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First time out

2010/7/10 9:29
From Mechanicsburg
Posts: 0
Well today was my first time out with my fly fishing gear. Wow, so many different moods going on. I spent 3 hours out this evening for the first time.
The nice thing was when i made a mistake, i knew what i did wrong. I did catch 3 trout but they were only about 5 inches. maybe it was new fisherman and a new fish day. hahahaha. I am ready to go back out again tomorrow. this is so cool, i love it.
I just used what ever flies i picked out of the box. I know i did not use any dry flies but did mostly use wet flies. I do not know yet what flies to use. I lost 5 flies, some in trees and some im mot sure what happened to them. I really need to pay attention to my back cast. I can see the fly line during the front cast but not always watching or concentrating on back cast. Time will let me learn.I really wasn't out to catch fish, just to learn how to cast, like i said, i never did it before today.
I sure was glad not many people were around. I fished Yellow Breeches, near where 114 and 11/15 meet. If anyone lives near this area or fishes it, i sure would like to spend some time with ya. If you would be willing to help me out. If not, hopefully someday i will meet someone willing to help me out.
I keep in touch and let ya know what i am learning and how i am doing.

Posted on: 2010/7/13 19:56

Re: First time out

2010/4/12 21:57
From Downingtown
Posts: 16
Welcome aboard! Pretty new to fly fishing myself and cant get enough! Still learning something (actually way more than just something) new everytime I get out there! Good luck with everything and looking forward to hearing how the progress goes.

Posted on: 2010/7/13 20:44

Re: First time out

2010/6/25 10:15
From Gloversville, NY
Posts: 5
Welcome to the club guys. Fly fishing is more addictive than any other type of fishing.

If you're loosing flies, it may be due to windknots if you're new to fly fishing and fly casting. Even season veterans get them. Its when you tie a knot in you leader or tippet and it decreases the strength of the tippet by half.

Try watching your backcast, make sure you have enough room and you should have two U's in your line during a cast. They will roll and straighten out. If you start the rod forward too soon you may be getting your flies simply snapped off by the crack of the line. If you wait to long you may get a fly in the ear or a mess of unstraight line laying on the water.

You'll get it. Great to hear ya caught something your first time out. Good luck, and happy fly fishing.

Posted on: 2010/7/24 16:09
I don't go fishing, I go catching.
Fishing has the possibility of failure.

Re: First time out

2009/10/15 13:45
From Eastern PA
Posts: 37
FYI, I am a decent caster but I CANNOT watch my back cast or it implodes. Video and constructive criticism from others is the only way I know what is going on back there, other than feel.

Posted on: 2010/7/24 17:05

Re: First time out
2006/9/13 12:42
From Altoona, PA
Posts: 16
Rushing the backcast will definately snap flies off. Later, when you learn to slow down, you may still be rushing the cast a little. That will rob you of power (and this distance) and accuracy.

A good drill to learn more about your backcast is; go to a spot where you can lawn cast. Cast side arm. When you come the the time in the back cast when you think you should go forward, drop the rod tip to the ground. The line will fall to the ground in whatever shape it was when you dropped your rod tip. If it's still rolling out behind you, you know you are rushing the cast. Practice holding the rod still after the speed up and stop on the backcast until you can drop the rod and the line is (fairly) straight.

Posted on: 2010/7/25 7:25
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Re: First time out

2010/7/25 21:16
Posts: 0
Hello all! I just found this site and i am stoked! I just got into fly fishing this past week and fell in love!!!!! i have always been a huge fishing fan but i have never fly fished before. I live in the hampton area and have tried fishing pine creek. I am sure i have no clue what i am doing. I am casting great and have yet to loose a fly. but i have not caught a thing, not even a chub :( i hate to say this but i need help. I love the whole concept but i really need help. Anyone who knows what they are doing willing to meet up for a few hours and show me the ropes? I can pay with a few cold ones but that is about it. Anyone out there feel like helping me out????

Posted on: 2010/7/25 21:32

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