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Re: DEP: Elizabeth Twp. puts raw sewage into Yough

2007/4/25 10:02
Posts: 813
I am mad as well but I try to be realistic about it. Agree that there is certainly arrogance and possibly criminal activity with the company running the plant.

If I knew where the CEO lived he would find a fresh pile in his yard!!

Posted on: 2008/2/16 8:54
I flyfish because I enjoy it.

Re: DEP: Elizabeth Twp. puts raw sewage into Yough

2006/9/14 11:09
From schuylkill county, pa
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I agree with you on taking on more users knowing the system is already overloaded. That is just wrong.

Posted on: 2008/2/16 19:04

Re: DEP: Elizabeth Twp. puts raw sewage into Yough

2007/4/5 15:13
Posts: 0
I work this subject as a major part of my job. I work for an consulting firm and have several municipal clients.

Alot of these systems were built years ago, and were run directly to the nearest stream. Then sometime in the 30's thru the 50's they started to build large interceptors in the valleys to carry the sewage to a plant.

The plant essentially treats the sewage and releases the "clean" water into the stream or river.

Alot of these old systems are combined, meaning they transport both sanitary and storm water to the treatment plant. They built overflows onto the regulator structures to prevent the plants from being overloaded during a storm event. These overflows are permitted by NPDES Permits(National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) meaning that a dry weather overflow event is a violation. Dry weather overflow usually indicate a maintenance problem and if action is taken immediately I don't believe they get fined.

Someone mentioned that the municipalities should not allow new development that exceeds their system. That will never happen, who wouldn't want to increase their tax base. The problem is the systems were never designed with limits to capacity like a treatment plant. They can only handle so many gallons. The overflows prevent overload at the plant and a relief on the system. Otherwise the manhole lids would be dancing in the streets and sewage would be running down mainstreet.

The current regulations are slowly gearing everything toward elimination of these overflows. First they need to do things like eliminate storm water from the system. This can be achieved by removing roof leaders, and that alone would contribute greatly.

Some of these systems don't take very much rain at all to overload. We were inspecting a structure that had a 60" pipe as the influent with about 5" of water running down it. It started to rain lightly and in a 1/2hour the level was over 2 feet in that pipe. The time of concentration was very fast and it didn't help that every roof and parking lot was connected.

This whole process is going to take several years and several millions (more like trillions, nationwide) to stop. New infrastructure needs to be built with future population growth and system expansion in mind. This money will come from the government and taxes, but most will likely see large increases in sewage bills. Then when its in place it probably won't be long till it is overloaded. This

Posted on: 2008/4/22 8:05

Re: DEP: Elizabeth Twp. puts raw sewage into Yough

2008/3/20 22:15
Posts: 12
I work at a wastewater treament plant and do also know that a undersized plant has no choice but to discharge in certain circumstances. Storm water management is essential to keep plants from having overflow issues as well as progressive planning for future community growth. As a short term alternative to discharging these plants should consider an off speck tank which is just that. A tank where the water can be diverted instead of discharging raw sewage. The waste can either be pumped and treated later or tanked to another treatment facility. It is apparent that an off speck tank won't solve the problems of this plant. Sounds like either mismanagement or lack of funds in this case because it should have never been allowed to get to the point it's at. I hope it's a wake up call to all of the other townships that they need to plan well in advance and set priorities. Poop plants aren't pretty but they are essential.

Posted on: 2008/4/30 18:31

Edited by JackM on 2008/5/1 7:36:25

Re: DEP: Elizabeth Twp. puts raw sewage into Yough
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 2739

Right after you submit you’re post, you are able to go back and edit it. You will see an “edit” button next to the “reply” button, but there is a time limit for editing after submitting a post.

I usually type my post on a “Word” document and use the spell check so as not to embarrass myself too much by my spelling. I just click reply and copy and paste it to the site. But, it really isn’t necessary since most of us on this site are illitarit, and really don’t know the difference anyway…………..

Posted on: 2008/5/1 7:35

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