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Driftboat/canoe plans?????

2013/2/18 7:41
From Saylorsburg
Posts: 35
Okay.... Got the itch and now I've got some space in my shop so thinking of building my own Driftboat /canoe..... Anyone else. Ever ever build there own... Looking for a reputable place to go for plans.... Looking for any and all insight. I can get...... I'm a pretty good carpenter..... But is it worth the effort?? Or should I just look for a steal of deal???

Posted on: 2013/3/18 14:27

Re: Driftboat/canoe plans?????

2006/10/18 20:22
From NC PA Mountains
Posts: 1160

Posted on: 2013/3/18 15:21
Hunting Camp Portraits

Re: Driftboat/canoe plans?????

2009/4/21 16:39
Posts: 762
id say buy. ive thought of doing the buikd but the materials are a lot of money. you need marine grade plywood which can be hard to find. there are a lot of good kayaks out they too. I think that a much better choice the a canoe. one boat that I think looks cool but I don't know if it suits your needs but a gheenoe. sweet lttle boat like a canoe but you can put a motor on it. more for lakes and flat water. id say go with a good kayak. there are so many out. and a lot are designed for standing.

Posted on: 2013/3/19 12:10

Re: Driftboat/canoe plans?????

2008/3/11 9:40
From Bucks County
Posts: 1675
I don't know about availability, but one alternative would be to restore an older boat or canoe.

Posted on: 2013/3/19 17:05

Re: Driftboat/canoe plans?????

2009/9/14 12:48
Posts: 859
If you like to build boats, build a boat. If you like to fish, buy a boat. Time is limited and you can never spend too much time on the stream.

Posted on: 2013/3/19 19:23

Re: Driftboat/canoe plans?????

2006/9/16 23:22
Posts: 696
I like midnightangler's answer.

Posted on: 2013/3/19 20:36
The fishing was so poor, even the liars didn't catch anything.

Re: Driftboat/canoe plans?????

2011/5/26 10:12
From Dauphin PA
Posts: 2701
a real wood boat will require a good bit of care (aka PIA). It will also weight a ton. Midnight is right on. Buy one if you want to fish.

Posted on: 2013/3/19 22:27
"Excelling at making people angry since 1967"

Re: Driftboat/canoe plans?????

2011/1/18 18:44
Posts: 93
Some my best days on the river took place, while fishing from a mahogany driftboat that was built by my good friend. Not long after he retired the boat, I had planned to build another. However, I had neither the time or place.
Building your own boat can be enjoyable and rewarding. Furthermore, you will never forget the days spent on the river in your hand built boat. If you have the time and ambition, go for it. Here are some links for good advise and information:

Posted on: 2013/3/20 8:33

Re: Driftboat/canoe plans?????

2010/8/9 16:23
Posts: 3281

midnightangler wrote:
If you like to build boats, build a boat. If you like to fish, buy a boat. Time is limited and you can never spend too much time on the stream.

Winters can be long. Don't spend premium time building a boat, but if you start posting Mountain Lion threads, maybe it's time to start that boat.

Posted on: 2013/3/20 8:58

Re: Driftboat/canoe plans?????

2009/7/14 22:13
From Tailwater USA
Posts: 387
I enjoy all the time I spend in my driftboat. i think of the long hours I had to work to pay for it. Just as rewarding as if I had to take the time to build one! Have to agree with kray on this one, buy one that is likely lighter and more durable.

Posted on: 2013/3/22 12:05

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