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Re: Leader Preferences
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 3123

PennKev wrote:

Talio wrote:
With my system I can cast any size nymph anywhere I want up to 50 yards with perfect accuracy and lead the line through the water with great visibility and sensitivity so a strike is a multi-sense attack. Plus I can still strip streamers and cast a dry fly if nymphs don't work.

Are you saying you cast and fish effectively at 150 feet? I just don't see it being realistic. That's long range for pinner's let alone any other gear, fly or otherwise.

50 feet is far, 50 yards is way way way out there.

I looked up Joe Robinson's Thread Lining System and it uses a fly rod with a spinning reel and light mono

To each to his own.

Posted on: 2017/4/27 6:42

Re: Leader Preferences

2008/1/31 17:19
From Pretty much everywhere at some point, Thorndale today.
Posts: 2370
Flyfishing, do not be embarrassed by newbyism at the jam. For many of the veterans, they take no greater joy than helping out a newbie. Also, even just lawn casting at the campground, some of the better casting instructors in the world are there. It's a lot easier to learn to cast correctly from the get go, than to develop bad habits and then try to break yourself of them.

The main one is in 3 weeks. Do yourself a favor and go, if you can.

Nobody said the learning curve was easy. I was a hardcore spinning guy for a long time. I worked live minnies mostly. Upon switching to fly gear, it took a few outings just to catch a fish, and 5+ years of steady fishing before I got back to the same level of success I had with a spin outfit. But now I routinely outfish family members that use the same ole tactics. And after about 15 years of fly fishing, I'm still growing, with plenty of ceiling above me.

Beginner or veteran, it is always helpful to fish with others. You almost always learn something.

Posted on: 2017/4/27 7:23

Re: Leader Preferences

2017/4/24 10:41
Posts: 8
50 feet of course, not yards. I'm a shooter too, so you'll have to excuse that.

Threadlining is when you're using tippet on a spin reel and a spin rod made out of a long, soft action fly rod blank cut down to 6 feet so that you have a full flex rod. You don't cast it like a standard spinning rod. You reel your lure in right to the tip, raise your rod quickly so you have a forward load and before it can unload into a back cast, you quickly cast forward causing your rod to wave, creating an S shape transferring all of the energy to the lure. The light tippet to prevent line slap in the guides. I could cast a size 12 nymph with tungsten bead head and lead wire wraps about 50 feet with perfect accuracy. It was an interesting experiment, but ultimately, for reasons already stated, it doesn't work as well as Euro nymphing techniques and I more or less abandoned it.

Honestly, threadlining is now obsolete due to the new microwave spinning guides that are available. It prevents the line slap and allows you to cast that same little fly just as far as my specialize threadlining rig.

Pcray, I think you're just gonna have to respect where I am in the process and what the fishing experience is really about for me. But in the meantime, I like short leaders.

Posted on: 2017/4/27 11:22

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