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tiers funk

2006/9/9 16:33
Posts: 34
you ever fall into one of those modes where you just tie half A$$ed? how to get out of it? Last couple of weeks I can't really get into knocking out the flies. Maybe I need some trip pending to motivate me. I got a bunch of these, and a bunch of those, and frankly am getting bored of tying PT's and hairs ears. That by no means suggests that my flies are perfect, on the contrary, their quality is probably suffering from my lack of zeal towards the tieng bench. is starting to feel like work.

is this common? Maybe just the newness has finaly worn off (after 10 years). Maybe I should immerse my self in some other aspect of the sport and give tying a break.

Posted on: 2006/10/30 14:46

Re: tiers funk

2006/9/29 22:27
From Hawaii
Posts: 0
yeah I hear ya Ryan...

I have a little bit of a better excuse though... I'm stuck in the desert (although, only for another week) and I've been tying the same things too...

To get out of my funk i started tying for the Smoky Mountain Junkett, and some BIG streamers for fall run browns for my welcome home camping trip.

Posted on: 2006/10/30 15:14

Re: tiers funk

2006/9/13 8:36
Posts: 7

I would let the fish decide if the flies are half-a$$ed before you pass final judgement on them. Sometimes a funky tie can be a good thing.

If you're bored of tying them, then it's time to do something else and get back to it when you're feeling more inspired. Tie some streamers to mix things up.


Posted on: 2006/10/30 15:22

Re: tiers funk

2006/9/14 10:34
From Southeast PA
Posts: 3
Happens to me too, Ryan. Sometimes it just feels like work, and I can't get up for it. You just have to take a break and wait until you're in the mood, unless you absolutely need some particular flies for a fishing trip.

Posted on: 2006/10/30 16:03

Re: tiers funk
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 2879

Try watching TV while you tying. If you tie while watching the Eagles or the Steelers play, you’ll definitely pay more attention to tying than watching them. They look uglier than the worst fly you ever tied!

Posted on: 2006/10/30 16:27

Re: tiers funk

2006/9/13 22:36
From Tioga co. formerly of bucks co.
Posts: 356
when in a rut, try somthing a fy from another country, or species..seems to work for me...then come back to the standards after awhile...

Posted on: 2006/10/30 17:45

So many Fish, So little time !!!
from the outer edge of nowhere
fly tying and fishing ghillie..

Re: tiers funk

2006/9/13 23:35
From SW PA
Posts: 24

The exact opposite here for me! I what to tie, but can't find the time! To break the funk I was in a few years ago, I tied a box of flies as a B-Day/ X-mas present for a friend. I would also take a break from tying and read a book or two. Usually would read about a fly I've never tried and wanted to tie a few to try out.

Posted on: 2006/10/30 19:53

Re: tiers funk
2006/9/13 12:42
From Altoona, PA
Posts: 16
Maybe I should immerse my self in some other aspect of the sport and give tying a break.

Maybe you could build me a rod? I've been thinking that a 3 or 4 pc 7' 4wt with a fenwick grip would be nice. I like a medium action.

A 9' 7wt would be good too. I might be doing some float trips for smallies in the future (if the legs don't come back well).

In all seriousness, this may be the time to get involved in a conservation project. DFTU has the need for instructors for a Trout in the Classroom project, folks to shovel rock at the Diversion Well and other needs. Check in with your local chapter or watershed group :)

Posted on: 2006/10/30 19:58
Never challenge a cat to a staring contest

Re: tiers funk

2009/5/29 16:32
From Nicholson PA
Posts: 137
Some times you have to back away from the bench,Best thing i've found is to go fishing use some flys find a hot pattern and then back to the bench.

Posted on: 2017/5/3 16:26
Just trying to survive another day in paradise

Re: tiers funk

2013/3/14 7:13
From Norwich, CT
Posts: 314
take a break.

have a few adult beverages

dont overthink it. its only fly tying

go fishing

Posted on: 2017/5/3 21:01

Re: tiers funk

2015/3/18 10:14
From White Haven PA
Posts: 106
Glad to see that I am not the only one with this problem. After 35 years of tying I have had this happen to me on A number of occasions . When this happens to me I normally grab the fly rod and hit the river for awhile , sometimes I will grab the shotgun and try for turkey or pheasant. A good long hike has also done the trick for me.

Posted on: 2017/5/4 8:14

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