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Re: Made it out! Quite a few questions.

2009/1/22 21:53
From Cogan Station, PA
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ryguyfi wrote:
One tip on casting... most beginners that I've taught think that if they need to put out more line, they need to cast "faster". This is the exact opposite of what you need to do. The more line you have out the slower your presentation is. You may have to put more muscle into it, but the tempo is slower the farther you're casting. Like it was said before, you want your leader to straighten out at the end of your backcast. You want the leader to kind of *snap* so the momentum takes it forward. To land the fly on the water don't do anything really different but point your rod towards your landing area. Put a piece of yarn on the end of your leader and practice casting in the back yard towards a frisbee or plate. Learn what feels comfortable and keep repeating it... casting is like a golf swing, everyone's is different but the mechanics are the same.

Thanks, I definitely think I was treating the rod as if it were a whip which was part of my problem. I know I certainly wasn't slowing down when trying to get more line out. I have a big yard, so I may just have to take advantage of it for some practice. Thanks!


If I can remember, next time I'm up in Williamsport I'll send you a PM and we can meet at the stream.

Sounds great.

Posted on: 2010/4/21 14:47

Re: Made it out! Quite a few questions.
2006/9/13 12:42
From Altoona, PA
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mgh-pa wrote:
Second question pertains to my casting. Wow, am I bad. I was able to get a few decent forward casts, but on two occasions (almost embarrassed to admit this), my leader/fly hooked back on my line body and/or my rod tip. Obviously this is probably mostly form related, but any ideas as to what specific problem it might be? I was fishing a Cahill kit which already has a lengthy leader tied on, and I thought that might have something to do with it, but I didn't want to cut it and replace it with my other leaders unless needed.

Anyways, I had a blast even thought I was terrible in every aspect, and I'm sure I'm going to have a ton more questions.

I'm glad to hear you're having fun. It's supposed to be fun afterall. Keep a sense of humor about your mistakes and perhaps it will continue to be. Ask questions (of yourself and others) and pretty soon you won't suck so bad!

Anyway, it sounds to me like your major problem with casting is that you are using too much wrist. If your casts look like big wheels rolling out over the water, you are definately using too much. You should be able to tuck the butt of the rod in your shirt cuff and still cast. That's how little wrist action you are shooting for. At least on the forward cast. With the roll cast, a bit more.

Don't forget to "cant" the rod a bit away from your body as well.

Posted on: 2010/4/22 7:42
Never challenge a cat to a staring contest

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