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Tippet Question, PLEASE HELP

2014/2/12 13:00
From Dauphin County PA
Posts: 5
I have a 4 weight rod that I'm going to take out fishing this Saturday, but I've been kicking around how big to make my leaders and how much to taper, and how quick, I was debating going from the fly line to a 2 ft. piece of 6 lb test. Then from the 6 lb test to a 2 ft. piece of some 4 lb. test. After that some 6x/ 3.2 lb test a 2.5 ft piece is this good, or would you recommend something else? I also want to stay away from ridiculously long leaders, because of casting issues when they are too long. Please give me some help with this.

Posted on: 2014/3/27 8:42

Re: Tippet Question, PLEASE HELP

2012/1/16 19:14
From North east ,Maryland
Posts: 42
When nymph fishing ,I keep my leaders short, 7.5' -8'. with about 2'-3' of tippet. Dry fly ,I like a longer leader, 9'- 10' with 3' of tippet. Last week I tried a furled leader 7.5' for nymph fishing. I was amazed on how well they handled. For most of my fly fishing, I'm switching over to furled leader's.

Posted on: 2014/3/27 10:32

Re: Tippet Question, PLEASE HELP

2011/4/12 17:23
From Lancaster Co.
Posts: 664
I recommend you go to BassPro or some other fly shop and buy a 7.5' tapered 4x leader. Also buy a spool of 4x tippet. A 3x leader will work fine too for early season high water fishing with nymphs and streamers. You can tie your fly right to the end of the tapered leader. As the leader stArts to shorten tie on a fresh piece of tippet back to the original 7.5' length. If you think you can handle a little longer leader add a section of tippet to the leader before you tie your fly on. A blood knot or surgeons knot is best to tie tippet to leader.

Posted on: 2014/3/27 21:46
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Re: Tippet Question, PLEASE HELP

2012/3/14 6:23
From Lancaster
Posts: 527

hunter1 wrote:
Last week I tried a furled leader 7.5' for nymph fishing. I was amazed on how well they handled. For most of my fly fishing, I'm switching over to furled leader's.

I am not opposed at all to tapered leaders, but a furled leader is hard to beat for simplicity. They turn over great and are very durable. I usually connect a furled leader to my fly line with a loop to loop connection using a mono loop connector (nail knotted to the fly line and perfection loop on the other end). The furled leader has a tippet ring on the terminal end. Just simply add about 3 feet or more (if you want) of your preferred tipppet material to the tippet ring with an improved clinch knot. For early season, 4X or 5X tippet would probably be the choice depending on what size flies you are planning to use. It really doesn't get a whole easier than this. If your tippet gets frayed or twisted or full of wind knots or whatever ...... just pop it off of the tippet ring and tie on a new section of tippet and you are back in business. I don't use them for my WW fishing but I almost use them exclusively for trout whether I'm fishing nymphs, wets, dries, streamers even tricos! They really work well and for somebody just starting out in flyfishing they will allow you to spend a whole lot more time fishing instead of screwing around with trying to salvage a screwed up leader.

Posted on: 2014/3/27 23:37

Re: Tippet Question, PLEASE HELP

2011/7/6 13:48
From Philadelphia PA
Posts: 902
I tie me own leaders and tippets. normally a 3' leader at 8lb, to a 5' 6lb and than a 3' 4lb to a dry fly. I may tie a 3' of 2lb test floro on the dry fly shank to attach a nymph or midge.

Posted on: 2014/3/28 16:48
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