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Great Sunday + beginner's luck = hooked

2011/1/18 13:53
From Mechanicsburg, PA (near Williams Grove)
Posts: 2
Hi all,

I went out with a fly outfit for the first time ever yesterday (excluding the hour or so we were permitted during a course I took in April). I'm totally hooked and am already planning to get out again next weekend.

I got in the Yellow Breeches, a few hundred yards down from the tavern near Williams Grove Speedway (can't remember its name...Cold Spring or something like that). I entered the water near a stone bridge that looks like it's been closed for some time now.

Anyways, with this being my first time out, all I really wanted to do was practice casting, adjusting patterns and weight according to the water flow, keeping tight lines and avoid getting hung up in the trees.

I started off with a San Juan Worm and fished it for a good hour or so. I thought I may have had a nibble or two, but could very well have been bumping a rock or other debris on the bottom. I later switched to a brown wooly bugger, which had a beaded head and carried a little more weight than my SJW (although I did have a little shot on the leader while fishing my initial offering).

A little while later, about 2 hours into my day, I tied on a nymph (not exactly sure of the correct name for the pattern as I'm not completely up to snuff on my entomology). It was dark green in color and had some black in the thorax. After tying it on, I threw it out into the creek, and was putting my fly box back into my vest pocket, when WHAMO! I got a strike just about 10 feet, straight down stream from me! Luckily I perfectly hooked him right in the corner of his mouth during my set and successfully landed this 13" beauty of a rainbow.

I was on Cloud 9. Although by no means would getting skunked have ruined my time out, I certainly didn't expect to catch anything. And even though it was on a bit of a fluke, nothing could take away from that experience!

Unfortunately, during the commotion. my pliers fell out of the same vest pocket I was putting my fly box back in. I didn't need them to release the hook, but I still obviously wanted to get them back in my possession. Problem was, I was in three feet of water and even the closest shoreline was still a good foot and a half deep. Oh yeah, and if you weren't outside on Sunday in Cumberland County, it was a balmy 35 with a bit of a breeze.

Anyways, I shuffled the pliers to shallower water with my feet. I rolled rolled up the sleeves of my sweatshirt and underlining long johns as far as I possibly could, but still managed to get them fairly wet as I plunged my hand into the water to retrieve my tool.

Needless to say, the fishing didn't last much longer after that as it the discomfort from a sopping wet and freezing cold sleeve grew increasingly unbearable by the minute.

I went home (thank God it was a three-minute drive...should've listened to the gent on the other board who said to ALWAYS take a spare change of clothes), changed, turned on the gas fireplace, cracked a Molson and started to think of ways to tell my wife that our weekends may have to start evolving around creek time.

Posted on: 2011/1/31 15:15

Re: Great Sunday + beginner's luck = hooked

2007/4/5 16:03
From Altoona/Smoke Run
Posts: 0
Sweet! Now you got the fever.

All of my utensils i use regularly (Hemos/pliers/flybox/nippers) are attached with lanyards to my vest. It really helps. You can buy those little retractable leashes for a buck or two if you look around, and they don't get in the way/tangle.

I've lost everything you can imagine before doing this. Including a very expensive pair of polarized prescription glasses.

Posted on: 2011/1/31 15:41
No Single Drop Of Rain Feels It Is Responsible For The Flood.

Re: Great Sunday + beginner's luck = hooked

2011/1/18 13:53
From Mechanicsburg, PA (near Williams Grove)
Posts: 2
No doubt, BPS. I have a pair of clippers on a lanyard and definitely need to invest in a few more.

Posted on: 2011/1/31 16:04

Re: Great Sunday + beginner's luck = hooked

2010/4/15 17:24
From Central Maryland
Posts: 0
My clippers accidentally detached from their lanyard while I was in the water in late december. Air temperature was 32 degrees. I took the plunge anyway and pulled them out. I managed to stay mostly dry in the clothing department, though.

Congrats on the fish. You've caught more than me this year.

Posted on: 2011/1/31 16:45

Re: Great Sunday + beginner's luck = hooked

2010/6/23 13:13
From state college pa
Posts: 0
congrats too, but considering it was your first fish, you should have cracked open a better beer ;)

"ways to tell my wife that our weekends may have to start evolving around creek time."

Your toughest challenge!

Posted on: 2011/1/31 18:52

Re: Great Sunday + beginner's luck = hooked
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 439
What a great day! Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you had a good time.

Posted on: 2011/1/31 20:31

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