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Re: 2 questions...

2006/9/9 19:37
From aliquippa
Posts: 17
i don`t use the traditional quill, i use the one`s called.... Mclean`s quill body....they are the guard hairs from a porcupine and they don`t need to be presoaked, large and small sizes and in about a dozen colors

Posted on: 2009/1/11 21:25
just when i think i have the key to success, someone changes the lock

Re: 2 questions...

2008/12/16 10:37
Posts: 2
This topic tempted me to try to tie quil bodies over this past weekend. I started by googling how to strip a quill and this is how I did it. One quarter bleach three quarter water in a small bucket, I soaked the quills about 4 mins all ot the fibers disolved. Then rinse under the tap and soak for a few minutes in warm water and baking soda. Let dry on a paper towel preferably over nite. Tie in and wrap. So far so good I did about 10 flies and this actually stiffens them up nicely but not too much. Give it a try.
I also wanted to try some plain ole' silicon spray on my dries but haven't taken the time to experiment with this yet. Any one ever try this or know of any down falls to it?

Posted on: 2009/1/12 10:30
Hot and Dangerous if your one of us then roll with us.............

Re: 2 questions...

2006/10/18 15:46
From Patterson twp, Pa (Beaver Falls)
Posts: 359
well I don't have the pictures (they will follow) but operation Crisco was a complete FAILURE!!! I tied up 2 size 16 BWO's... 2 different shades of thread to tell the difference. I got a bowl of water and away they went... the crisco one sunk up to the hackle almost immediately, while the basic dry fly floatant floated hi and dry. I did not let the crisco stay on the fly for very long, but it did make the hackle stick together a little bit. I may do a few more experiments, but it might be possible that it does the complete opposite... sinks the fly quicker. I would have no clue why it would do this, but I might tie some unweighted nymphs and try it on them next. After all of this I have one conclusion... I need to get out and fish!!! If it wasn't for some training I had to go to for work today, I probably would have skipped out and hit a stream. Seemed like pretty good conditions. Well, to the tying bench once again... Friday's 8 degree forcast doesn't look good for any fishing, so I'll have to wait for my first non Erie winter fishing experience.

Posted on: 2009/1/12 17:42
Owner of Risen Fly

Re: 2 questions...

2009/1/3 13:51
Posts: 5
About 30 years ago, a friend turned me on to using Albolene cream as an inexpensive floatant - I think Geo. Harvey turned him on to it. It works well, but will matt hackles and can discolor dubbed hair bodies, if applied too heavily, and I used it mostly for spun deer hair applications.
Gink is my choice as well. Love it.
Crisco - hydrogenated vegetable fat substitute for lard - makes a good pie.

Posted on: 2009/1/18 13:56

Re: 2 questions...

2009/1/13 23:37
From Dutchess Co. Ny
Posts: 2
The thing that i see in the regs that are typed above that might give you some trouble in the crisco dept. is that bait paste and similar substances are prohobited. Now I don't know exactly what is considered bait paste, though it seems to me that if fish are attracted to eating it and its a paste you could make the argument that it counts as bait paste. So maybee crisco qualifies and maybee it doesn't. All I know for sure is that i wouldn't want to be explaining it to any sworn officer types with fines and revocations of licence on the line.

Posted on: 2009/1/18 23:29

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