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Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2006/9/16 15:52
From Bucks County
Posts: 124

Posted on: 3/8 17:17
Brook Trout are God's way of saying everything is going to be alright.

Re: Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2016/10/19 18:43
From Beaver Falls. PA.
Posts: 195
Seen that coming for years..... Can't walk on rocks with rubber soles, fell 3-4 times a day when I used them.....Went back to felt..... Looks like it's back to rubber sole I guess.....

Posted on: 3/8 18:58

Re: Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2006/9/9 17:18
From lancaster county
Posts: 1158
Invest in light boots and a good over cleat.
You won't slip anymore.
Light boots won't allow the cleat to be too heavy and the cleats will protect the lighter boots making them last longer.

Posted on: 3/8 20:03

Re: Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2013/6/5 10:12
From PA
Posts: 116
For those that haven't tried Bar Boots yet I HIGHLY recommend it!! I've abandon felt almost completely except on the Lehigh and I haven't missed them on little bit. The bars have what seems like every bit as much if not more traction than felt. Google "Troutbittens" DIY bar boots. I retrofitted my Simms Riversheds with bars and it's been great. At this point they may as well outlaw felt everywhere and make everyone switch over to bars. They're just as good and safer (even though I'm skeptical of the whole felt bad thing.......and global warming lol)

If you try the troutbitten approach the one bit of advice I will tell you is the drill one hole for a bar and insert the plug, screw and secure the bar prior to drilling anymore holes. This will make sure the bar doesn't budge on you and allow you to be very accurate with holes. If you miss that line at all you'll have a devil of a time getting the screw in place later.

Posted on: 3/9 11:07

Re: Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2014/6/18 20:59
Posts: 1690
Did they put out foot wash stations for the moose and ducks? Pointless BTW

Posted on: 3/9 11:24
Deadbeat Hero

Re: Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2015/9/20 22:12
From In the briars
Posts: 30
When I fished Vermont last summer, I learned that they had reversed their felt sole ban. I was told Vermont's research showed felt soles posed no threat.

Posted on: 3/9 11:35

Re: Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2011/3/31 12:18
From Clearfield
Posts: 364
Glad I don't have felts. I would have to buy another new pair of boots and I just got a pair.

Posted on: 3/9 12:08

Re: Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2015/6/1 16:22
From Burke VA
Posts: 1451

krayfish2 wrote:
Did they put out foot wash stations for the moose and ducks? Pointless BTW

Amen, and for what it's worth I will never wear those bars again, most dangerous bottom they make for rivers with smooth, round rocks.

Posted on: 3/9 12:14

Re: Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2008/6/14 23:22
From Penns Creek Canyon
Posts: 470

I just drive 1/4 inch hex head screws in the entire bottoms of my g3's

Posted on: 3/9 12:26
"That's why they call It fishing and not catching."

Re: Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 626
Pointless, research shows it not the anglers that spears stuff. The very act of anything getting in the streams is what spreads stuff. Next they'll say that you can't wade at all because you're killing macro invertebrates. Then what's after that.
Ban boats from the rivers, yeah that is going to happen. Ban swimming, no way to enforce.
Clean your boots there are boot stations in and around the park.
Enough said.
Oh, BTW, there aren't any native fish in the heavily used areas of the park, except Yellowstone Lake and River. So what's to protect.

Posted on: 3/9 13:07
George Orwell warned, "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it."

Re: Felt sole ban in Yellowstone

2007/10/7 0:44
From philadelphia
Posts: 205
Idiots. Felt is the way to go.

Posted on: 3/13 16:32

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