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Re: Help with casting bigger streamers

2013/8/1 18:17
From Gettysburg, Pa
Posts: 26
Thanks a lot for all the advice. I am going out tomorrow morning to try some of the "leader" suggestions. I am sure it will help.

I considered the rod as well...I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to hobbies I get in to. So with all the research and reading I have done, at least "I" think my cast is pretty good. I usually never have a problem with smaller patterns and terrestrials.

Then I put a little "beef" or "weight" on to get down in the water column and target some bigger fish and my cast goes to hell...real quick.

Might try to incrementally build up size tomorrow and see where and with what the problems start to occur.

Just another reason to go fishing. Its tough but someone has to do it.

Posted on: 2013/8/22 20:45

Re: Help with casting bigger streamers

2011/7/6 13:48
From Philadelphia PA
Posts: 902
Fishwagen...sounds like a good science project. Let us know what you find out.

Posted on: 2013/8/23 16:25
When life looks like it's pulling you down, Rear back and make sure you set the hook:)

Re: Help with casting bigger streamers

2008/6/28 15:57
Posts: 42
I guarantee that if you cut your leader back 2'-3', matters will improve considerably.

With a sink-top line, you can go down to 3'-4'. You'll probably find that you want to trim the sink tip back to around 5', too. It depends on the stream you're fishing- if it's 3'-6' deep in the pools with some moderate current, 5' is about right. Think trig, heh.

No matter what, casting weight and/or a sink-tip line will always feel a bit clunky.

Under most conditions, a simple 6' 2x leader is fine for casting bass poppers and big streamers. But bass in the low clear water of late summer can be really spooky, especially in slow-current pools, and when the sun is on the water. They're very sensitive to line splash. It can pay off to custom build a 9'-10' 2x-3x leader capable of turning over fairly big flies (and cast the fly into faster water to start off the swing.) My experience is that I always want the leader to sink, because whether retrieving poppers or streamers, I don't want the leader to leave a wake when I pull in the line.

Leader construction is very important in fly fishing. Sometimes I combine sections of store-bought tapered leaders with custom-built butt sections and tippet (most store-bought knotless leaders have a butt section that's too thick and too long, imo.) I've found that the Fishpond leader gauge is a big help when doing this. The leader gauge is also good for checking the diameter of spools of leader material- the plain fact is that it isn't always the diameter that's on the label.

Posted on: 2013/8/26 11:15

Re: Help with casting bigger streamers

2013/8/1 18:17
From Gettysburg, Pa
Posts: 26
After and weekend of are the results. To all of you who suggested "shortening" the leader, you were correct. Not that I doubted you as it made good sense.

I put a few leader combos together and worked up in size and weight. All of the leaders started w 20 lb "Amnesia" at 3'...then 1x, 2x and straight 10 lb mono at 3' tied as the tippet.

I didn't care for the 10 mono as it felt too stiff. The 2x produced the best results with a perfect turnover of the streamers I was tossing. It didn't really matter the size or weight. As long as you paid attention to what you just tied on. The 1x was also good, but a little stiff as well, only good w a couple articulated bead heads I used.

I also was more patient w the back cast and paid a lot better attention to the loop before I began to move forward. I floated yesterday for about 6 hours over about 6 miles and except for a few rushed casts, I hardly noticed the issues I was experiencing the other day.

Started the day with a typical "wooly bugger" and moved up to a few big articulated "Zonkers"...used a few weighted cray patterns in between.

I also confirmed, and I kinda already knew the "basic" rod I have is a little too soft in the tip for my liking. It kinda feels slow or "held back" if that's a good way to describe it. I haven't picked up on all nuances to these rods, but compared to an Allen ATS 4 wt I also took, this one felt lazy. Much faster action on the Allen.

I appreciate everyone's time and input they have provided.

Posted on: 2013/8/26 11:42

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