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"The Daddy of Invention"
I find this not, only "interesting", but also somewhat unique, whenever someone comes up with something a little bit different, based on already existing products.
This man had an "idea" and a "certain need" like many of us on the water and actually decided to do something about it! Considering the competition, he's up against, my hat's off to him!
(Although, I admit....... it looks like an awfully close copy to the standard Filson's vest!?).

Posted on: 2007/10/14 13:30

Re: "The Daddy of Invention"

2007/1/27 9:03
From North Catty
Posts: 1
Thats pretty interesting, I commend him for his vision and effort

Posted on: 2007/10/14 14:12

Re: "The Daddy of Invention"
2006/9/13 12:42
From Altoona, PA
Posts: 16
It's "silohette" is a close copy of a Filson chestpack. However, it is more compartmentized. Plus it has a few features thrown in that are borrowed from other vests/packs. I'd say it's a nice solution but not groundbreaking. Not that he's hyping it as totally new and revolutionary.

Posted on: 2007/10/14 19:31
Never challenge a cat to a staring contest

Re: "The Daddy of Invention"

2006/9/12 12:07
From Berryville Virginia
Posts: 17
Not for the price they want for that. I don’t like the rod holder in the front of the box just a good place to get tangled and break off a fish. I’ll stick with the chest box, I think you can hold more flies’ and tool with a few options IMO.

Joe E

Posted on: 2007/10/16 6:43

Re: "The Daddy of Invention"
I, agree, on two things mentioned................ the hard rod holder up front is sticking out there, asking to get hung up on and te whole outfit is a bit pricey, for all that it is.
However, I only made the post upon finding the old boy's sight by mistake and thought he was sort of interesting to be be doing, what he's doing at his age and in this particular market!! I sure wasn't trying to drum him up any business!

Posted on: 2007/10/16 12:19

Re: "The Daddy of Invention"

2007/10/17 13:54
Posts: 0
Just wanted to make a couple of comments about the vest. Until you have something in hand it is difficult to really make a decision. I've been fly fishing for over 40 yrs. and it is difficult to sell me on any new product.I live in Oregon and do a lot of steelhead and salmon fishing yr. round besides the trout fishing I do in the Pacific Northwest. I will tell you one thing this is a great vest. If you are worried about the rod holder fouling up your fish fighting don't be. Price is always something we all have to contemplate.I know one thing over the, yrs. you get what you pay for. I highly endorse his vest. Someone made the comment about Les age. We should all feel fortunate to have a guy work as hard as he has at his age and someone that's willing to go the extra mile to help us ,all. I've never met Les personally.I've just talked to him over the phone and he's a great guy doing his thing. I give his product a 5 star rating as well as Les .It's a higher rating than I give to some of the sarcastic remarks I've been reading. You sure don't have to purchase the vest but you won't be sorry if you do. GO BEAVERS!!

Posted on: 2007/10/17 16:42

Re: "The Daddy of Invention"
Beaverkill, well said!
In fact, it was a fellow Oregonian, who started this post to begin with and, if, re-read.... you'll notice I started out, by commending the man for what he's doing?!
Sorry, I still don't like anything hanging out in front of me, like the rod holder, because when in my bellyboat, on my pontoon boat, ANYTHING is a "line catcher", because of the closeness of coiled line, to your chest.
In standing, wading, situations I'm sure the rod holder would pose no problems, whatsoever and is a great deal handier than the vest style "Velcro and loop" found on most chest packs and vests, made today.
One of the greatest things about these boards, is the opportunity for every member to make his own personal opinion known. Almost, all, (with no need for sarcasm), of the posts I've ever read in these forums have been a learning experience for me, whether or not, I agree with the opinions given.
It appears, that you and I have been throwing the Long Rod about the same number of years, since I started at age 12 and just hit the 57 year mark, a while back. I've learned a great deal, on these boards, (except you have to watch out for "Bob-Plastic Cat-CAMBYSES", & "Medi-Butt Boat-Climber", they're sort of weird), and it's been a lot of fun and very educational, in the things I've yet to learn, from my fellow fly fishers!
Finally, if you're not too far from the Coast and if you haven't been down here yet............. the Sea Runs are now in the rivers in the best numbers, (and sizes!), in probably the past 15 years!
("Go Beavers", WHO? I, know the DUCKS, play ball, but who are these "Beavers"?? )

Posted on: 2007/10/17 23:02

Re: "The Daddy of Invention"

2007/10/17 13:54
Posts: 0
Thanks for your post and note . I hope I didn't offend anyone .I just think it's great that Les spent 4 yrs. perfecting something that can be of use to a great many people. You are right about the pontoons or belly boats . I have a pontoon boat myself and I'm able to stand with it so I didn't see it as an issue. In a belly boat you are right it might be an issue. The cool thing about this vest is that with a phillips screw driver you can take the rod holder off in less than a minute and have none of those issues whatsoever if a person thought it was going to be a problem or didn't want to use the rod holder. I haven't used it a lot yet but I think it's a whole lot better already than the regular vests that I always loaded down to the max and had a sore neck for a few days afterwards because of all of the weight . It's good to see another Oregonian on here from the BEAVER STATE (DUCKS) we just put up with them because it rains so much out here. I root for those Ducks myself. I've been steelhead fishing on the Rogue about 3 times so far this fall. In those outings I've managed more fish than the average guy out and some nice ones. I also love catching those Searuns but they've been in such short supply the last 10+ yrs. that I've turned to the summer steelhead. The adult summer and fall fish sizes this yr. have been in the 5lb. to 9lb. range with the normal 16" to 20" fish thrown in. I usually catch 5 to 6 of the half pounders to one of the adults but for some reason this yr it 's been about the same numbers for both. I've been scratching my head as to where all the smaller fish have gone.By the way these summer and fall fish fight like you can't believe. We used to catch what the old timers called bluebacks (searuns). They were a great fish and a different variety of the searun. I have a friend who has caught about 8 searuns this yr in the upper Rogue on october cadiss flys. I've seen pictures of several of these fish and they are in that 18 to 20 inch plus size. Well I have to go for now but if you want to know a couple of spots on the Rogue to catch some nice steelhead on a fly I can point you in the right direction and tell you the flys that work for me. Just let me know I'd be glad to hook you up. Even if you have flat feet and Quack..... Have a great day ....... beaverhill

Posted on: 2007/10/18 1:48

Re: "The Daddy of Invention"

2007/4/25 10:02
Posts: 823
Go Steelers!

Posted on: 2007/10/19 18:23

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