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Re: Practice Waters near State College

2010/9/1 13:55
From State College PA
Posts: 494
+10 on number 2 point from Pcray. It saddens me when new people to the sport get the impression that they must yield to others.

see PM

Also, around these parts, 20 ft, especially on Spring Creek may be crowding unless you are fishing a heavy hatch with many on the water. When in doubt ask.

Welcome to PSU

Posted on: 7/14 20:11

Re: Practice Waters near State College

7/12 11:05
From State College
Posts: 5
Thanks all, really appreciate the replies! Ill check out that store and will try to get over that newbie self-consciousness.
I'm in no rush to get my own 'proper' rod/reel until i have a feel for the sport. When i read up, people recommend such a huge variety or lengths/weights etc.
Think ill start building my fly collection, get my knots perfected and, if i catch some nice trout in my beginner stage i'm not going to complain about it :)

Posted on: 7/16 13:21

Re: Practice Waters near State College

2008/1/31 17:19
From Pretty much everywhere at some point, Thorndale today.
Posts: 13548
The huge variety isn't gonna be so huge when you specify a stream. We tend to argue about brookie rods as there are different schools of thought there. But other than that we tend to agree on optimal length/wt combo's for any given scenario.

We merely focus on different scenarios. There are guys that focus on big rivers like the Delaware and Lehigh. To them, Spring Creek is a small stream. There are many others who consider Spring Creek to be a large stream. So when you say "large stream" you get a range of answers because people are picturing different things. Likewise with size of fish and so forth.

But if you say Spring Creek in Centre County, PA, most recommendations are gonna cluster around a 9 ft 5 wt. Plus or minus maybe a foot, plus or minus maybe 1 wt.

As for action (graphite, boo, or glass, fast vs. slow tapers, etc.) that's all personal preference and you should do your best to figure out what you like before investing a lot of money into a rod.

Posted on: 7/16 14:57

Re: Practice Waters near State College

2010/7/18 7:23
From Lansdale
Posts: 993
pcray's last post should be a sticky.

Posted on: 7/16 15:06
To err is human, to forgive depends on the error.

Re: Practice Waters near State College

2011/6/9 7:57
From Martinsburg/State College, PA
Posts: 90
What about trying on warm water? I've sinced moved away from State College (I'm looking to go back if anyone wants to hire a PSU grad ) but I think there is a small lake off of 322 that you could probably use to practice casting on the water. Probably catch some sunfish as well.

I think it was Colyer? People who still live there can comment on the fishing legality of this lake as I've never actually been there. I usually look on Google maps for places and this is one I remember.

Posted on: 8/18 14:47

Re: Practice Waters near State College

1/20 14:11
From Harpers Ferry, WV
Posts: 32
I was really self conscious when I got into fly fishing. Usually if anyone showed up, I would act like I was done and roll out. Or I would get something to eat and watch the other guys do it. One day, I had three guys pretty much surround me, they all noticed my subpar casting and bad technique. They gave me the best teaching session I could have ever had. Better then the class I just had my wife too during the spring. I would say most of the people out there will help you. Do not be shy.

I still do back yard casting from time to time and use small mouth water to keep my skills up when I am not trout fishing.

Posted on: 8/24 17:28

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