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Re: Berks county class a info

2012/5/4 9:12
From D-Town
Posts: 73
Strange obsession with you? Haha no I have an obsession with my wife and daughter and maybe eating BBQ... I am sure your a nice guy but...

What is the difference if your from New Jersey or PA? Did I ever say there was a difference? My wife is ftom Jersey... I was just going to ask if you ever fish the Raritan. I visited it one time but did not fish. I was in the K. Lwood Gorge. Great looking water. Next year I want the jersey license so I might can fish it.

Posted on: 2012/9/20 10:41

Re: Berks county class a info

2008/1/31 17:19
From Pretty much everywhere at some point, Thorndale today.
Posts: 2370
Many people have a stream or two that flies under the radar screen where they can find some good fishing in peace and solitude and most of these streams are within an hour drive of their house.

You and I are very different, at least when it comes to the smaller, off the radar type places. On the big streams (usually well known), if fishing is good I may return relatively often. That's generally the "hatch chasing" side of me.

But when it comes to the small, off the radar stuff, that's the "stream chasing" side of me. What I value are NEW experiences. I don't have "my" spots that I go back to. Most of them I've only fished once or twice in my life. Once I've hit a spot, I rarely return, even if it was good. I've had that experience. I remember it, I can re-experience it in my head and through pictures. I don't need to do it again.

I do make exceptions on occasion, for instance if I have someone with me and I want to be sure I show them a good time, yeah, I'll take them to a place I know. Even then, though, I see it as for them, not for me. Those spots are once a year/only with friends type places. I want to give them that feeling I had when I went there the first time, rather than take a chance on the unknown.

"My" trips are with the intention of hitting a stream or stream section that I've never fished. Maybe I found it on a map. Maybe someone told me about it. Maybe I read it here. Maybe I fished a different spot on the same stream and wondered what it was like farther up. Maybe I return only because I passed by a trib last time, and want to see what that's like. Doesn't matter. It's a potential spot that I haven't experienced, and that's what I'm after. The goal is to fish everywhere once.

And I don't mind helping others have that experience. What I've fished, it's in my wake, I'm done with it, it's not "mine" anymore, and hiding it doesn't do me a lick of good. There's nothing to be selfish about, I've already got what I wanted. I personally don't care if it gets "outed", I'd be happy to know I helped others have the same positive experiences I've had. The only reason I don't out everything is public backlash and, if I was told about it, respect for the friend who told me.

As I said, my preference would be that we all out everything. But this is a community, I'm part of it, and I'll generally play by it's rules.

Posted on: 2012/9/20 11:47

Re: Berks county class a info

2008/9/12 12:41
Posts: 1
I fully understand where you are coming from and we are different. You are very fortunate in that you have the ability and time to explore all these streams unfortunately, many of us don’t have that luxury for a whole host of reasons.

For many of us, fishing is limited to maybe one weeknight and then one day on the weekend. Over the course of time we have found numerous streams that offer peace, solitude and decent fishing and having and maintain those precious few streams is important. While I do travel 4-5 hours to fish new places, it’s not something I do every other week.

I fully understand your second to last paragraph and totally understand where you are coming from and all I will say is I wish your reason for not outing the stream (public backlash) was instead out of a courtesy to others who are less fortunate and cannot travel all over, or who are not looking for the same experience as you by fishing every stream, and simply wish for “their” stream to remain as is. As you noted, everyone is different and outing a stream to help others experience what you experienced, well, not everyone wants the same experience as you so you may be helping one cause and hurting another. Neither is right, neither is wrong, they are different and what helps one hurts the other and that works both ways (outing streams, not outing streams)

In my opinion outing a stream is no different than wading into someone’s pool while they are fishing it – it’s not being courteous and conscientious of others who may be fishing it.

Posted on: 2012/9/20 12:43

Re: Berks county class a info

2011/6/30 19:15
From Douglasville pa
Posts: 12
I really didn't mean for this post to go so far. It wasn't that i was intimidated i have just seen other posts go south very quickly and being a new member i wanted to be respectful. this stream might not be the gem i see it as but the people i meet here are always very nice even if i don't catch fish a good time is always had.

Posted on: 2012/9/20 13:02

Re: Berks county class a info

2008/1/31 17:19
From Pretty much everywhere at some point, Thorndale today.
Posts: 2370
You are very fortunate in that you have the ability and time to explore all these streams unfortunately, many of us don’t have that luxury for a whole host of reasons.

Yeah, well, that whole host of reasons hit me this year pretty hard, I really don't have much time, and haven't been fishing much lately. I go to work at 6:30 a.m., get home after 6 p.m, have sole responsibility for our 9 month old until 8:30 p.m. or so. So no fishing during the week, period. Weekends is all I got, and half of those are taken. Other than our trip to the beach, I haven't wet a fly line in over a month now.

