: 2007/10/4 9:57

Re: Field test, Loon UV Knot Sense
T. Joe:
You're right on, with how great a knot maker and binder this Loon product is! Also, if you haven't tried it, yet, you can make your own really great streamer heads out of this stuff too! Once dry, it takes nail polish/some paints, very well and you can make a head on a fly, in about 20 seconds, using the light!
Their UV, wader repair, works just as well as the Knot Sense does.

Posted on: 2007/10/4 13:12

Re: Field test, Loon UV Knot Sense

2006/9/10 11:16
From Harrisburg PA
Posts: 23

you are right about the wader repair. I carry it all the time and have used it on 2 occasions on the stream. It made leak free permanent repairs. Great stuff. All the Loon products I have tried have been top notch.

Posted on: 2007/10/4 14:43

Re: Field test, Loon UV Knot Sense
I, know, this is actually an "older post", sorry but something I'd like to ask; whoever's tried it, that is............... has anyone tried the new "Loon UV Paint" ?
I have a tube of the "red", color and no matter HOW hard or long, I shake the stuff, it will NOT mix thoroughly enough to be called "red paint"!!?? It's more, like, "Red Swirl Paint"!?!
It dries, exactly like, and just as quickly, as Knot Sense and the wader repair, but the color just won't "mix" properly!?
I'd noticed that Yagger's had it on sale for $2.00 a tube, (regularly $6.95), but when I tried to order, they told me; "No, sorry, we're pulling it, too many complaints, here's your money back"! (MY wording, in short, not their's, but the gist of it).
Anyone, here, have any experience with this new product, and/or, any hints or tricks?
Now, I did, try one thing............... I squirted some out, on a piece of glass and then mixed in a shot of Revlons' red nail polish and THAT worked, very well to make "red paint".
(No, Bob, before you post your comments on my "Revlon Red nail polish", you know DARN WELL, I only wear "Paris Pink Pearl", as anything else, clashed just AWFUL with my usual stream side wear!)

Posted on: 2007/10/18 2:42

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