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is it just me?

2014/3/17 10:31
From Malvern
Posts: 99
So I was fishing with a friend the other weekend on a small creek. We were both fishing the same hole that is about 25 feet to 30 feet long and maybe 10 - 15 feet wide.

A guy came wading up the bank, crossed the stream about 25 yards below us, waked right behind us, then stood right next to my friend (about 3-5 feet away) and started to cast! he was using a spinning rod, we were both FFing. not once did he say a word to us, didn't ask if we cared if he made a few casts, nothing.

is it just me or would anyone else be pissed about this?

all I said to him was.... really man, your going to fish right there? and he replied yea. I said some choice words which I shouldn't have said but it worked and got him to leave.

What ever happened to etiquette? I know I stooped to his level but I was annoyed, my friend has not caught a fish on his fly rod yet, we have been out about 5 to 6 times together. I want to get him on a fish, I think that is why I was so pissed.

I am just looking to hear other opinions about it.

Good luck to all while on the water!!

Posted on: 2014/4/7 15:43

Re: is it just me?

2012/6/11 23:48
From Coopersburg
Posts: 755
It happens, especially at popular streams. People are rude. Best choice is to find another spot. He obviously needs it more than you and your friend. I get annoyed but have calmed down considerably. Go to another spot that baiters would overlook cause "theres no fish there" and rip a couple out. Will be a better experience for you and your newbie bud. Dont sweat the small stuff man, its not what its about. Know what i mean?

Posted on: 2014/4/7 16:34

Re: is it just me?

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 9002
You were right in challenging the guy, all I can say is be careful how you choose your words when you do. Just because you were right, doesn't mean he thought you were.
The bait and spinner guys have a different mindset, they are used to getting in a hole where there are others fishing, we as FFers are usually not interested in that aspect of fishing, we want space. They don't get that we want space, so ok, but don't be so blatant, and ask if you can make a few casts. If the FFer, says no, then move on.

Posted on: 2014/4/7 16:39
The object of a resource is to use and reuse a resource, not to use it up, have we learned nothing in over 125 years of stocking?

Re: is it just me?

2013/8/6 21:44
Posts: 1465
I had an almost identical thing happen to me, and a buddy, on Spring. This was after I held my backcast until the inconsiderate one safely worked his way behind me.
I asked the guy, in a not so kind way, why he felt it necessary to try to stand in my hip pocket when the entire area upstream, as far as I could see, was clear? He reeled in and left without a word.

Posted on: 2014/4/7 17:00
"I think I fish, in part, because it's an anti-social, bohemian business that, when gone about properly, puts you forever outside the mainstream culture without actually landing you in an institution." John Gierach

Re: is it just me?

2011/3/7 13:04
From Christiana, Delaware
Posts: 356
I agree with what Chaz says, Some spinning guys think it's OK to fish elbow to elbow all the time.

Posted on: 2014/4/7 17:43

Re: is it just me?

2009/3/30 9:52
Posts: 162
Also consider that maybe the guy didn't know that the two of you were together, and figured if you were both okay fishing that close to the next person, one more wouldn't be a big deal.

I don't really see this as a fly vs. spin thing, and I don't really think that kind of thinking helps anything, nor is it terribly accurate, and only serves to subconsciously reinforce the "uppity fly snob" stereotype that usually gets pinned on us.

Posted on: 2014/4/7 20:02

Re: is it just me?

2012/3/22 8:26
From Couldn't Care Less
Posts: 6755
Oh my I guess they were out this weekend. Kinda sux and I'm with Chaz ... seems to be an on going theme today . Always be careful what and to whom u say something to. To many loons these days

Posted on: 2014/4/7 20:24
There are no evil thoughts except one, the refusal to think

Re: is it just me?
2006/9/9 9:29
From Monessen, PA
Posts: 24604
Just let 'em know your packing, right?

Posted on: 2014/4/7 23:40
The very best thing you can do to convey trustworthiness is be genuine. And if you can't, just fake it.

Re: is it just me?

2007/4/8 20:43
Posts: 11519

Or lob a ifsh at them. Either/or.

Posted on: 2014/4/7 23:54
April 8, 2007 - December 4, 2011.
And why not?

Re: is it just me?

2013/12/7 0:10
From SE Pa
Posts: 850
Another week or two and those guys will be gone. Hang in there.

Posted on: 2014/4/8 6:44

Re: is it just me?
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 9830
Most spin guys are used to huddling up to fish. I always take that into account. I do shake my head, sometimes when a FFer comes up from behind me and casts over my shoulder to rising fish or wades right in front of me where I was casting.

Posted on: 2014/4/8 7:30

Re: is it just me?

2013/5/22 13:00
From Shipp
Posts: 46
A lot of the baiters only fish a couple of weeks when the creeks are full of stockers and combat fishing is the norm. Elbow -to -elbow is all they know.

This individual probably told his buddies about the uppity flyfisherman who thinks he owns the stream.

Your choices are:
1) Don't fish these spots this time of year.
2) Expect this behavior and laugh it off.
3) Have your day ruined.

It takes a highly evolved individual to pull off #2 I learned last weekend.

Posted on: 2014/4/8 7:51

Re: is it just me?

2011/7/6 13:48
From Philadelphia PA
Posts: 2135
Opening season I never seam to do very well with a flyrod. I usually have to wait a few weeks after. During this time I feel that most stocked trout are still looking for the pellets that they were fed in the hatchery. Powerbaiters come in and clean house.

Please take a close look at your friends gear - make sure it is set up correctly. Go through the science of the J loop when false casting, and practice so that he gets a good hang of it. Put a dry fly on with a nymph or midge dropper that bumps bottom. Make sure he is casting several feet above (upstream) where he thinks the trout is. And hopefully your buddy will hook up.

Posted on: 2014/4/8 12:05
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Re: is it just me?

2012/5/7 14:55
From Cambria County
Posts: 190
That's when you tie on your biggest streamer and start flinging it about wildly. Tell him you're sorry, it's your first time casting a fly rod. Works every time.

Posted on: 2014/4/9 6:18

Re: is it just me?

2012/4/23 21:44
From Cranberry Twp.
Posts: 2
Most times I'v had someone get too close while on the water it was on popular stretches where i assume that's common place.

Posted on: 2014/4/14 22:01

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