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Re: Nymphing IRL

2012/12/9 15:03
From Lewistown, PA
Posts: 66
Anyway, tonight I went out to Tea Creek. The water has been low and clear there, so I was hoping I could maybe catch some fish after all the rain.

Lv2nymph showed me the basics of tight-line nymphing on Sunday, so I decided I'd try that. It worked great! I brought 2 trout to my net, lost one after it ran into some fast water, and turned several more, all in the course of about an hour! This compared to the one tiny brookie I've caught over the course of my last 3 or 4 trips there.

I feel like tight lining was a lot more sensitive to takes than indicator nymphing - I kept on trying to set the hook on leaves that had drifted into my flies.

Plus I was able to fish water that was only 6 or 8 inches deep, and then go directly to fishing water that was 3 or 4 feet deep without even adjusting my rig! That was a huge advantage - I hooked one trout in really shallow water where I didn't think there'd even be a fish. There was no way I ever would have been able to cover that water with an indicator on my line, either.

Sorry about the picture quality - I was trying to snap a quick picture and get back to fishing!

Resized Image

Resized Image

Posted on: 2013/10/11 19:48

Re: Nymphing IRL

2012/1/13 15:28
From Ferguson Twp.
Posts: 21
Yes,very good Jeremy!

Posted on: 2013/10/11 20:08
There is a need to fish, to be in the water. It soothes the soul...

Re: Nymphing IRL

2010/6/26 11:19
From Along the Lehigh Above the Gap
Posts: 132

jeremymcon wrote:
Thanks for the tip about the competition on Kish creek. I would never have known it was happening. Can I just go and watch somehow? I feel like it would be hard to watch a competition on a stream... I'd definitely like to figure out where it will be held, and if I can go watch it.

I am away for the weekend competing in the Catskills, but when I get back I will send you all the info. Will even get you in contact with the organizer. Spectators are welcome and the guys have no problem with answering questions.

Posted on: 2013/10/11 20:44
“My mom is being eaten by a dog and there’s nothing I can do!”

Re: Nymphing IRL

2012/3/14 6:23
From Lancaster
Posts: 539
Nice job Jeremy! As your confidence level grows in various nymphing techniques your catch rate will soar. Nymphing is IMO the most productive way to fly fish for trout under many types of conditions. Seems like you are well on your way.

Posted on: 2013/10/11 21:12

Re: Nymphing IRL

2009/6/17 21:49
From New Bloomfield
Posts: 12
To answer you question, "Can you nymph at distance without an indicator." The answer is yes and you do not have to fish always upstream. The Leisenring lift listed in many books such as Brooks book on nymphing for bigger trout. In heavier water such as earlier spring. The further you can cast upstream the longer the nymph has to get down. The art of mending very basically is keeping the fly and the last bit of fly line drifting in the same speed of current. This is really not that difficult and can quickly be mastered. Once the drift is parallel to you and drifting by it should be at the proper depth. You can then add line to the drift or in a search for fish such as looking for stocked trout, you can walk along with the drift extending it for great distances. The stream I fish is large by comparison to most trout streams and this technique is my preferred method. Which is really adapted from streamer fishing. Experience will teach you the feel for the depth and speed and the strike zone. I am fishing for wild browns mostly on less than pressured trout. Pressured trout will sometimes feed in spite of the presence of fisherman which may factor in the success of tight line techniques and high sticking or czech techniques. Moving the line and keeping up with the drift when cast upstream tickling the bottom is the way to go for me on clearer conditions. I don't personally use any indicators unless I am imitating damsel flies or crayfish and utilizing a hop. Deadly and sometimes the only way to go. The real advantage for an indicator for me is being able to get unhooked from the bottom. I roll the indicator to different angles and snap it quickly. The indicator provides the tension to pull it loose. I prefer to nymph on the streams that I fish through the winter and hatch seasons. Good luck and Happy nymphing. I hope it helps.

Posted on: 2013/10/11 22:17
I am of the opinion that there is NOT one single population of wild trout that exists in our great state worth intentionally degrading for the benefit of any fisherman or any amount of money no matter how small the population.

Re: Nymphing IRL

2011/9/27 20:41
From Central PA
Posts: 1
good job Jeremy. stick with lv2nymph and he will show you a thing or two. he showed me how to swing wets on the j this spring and caught on in 4 or 5 casts. he is a great guy.

Posted on: 2013/10/16 23:41

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