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Re: 7/8 weight reel??
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 2880
I'm going to venture a guess here and say that the rod you are using that reel on has an up locking reel seat that threads pretty far up until it locks your reel in place.

There is a reason why older rods had down locking reel seats and it had nothing to do with casting ability. Cork was cheaper and good cork was easier to find. It was much easier to build a nice grip.

Nowadays rod manufacturers try to save some money by using uplockers and saving the cost of having to have a longer grip.

If they really scrimp they use a reel seat that is ill fitted to the rod and way too much rod end extends past the point where the reel locks in. I'm betting this is why your line wraps around the rod butt while casting?

I have two 4 weight rods. One is a brand "X" and the other is a brand "Y". I use the same reel on both rods. On the brand "X" the when the reel is locked in there is about 3/4" of rod butt exposed. On the brand "Y" rod there is 1 1/2" of rod butt exposed when the reel is secured.

Guess which rod gets tangled the most?

Tim Murphy [/quote]

I agree with Tim on a preference for downlocking reel seats, but I believe the reason for most rods have uplocking reel seats is not to save on cork. IMO, the reason is because rods are so much lighter now, and locking the reel in at the butt would put many rods out of balance with most reels. Besides, you can buy a single ring of premium cork for $2.00-$2.50 retail. The rod companies would buy it for less than $1.00 I would guess. On a $300 plus rod it would be inconsequential.

I’m real fussy with the balance point of the rod. I like it to balance towards the top of the grip about where my index finger would be when I grip the rod. I’ve handled a lot of other peoples rods and most don’t seem concerned with balance. IMO, a balanced rod gives you a chance for a better cast, and is less tiring. I would be interested in other opinions.

As far as the line wrapping around the butt when you shoot line, it happens when you allow your shooting line to hang in the current when the current is flowing from left to right. I try to make an effort to hold my shooting line in coils in my left hand. It shoots better and doesn’t tangle as easily. Good luck

Posted on: 2007/1/19 9:40

Re: 7/8 weight reel??

2006/9/10 21:53
From Greensburg, PA
Posts: 922
I just like having my hand as close to the reel as possible. Have you ever seen those "beaver tail" grips?

Stripping my line accross my body and letting it fall on the opposite side of my legs as my rod hand keeps me from having the line catch the butt. The uplocking reel seat shouldn't matter much as I tend to get my line caught there too, but oddly less than when I use my 8wt with the big old fighting butt on it.

Posted on: 2007/1/19 10:02

Re: 7/8 weight reel??

2006/10/18 15:46
From Patterson twp, Pa (Beaver Falls)
Posts: 365
seeing that this thread has gone many ways and now towards rods. I think I got my heart set on the 7/8 weight Cabela's SR reel, once I save up enough money for it. Waiting for my new job to get going. By the way, anyone interested in a mortgage or refinance PM me . Ok all kidding a side. I also have the same problem with my line wrapping around the end of my fly rod but seems like everyone has help for it. I would actually like to know what would be a good rod to match my future reel. I would like a 9' - 9'6" graphite, once again keeping price reasonable but yet a good match to the quality of the reel. I'm excited to have the chance to catch some larger fish on a fly and hopefully won't have to wait too long to do so. Thanks again everyone you are a HUGE help!

Posted on: 2007/1/19 13:04
Owner of Risen Fly

Re: 7/8 weight reel??

2006/9/9 20:09
From Harrisburg
Posts: 60
Dear ryguyfi,

Since you want to take advantage of your Cabelas gift certificates I'm going to suggest the Cabela's LST rod. They are a very nice fast action rod with a 25 year warranty. Right now they are on sale in combination with the Cabela's SLA reel. The reel alone sells for $ 169.00 and the rod alone sells for $ 180.00 for the 9 foot 8 weight 4 piece. You can get a complete set-up including a Scientific Anglers Mastery line (worth $ 59.00) and backing for $ 299.00.

I'm not affiliated with Cabela's but I have cast a couple of the LST rods and they are very nice rods for the money and the combo price is a very good deal.

Tim Murphy

Posted on: 2007/1/19 13:45

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