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Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2012/2/5 12:28
From NE PA
Posts: 120
Many years ago my wife decided she wanted to give fly fishing a try. Heck, I even built her a fly rod.

Anyhow, it was like teaching my son to fly fish all over agin... just worse. I knew she was just trying to do it to spend more time with me, but thankfully, she gave up on it. She's a great gal, and tried hard, but fly fishing just wasn't her cup of tea... and caused me great pain.

Posted on: 2012/2/15 5:53

Catch and Release fishing is a lot like golf. You don't have to eat the ball to have a good time.

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2010/3/23 7:50
From Clearville Pa
Posts: 276
My wife is my hunting and fishing partner, we dont always fly fish together but we do go a good bit together

Posted on: 2012/2/15 15:32

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2010/5/28 0:25
Posts: 787
My wife learned to fly fish 2 years ago, and she loves it. Except for the wading. She is the most "doppic" person ever to wear waders. She falls in a lot. But I am patient with her. I just love that she is my companion on the streams. She caught her first trout on a fly rod in Kettle Creek on Mother's day 2 years ago. It was snowing - a picture perfect moment.

We got married on Hyner Vista last May, and 2 hours later we fished Young Woman's Creek. Spent 9 days at the cabin fishing Kettle Creek, Pine Creek, Cross Fork Creek, and a few un-named others.

One more thing. Grown men don't cry when they fall in, but grown women have been known to do so. Be patient and understanding.

Posted on: 2012/2/15 20:32

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2012/2/3 16:30
From nowhere pennsylvania
Posts: 261
My ex wife was a rather unpleasant individual. I tried to teach her how to fly fish but i couldn't handle the constant bitching and complaining. If you find a girl that enjoys fly fishing consider your self lucky.

Posted on: 2012/2/16 0:28

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2009/4/22 22:42
From Southwest, Pa
Posts: 95

outsider wrote:
She caught her first trout on a fly rod in Kettle Creek on Mother's day 2 years ago. It was snowing - a picture perfect moment.

Snow in mid-May? It's official, global warming is officially a bunch of b.s.!

Posted on: 2012/2/16 10:12

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2007/7/26 7:29
From Westmoreland Co
Posts: 422
I tried to teach my wife simply how to cast once when we were dating. Long story short after the fly managed to brush the lashes of my right eye* I figured it was time to stop.

She asks me occasionally if I wished she liked fishing. I simply say the company would be nice but I know she doesn't enjoy it. It's time away which is good IMO.

She also partly conditioned due to the fact I had her out one early trout season. After several 'just 5 more minutes' which amounted to over an hour, she knew it wasn't meant to be.

I wear eye glasses. Figure that one out.

Posted on: 2012/2/16 12:49
Salt & Light.

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 8998
She's not interested at all!!!!!!
That being said, I deserve time away with no distractions. Including the "Other."

Posted on: 2012/2/16 17:11
The object of a resource is to use and reuse a resource, not to use it up, have we learned nothing in over 125 years of stocking?

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2006/9/16 15:52
From Bucks County
Posts: 685
Nancy fishes and she’s good at it. After 35 years of marriage, most of our arguments are about coming off the stream. With her it’s always “just one more cast”. What you could be looking forward too, it buying for two. :) We often fish together but I/we also fish with my friends. What you end up with is someone who shares and enjoys something you feel the same about. I’m a lucky man……

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Posted on: 2012/2/16 19:03
Brook Trout are God's way of saying everything is going to be alright.

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2011/7/6 15:59
From OH
Posts: 183
You are a lucky guy.

Posted on: 2012/2/17 9:59

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2010/6/9 12:35
From down the block from the Letort.
Posts: 1102
interesting thread. Something I'm curious about, all those who state that they need their time on stream to themselves and see their wife/gf as an intrusion on that, how often do you get out on the water? Is each outing that important that it is a burden to bring along a newbie?

