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Re: Your favorite Lake Erie steelhead Trib?

2010/5/1 9:10
From NE OH
Posts: 75

TimRobinsin wrote:
My advise is to go with a guide at least once. I went with a guide last year after going to Erie for 5 years and I found I learned more in one outing than o had in the 3 years prior. after I went a few times I started getting complacent because I wanted easy. you go with a good guide and they're gonna show you a lot more water is up there than you realize!

Patrick C is the guide I went with. Definitely give him a shout you will be glad you did. we fished all over and I got to see some very good water. oh yeah, we did finish the day well into the double digits!

I wasn't clamoring to be outed. This a good place I can give back and I want too. I don't like that guides get dissed a lot, but in saying that, I try to do what it takes to avoid that. As Jack said, learning vicariously is worthwhile. And I love being able to help in that way on PAFF. I'd much rather be helpful than have the reputation of withholding everything I know for cash. Besides, my outfitter has an entire different thrust than profitability. There are far more important things in life. In any event, I am always willing to help when I can...just say the word!

Posted on: 2013/7/16 12:51
"You don't need 7x. All right, you're just being stupid. That's ridiculous. You know what else...throw away the 6x, because that's garbage too." -Hank Patterson

Re: Your favorite Lake Erie steelhead Trib?

2011/5/9 15:37
From Ohio
Posts: 124
So to answer the question in the title...

I'd have to say my favorite in PA is Elk, mainly because of the amount of water. I think my all time favorite though is Conneaut Creek in Ohio. It's usually not a numbers game there, but I like it because it's not very crowded and is a scenic stream to boot in places. Also it's the stream I cut my steelhead teeth on so I can be biased towards it. And whenever the bigger streams are blown out(and even when they aren't) it can be fun covering water on some really small streams searching for steel. One stream I like kinda has that small freestone wild trout feel, except the fish are much bigger haha.

Lots of good info from others. The majority of my steelhead trips(at least to PA) are game time decisions. Either the night before or more often the morning of the trip. Kinda going against what I said earlier, whatever stream is prime at the time can be my favorite.

Posted on: 2013/7/16 22:06

Re: Your favorite Lake Erie steelhead Trib?

2012/11/27 0:14
Posts: 0
"Brown = bad. Greenish brown = ok. Brownish green = good. Green - ok. Clear = bad."

We have absolutely destroyed steelhead in clear water.

There is nothing funner than sight fishing for these fish in the tribs. Clear water is fine. You can get over schools of 50 fish and they will not even move.

blown out is bad. October there are way to many leaves to make a far trip for. Save it for nov.

Posted on: 2013/7/16 22:32

Re: Your favorite Lake Erie steelhead Trib?

2012/12/23 5:30
From Erie, PA
Posts: 24
Upper walnut is in my back yard and elk is about 3 miles from my house. I fish steel 3-4 times a week almost all year, pm if you have any questions or concerns regarding water or fish. I'd be glad to spend a day helping out if needed.

Posted on: 2013/7/17 2:00
Steelhead Junkies Guide Service
Erie, Pennsylvania

Re: Your favorite Lake Erie steelhead Trib?

2006/10/18 15:46
From Patterson twp, Pa (Beaver Falls)
Posts: 365
Now THERE ^ is a guy to make friends with.

Steelhead is an addiction, so be ready to throw everything out of the window every fall and do whatever you can to go up to fish the run every chance you can get.

My favorite is the one I'm standing in.

I'm not a fan of walnut. I've fished in a few times and just don' really enjoy it. Haven't fished really high on it yet, but thats because I've got my "spots" and haven't decided to try too many others in recent years.

If conditions are right, I almost always head to Elk. Largest stream, lots of access, and gets probably the best run of fish. Next is the "mile" streams. I've fished those more the last 2-3 years and they're growing on me. When Elk and Walnut are high, head east.

Posted on: 2013/7/17 9:55
Owner of Risen Fly

Re: Your favorite Lake Erie steelhead Trib?

2006/12/29 10:00
From Harrisburg
Posts: 18
Now THERE ^ is a guy to make friends with.

True. The best local I ever met up there. Easy to get along with, new what he was doing.
Take him up on it.

Posted on: 2013/7/17 12:24

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