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No name nymph

2017/4/5 10:00
From Hermitage
Posts: 33
What I like about being a self taught fly tier is you don't know of your making mistakes or not. I call my flies, no name nymphs because I'm not sure what to call

Posted on: 2/20 11:43

Re: No name nymph

2016/12/6 5:32
From Divide, PA
Posts: 9
If you need a name, call them, "late for dinner"

Posted on: 2/20 13:06

Re: No name nymph

2010/3/29 6:56
From cambria county
Posts: 302
I don't name flies anymore. People get all fired up and feel the need to find either a fly that looks similar under a different name, find another fly with the same name, or just say that is s variant of some other pattern.

I just keep it general for those that have to make a big deal about it.

coyote nymph
pheasant and squirrel nymph

Posted on: 2/20 16:08
"There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process."

Re: No name nymph

2012/1/11 15:43
From Bucks County
Posts: 34
Boots Nymph. LOL

Posted on: 3/7 10:45

Re: No name nymph

2014/9/30 15:26
From Lehigh Gorge
Posts: 76
I use:
little green SOB's
big black mofo's
wee black little mofo's
greybrown fuzzy dojabbers

Posted on: 3/9 11:21

Re: No name nymph

2014/9/30 15:26
From Lehigh Gorge
Posts: 76
forgot the shiny bead headed "bass turd"

Posted on: 3/9 11:22

Re: No name nymph

2006/9/11 12:00
Posts: 217
I distinctly remember being an emerging fly tyer. I used to just dream about what I could do with materials. Any anytime I start to tie something completely different from what I had been, I have a similar feeling. When I got into bass fly tying, I went NUTS!

So you have all these differently 'tweaked' flies; differently applied materials or different mixes than what you've seen. With modern synthetics, there are a BAJILLION things you can do. Now you have to fish them. Why fish one style over another? How to choose?

What you'll probably end up doing, if you're anything like most people, is that you'll fall into making your own version of a few different patterns with a tweak here or there. You'll find certain types that established fly tyers and fishermen tie and use. You'll make your own 'bargain' with things like body, techniques, hooks, ribbing, flash, colors and TIME. You'll possibly develop certain flies specific to certain bugs, like I do. Other fly tyers have just one style that they adapt in size and color; one fur nymph or only pheast tails. They follow what great flyfishermen like Left said. Almost any well presented nymph will work. (stick to a size similar to the bug.)

I have one stone fly pattern, 2 beatis (just dubbed and pheasant tail), 1 sulfur, 2 caddis (one's just a wet fly) and 1 march brown/ gray fox style. Then I have a version of a G. R. H.E. with a brass bead sz. 12-16 that's just kind of a 'whatever' nymph. Then there is a whole other world of attractors, egg/spawn, inchworms...whatever. For me, I need to have some reason to fish which nymph and I ties flies for those situations. There is a range of approaches. Maybe having whatever you made on a hook drifting in the water is OK. That's good because it clears your conscients of conflicts or discrepancies and you just fish.


Posted on: 3/18 11:43

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