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Question about the Peak Rotary Vise

2006/12/25 16:52
Posts: 62
I'm still fighting and working over in my head wether I want to upgrade to a peak rotary vise or a renzetti traveler. I know this is beating a dead horse so I'm not going to ask which one is better. I am leaning heavily toward the peak but the one thing that concerns me the most with the peak is I have read it doesn't have true inline rotation when using smaller hooks on it.

My question for you peak users is this. Does this pose a problem for you when using the rotary function of the vise? I tie mostly size 10 to size 18 hooks. I have never used a rotary so I can't really be the judge for myself on wether this is a major fault of the vise or really not a big deal. I plan on using rotary techniques with this vise so I want to make sure I buy one that will work well that purpose.

Thanks for the help.

Posted on: 2012/11/6 20:32

Re: Question about the Peak Rotary Vise

2011/3/23 22:10
From Delaware River
Posts: 5
I don't have a peak, but I can tell you there is one over in the trade/swap/whateveritscalled forum. In regards to your question, I think you should be fine (although like I said I don't have one).

Posted on: 2012/11/6 20:50

Re: Question about the Peak Rotary Vise

2008/6/8 19:45
From Pittsburgh
Posts: 192
I have a Peak rotary and while I don't use true "rotary techniques" it is nice for wrapping ribs, palmering hackle, etc. It makes it a lot easier to see the far and under side of your hook. You can't spin material on a hook like with a Nor Vise but I've never had an issue with the Peak. Honestly, I've switched over to a Regal more lately because I like the jaws better. It's not a true in-line rotary but I can still rotate the head to see the far side of my hook if I need to.

I agree with GF, you shouldn't have any problems with smaller hooks using the rotary function even if it's not perfectly "in the round". I never find much need to spin the jaws with size 14, 16, 18s, anyway.

Posted on: 2012/11/7 13:14
"is this jam for fly fishing, or will people that nymph be there too?"

Re: Question about the Peak Rotary Vise

2011/6/8 8:41
From York, PA
Posts: 25
I would agree with Turkey. No, it's not in-line but it doesn't rotate to far out of it when you use the feature. I use the rotary a lot for midges and also for spinning hackle. No troubles that I can see when using the Peak!

Posted on: 2012/11/7 19:25

Re: Question about the Peak Rotary Vise

2007/5/29 14:32
From SE PA - Montgomery County
Posts: 219
I have the Peak Rotary vice and I am completely satisfied with it. I have not found the problem that you state, but that may be because I generally wrap materials manually and not with the rotary feature, so I may have not noticed. Sorry if this was not much help. I like the vise FWIW.

Posted on: 2012/11/8 8:57

Re: Question about the Peak Rotary Vise

2007/6/5 18:59
From Crafton, Pa
Posts: 0
I have the peak and use the rotary mostly for ribbing bodies. I tie up to size 24 hooks and never had a problem. I did buy the midge jaws and find its a little easier to work with the smaller flies.

Posted on: 2012/11/10 14:58

Re: Question about the Peak Rotary Vise

2011/1/15 18:21
Posts: 32
Also own a peak and love the quality for the price. Thoroughly pleased with its build and performance. Coming up on a year old for me.

Posted on: 2012/11/10 17:36

Re: Question about the Peak Rotary Vise

2006/12/3 21:01
From Mechanicsburg, Pa
Posts: 189
I have the peak and the metal base. I wish the vise had turn nobs for the base instead of the screws which need a small allen wrench. I am always misplacing things and can never find the wrench when I need it. Other than that I enjoy the rotary features and for $150 I think I am getting good use out of it.

Posted on: 2012/11/12 20:38

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