I still hold that same base philosophy. I just don't get to explore as many places as I used to. How often you fish doesn't have a big say in this, its what you choose to do when you do fish.

I like to travel hours to fish if I can, but it's rare. I don't have to, and neither do many. Berks County has over 50 wild trout streams. Chester County has better than a dozen. Lancaster has a few more. If you set out to fish every foot of each of those streams, how long would it take you? And that's just trout, add warmwater species and you could fish almost a lifetime, never hit the same place twice, and never travel more than an hour. And this ain't even one of the better fishing regions of the state!

Posted on: 2012/9/20 16:09

Re: Berks county class a info

2011/7/6 12:30
From Ephrata, PA
Posts: 1315
The year my first daughter was born, I think I went out ONCE after her birth (which was in June). It gets easier with time, for sure, Pat.

Posted on: 2012/9/20 16:33

Re: Berks county class a info

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 631
I live a couple of miles from the LL, fished it 3 times this year and it pained me. All for about 2 hours, which for me is a very short day.

Posted on: 2012/9/20 21:54
George Orwell warned, "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it."

Re: Berks county class a info

2006/9/9 17:18
From lancaster county
Posts: 1214
Ok seriously this is far too epic.........
I gave myself one more post and I'm taking it.

Have you ever seriously thought about what your arguing about?
All you know about trout streams go out the window?

Pennsylvania has as of 2005, 457 stream sections were classified as supporting trout reproduction, representing more than 1,355 linear miles of stream. Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission since 1976, wild brook trout populations have been documented in 1,524 stream sections covering a total of 5,044 miles of streams.

Fact! How many miles have you fished? Most of these are wild brook trout in more remote areas of the state. More are added every year and have been since 2005.

Most wild trout water in the state is affect most by habitat and climate patterns, invasive species, agriculture, development....blah blah.
Not once to do you see bait or spin guys, fishing pressure or internet forums on that list. Wild trout streams are SEASONAL in PA at best.

Yes. For god sakes yes wild brown trout water, especially in limestoners and especially near large populations of people can be affected the most by fishing pressure. Why? Because there is less of them, and the average stream flow is consistent throughout the year and there are more people. These streams can hold over fish (wild fish at that) and can get pounded. It Happens.

I get it. We get it already!
Unfortunately for you and anyone else who disagrees but I see it this way:

Where do you draw the line? This forum was created, correct me if I'm wrong, on the relationship of some close anglers wanting a place to gather, talk and exchange stream conditions?

Its a private forum! You are a guest, there are rules.... in fact, this very post breaks the rule of talking about this subject! Choose to follow them or do not.

I have found this:
Rule One: Free flow of information is encouraged but be respectful or non-vulgar.
Rule Two: Follow first rule, all others are minor.
The mods have been more than gracious to me over the years and I appreciate the chance to express myself over the years.

Where do you expect the mods to draw the line? Its all or nothing. Who decides what stream can handle who talks about it when and how many times? You gary? How about we let HA decide? JackM you want that burden? He is a good guy. Who wants that decision? Ban a dude because he talked too much about X stream, when stream reports are a feature?

Its a feature and you can deny it. Its nice to hear a location or two now and again. Its nice to see some pics, heaven forbid of a fish or two w/ a few wrists, with a stream and a name. It makes people expand and it makes people think about what else lays out there, in their puzzle. I know why name the name?

Expand, explore find the unknown. Even you ANTI spot burners preach this. What gets you off your duff than seeing a stream you never knew about yield beautiful wild trout you never knew about.

PM's, cliques, friends, its all part of it. Some streams should be handled through PM. Yes! For gods sake have some secrets and share some special info, its all part of it, in fact its the best part.
At some point, something should come to public light. Even if its a wild brown trout limestoner in the middle of an urban area.

We are complaining, whining, and crying about 1/10 of 1% the total problems facing wild trout streams in the state when we mention spot burning. Keep that in mind.Look it up.

Join TU or something else and expend all that hate an angst you have on the subject and pay it forward in some way. You said it best DKile. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this site for so long, as I made so many friendships.

Give back.

*SECRET: Even the stream mentioned in this very thread has a secret many dont know about. And no stream report on this site has ever mentioned it. Amazing how much there is to learn about PA watersheds.

*BETTER SECRET: Ive fished more wild trout streams than most and the ones that get blasted on this site, rank near the lower percentile of the states quality streams. Keep looking!

I'm better things to waste my energy on. Think Ill join you Sunday Andy.

Anything else more important?

Ill understand if this gets deleted.........but I hope it doesn't

Posted on: 2012/9/22 1:54

Edited by salvelinusfontinalis on 2012/9/22 2:10:10

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