Reason I ask is that something I've learned recently while teaching my girlfrined to ski is that yes, like fishing, it would be cool to have a playmate who can 'keep up', but I've found that I get just as much satisfaction from sharing and teaching a passion as I get from the actual doing. I've chased my share of dragons on skis and bikes and she knows that there are times that I need to go out and play at my level with my peers (she's a strong road cyclist, but beginner on the mtn bike and understands what the 'Sunday ride' with my buddies is all about, she doesn't expect nor desire to tag along on those). But I don't see teaching her something new in that realm as a burden. I've skied plenty of epic powder days in my time, I've fished plenty of epic hatches, etc, and so I don't mind giving one up now and then to spend a day out with her sharing those pursuits.

I'm extremely lucky in that her dad also flyfishes and we've been invited to tag along on a trip to Montana later this summer. So, yes, I will be teaching her to flyfish over the next few months and I fully expect to not fish much myself while doing so. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make, and she also realizes that when I need to hit the Letort or escape to the mtns for a day of harassing brookies, that that's something I need to do on my own. Maybe someday she'll advance to that level where we can share those experiences, but I no longer feel the need for every fishing outting to be all that. Sharing with her the passion for being on the water will be enough for me that I won't feel as though I'm giving something up by having to 'deal with' her while she's learning.

Who knows, maybe she'll pick it up quick and I'll have a new fishin' buddy. If not, she'll at the least have a better understanding about what draws me to those quiet moments of solitude out on the water.

Posted on: 2012/2/17 10:35

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2010/6/23 12:43
From Hershey
Posts: 460
Worlds Clashing! 22 yrs of happy marriage because we have some different interests. Nuff said.

Posted on: 2012/2/17 10:53

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2006/9/10 7:44
From Enola, Pa.
Posts: 2289

I taught my wife how to shoot a gun years ago and after I thought about it, it was a big mistake . I never taught her to fish, I figured someone one had to stay home a work. plus she has a lot of other things to do like, clean, wash, cut the grass, shovel snow ect.


Posted on: 2012/2/17 11:23

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2006/9/22 22:56
From Sinking Spring, PA
Posts: 272
My Wife likes to fish occasionally. Some days she will tag along and fish. Other days (mostly when we're on vacation) she'll sit on the stream bank and read. Then there are plenty of other days when she will stay home. Same with shooting. She'll go to the range if she's in the mood to shoot. Other days she'll stay home... and she has no problem If I make plans to go with friends.

Posted on: 2012/2/17 11:55

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2010/1/21 17:06
From Southwest, Pa
Posts: 1052
I have taken a few out to throw flies; no luck in the having the dexterity or cooridination to throw a decent loop. They do learn the roll cast and catch fish stripping streamers. Wild freestone streams- forget it. I bring them to help w. the camera if I decide to shoot that day.

When Sadie was 9 months pregnant she was still out on the water with me, in her orvis sling pack with water bottles, watching dry fly action. I thank my significant other enjoys the outdoors. I do, however, thank god I don't have to share the dry fly sections/drifts.

Posted on: 2012/2/17 14:05
Sure, we can assiduously three-quarter our wets down stream, mend, and wait out each fly swing, which to my way of thinking, anyway, relegates to the angler to role of butler, rather than nemesis.

-Art Lee

Re: Significant other fly fishing?

2009/5/26 8:36
From York & Starlight, PA
Posts: 659
A long time ago I taught my wife to fly cast and after a while she became a pretty good caster. Then I paid for her to attend one of the Fly Fishing 101 courses that the lady at Boiling Springs fly shop used to host. She enjoyed it and caught fish. It just seems she doesn't like it enough to really embrace it and go with me - she always has something else to do. I think much of it might be because I'm so insane about FF and just hate to come off the water. Most women who might fish are okay with being on the water for a few hours or maybe even a decent full day but I want to be out there from 8:00 am until dark.

We went to Montana a while back and toured YNP for a week and then spent almost a week on the Madison. We booked two half day floats with a guide and she caught dozens of whitefish one day and the next two nice browns about 15" and lost a rainbow abot 20".

Now she just enjoys floating with me in the Hyde while she suns in the front chair and we stop to drink some wine and have a nice lunch along the river.

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jpg  Secret stream rainbow.jpg (96.75 KB)
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Posted on: 2012/2/25 12:11
Fly fisher for fifty years.

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