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Senator Yaw's plan to "clean Streams"
2006/9/9 19:16
From Dallastown, PA
Posts: 1307
You have to listen to this....its about 20 minutes long . I only got through 7 minutes but will finish later.

This guy is incredible! He is certainly tilting at windmills but it is uncanny how aloof some people are regarding streams their ecology and the environment.

Senator Yaw Interview

Posted on: 2012/3/30 8:28
Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think the bridge will be there and it will be there. It's a mother, beautiful bridge, and it's gonna be there. Ok?

Re: Senator Yaw's plan to "clean Streams"

2006/10/25 12:30
From York
Posts: 30
Wow, just wow. I think you give the politicians too much credit. They are aloof about more than just stream ecology and the environment. I guess if your intelligence is sub-par, you go into politics.

Posted on: 2012/3/30 9:00
7X makes the small fish feel bigger.

Re: Senator Yaw's plan to "clean Streams"

2009/5/29 6:40
From harlansburg
Posts: 605
I made it to about the 3 minute mark and couldn't take anymore.

Posted on: 2012/3/30 12:35

Re: Senator Yaw's plan to "clean Streams"

2008/6/25 9:41
From Pgh
Posts: 196
I made it to "properties are more important than fish and other 'lil critters that kind of live in the streams." Unfrickenbelievable.
As important as it is, I hate politics... badly. Really, really, really badly.

Posted on: 2012/3/30 13:59
"Young men drink because they don't know who they are, and old men drink because they do." -- Gina Ochsner

Re: Senator Yaw's plan to "clean Streams"

2012/1/16 18:57
From North East PA
Posts: 373
The man is a master of the oblivious and the obvious at the same time.

Posted on: 2012/3/30 18:36

Re: Senator Yaw's plan to "clean Streams"

2006/9/14 16:53
From New Castle, PA
Posts: 0
You guys did far better than me in listening to that first grader speaking about stream ecology. Not once did he say anything about having professional opinions. He is also the guy that stated gas drilling in the state forests were no problems because "no one goes there anyway".

Jim Kearney

Posted on: 2012/4/6 20:23
The biggest problem with the gene pool is that there is no life guard!

Re: Senator Yaw's plan to "clean Streams"

2008/6/28 15:57
Posts: 42
With all due respect to my attorney friends, having a law degree does not disqualify someone from being butt-ignorant about virtually every other subject under the sun.

But some people with JDs seem to think that law school has made them an expert on EVERYTHING. And all too many of them are elected officials.

Exhibit A: Senator Gene Yaw, (R- 23rd district-Pa.)

If I were to do an exhaustive list, it would scroll on and on and on. Both Republicans and Democrats. In every state in the Union. It's ironic to think that so many of them go on about the value of "education", when their own educations are so obviously stunted in so many areas, including the basics of the natural systems of the planet they're standing on.

Since the ignoramuses have a law school diploma and they've passed the bar exam, they think they're obviously so well-educated that they have nothing else to learn. But there are 9 year olds that know more about natural science subjects than most of the legislators I'm talking about.

Posted on: 2012/5/3 11:36

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