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Re: Looking for Adult Crane Fly Pattern

2009/4/6 22:31
Posts: 324
A Delta Wing Caddis (from Fly Fisher's Paradise) and a reverse-tied pattern from LLH fly shop have worked well for me. These were yellow/orange/tan, depending on the fly color. Both are easy to tie. Sizes were #14 and #16. I found them to be most important on Spring Creek and LLH.

The knotted legs patters look great, but they seem like overkill to me. It's a cost/benefit thing, IMO.

Posted on: 2013/4/23 6:54
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Re: Looking for Adult Crane Fly Pattern

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 8925
I don't know where the hook size came from, It's tied on a # 18 or # 20 depending on how late in the season it is.
I also use gray olive and pale yellow, depending on the time of the year. But the best pattern is orange, as in sulphur orange, a blend of yellow and sulphur dubbing.

Posted on: 2013/4/23 13:37

Re: Looking for Adult Crane Fly Pattern

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 8925

troutbert wrote:
Has anyone seen trout really key in and feed selectively on the big brown crane flies? I never have. I've never seen emergences of them in any numbers. You see one here, one there...

The little (size 18) ones with yellow bodies hatch in enough numbers that the trout feed on them just like they would on BWOs or other hatch. It's worth tying a pattern for those.

I'm not so sure it's worth tying a pattern for the big brown ones. But if you want to tie an imitation of those, just tie a simple spider pattern. Ginger hackle fibers for a tail. Ginger hackle tied over-sized. And brown thread body. Done.

You've probably seen me use them, though not on brookie streams. The thing is on the LV streams they hatch in huge numbers this time of the year, and I've seen them on many limestone streams, including Fishing Creek in Lamar. Every place I've used them I've caught fish, in 14 states.
They inimtate an emerging baetis and other small emergers so it's prety versitle. One thing I'll add there are terrestrial crane flies, and I've never seen trout take them.
I've also been stumped as to what trout were taking and tied on a crane fly after much toying around with other stuff, to find on the first cast the trout are taking the crane flies. That doesn't mean though that it's what the trout think they are, only that they take the pattern.

Posted on: 2013/4/23 13:52

Re: Looking for Adult Crane Fly Pattern

2006/11/2 8:50
Posts: 7019
My question was about the big brown craneflies. Not the little yellow ones.

Posted on: 2013/4/23 14:12

Re: Looking for Adult Crane Fly Pattern
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 10063
I've never seen trout feed on the very large brown ones.

In my experience, they don't seem to emerge in large enough numbers or consistently enough for fish to key on them.

Posted on: 2013/4/23 18:18

Re: Looking for Adult Crane Fly Pattern

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 8925
I seethat now that you've pointed it out, but no I've never seen trout taking them, I think those may be among the terrestrial crane flies.

Posted on: 2013/4/23 18:26

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